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New Pokemon! (for Realz, Yo!)


Jun 11, 2004
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This is from an official merchandise page, so....REAL!

Anyway, it seems we have a Chansey pre-evo in pants (about time) and some Cat thing...
Remeber, this isn't the Sugimori art, so they look a little weird...

The cat has attitude though..
Yeah, needs better art. The cat looks like art from Trozei. Dialga is awesome on there, though, it's like "Raaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!"
Crazy Theory!

Teh cat is siamese it seems, and it shaped like a moon.

Perhaps it is like Yang, and we will have a Yin cat as well?
We shouldn't have linked to Pokémon's DreamStar a month ago on Filb.de -_- Then you guys would probably not know about their BBS -_-

Anyway, I hereby dub the Chansey pre-evo Chantalones.

Someone check the trademark site...
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It was on Pokejungle, who got it from the Blue Sky blog.
That Cat's pretty neat. It's head reminds me of Kabutops and a Boomerang for some reason.

Chansey prevo must die. NOW.
Oh God. Someone kill that horrible cat thing. PLEASE. ;_;

And another pre-evo. I'm tired of pointless baby pokemon, no matter how cute they are.

That said, I'm not sure if this is real. After all the fakes going around, I'm wary of things posted in non-official sites.
These are real, that doesn't mean anything.

These are in a different style then Sugimori.
Their a much darker blue in other pictures though.

But hey, Gligar is dark purple in the Sugimori pic, but look at the Anime version.
I'm not skeptic about this being fake for once. That'd be a lot of doctoring for someone to do - and if they did such, I'd think we'd pick up more telltale signs than Hikozaru's eye color. And it'd require doing what appears to be a new picture of Dialga - have we ever seen it twist its head around and roar like that?

If this is a fake, someone's got way too much time and talent on their hands. I'm going to say this is real.
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