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New pokemon?


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Jan 30, 2006
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This isnt confirmed yet. Eternal on serebiiforums found it. One shadow looks like an evo of mantine. If this isnt fake this legendary is probally the little one equivalent to mew/celebi/jirachi. This is also probally the prince of the sea.
If it's fake, someone put a lot of effort into it. If it's real, it's very new. Did they say where they found it?
The person who posted it asked if it was real and didnt state where it came from but the person isn't the type to make things up. This person is reliable and trustworthy enough to not post something that is false.
Those look very much like real scans. It's either real, or the most elaborate hoax I've seen.
I do find it a bit odd, though, that we've got these scans before any of the Japanese sites, and two to six days before the information is supposed to be announced.
yes latios over there appears to think its legit since it matches up with corocoro format according to him down to the page number.
Looks like this is the Cutesy Unobtainable (IE - Mew, Celebi, Jirachi) of Diamond and Pearl.
^That's impossible, they never reveal that legend so soon. We often don't know about the Mew/Celebi/Jirachi until after the game is released. However, if this is real, then there is little I can say to deny it looks like one. Yeah, I don't think any kind of hoaxer could possibly be this clever.

On a side note, this reminds me of the Snorks or even of Sonic Adventure's Chao
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According to the text, Manfi (Manfy?) is the Prince of the Sea that the movie's title is referring to.

It also states that this creature hatches from the egg that we've been seeing in the trailers.

Looks like the Ranger's name is Jackie, and he's working with Manfi on his current mission.

The red orb on Manfi's chest (which is the same read orb you can see on the egg) seems to have an important role in the story.

The three silouhettes at the bottom have these captions:

Left-most pokemon: "This pokemon looks like a new fish pokemon."
Center pokemon: "Notice how its tail has split in two."
Right-most pokemon: "This individual has a (musical) note shape to it."
Heh, it's cute, if it does turn out to be real. I bet Misty'll be sad if she isn't in this movie :p

(p.s. please don't turn this into a debate on whether or not she will be...if it's so important, start another thread in the anime forums)
some people are saying that the rightmost pokemon is an evolution of farfetch'd or murkrow...

I think it's a parrot.
I've created a sub-article of my User Page on Bulbapedia, which I'll move to a full-fledged article when the scan is 100% confirmed to be authentic.

BTW, Dogasu, I believe it's Manafi. :p
Dogasu said:
Manfi (Manfy?)

Right-most pokemon: "This individual has a (musical) note shape to it."
That's Manafi/Manafy.

It says that its music note shape is unique. If I'm not mistaken, 1. koseiteki is an adjective, and 2. "[noun] ga [adjective] desu" means "has [adjective] [noun]". For example, "Bill wa me ga ookii desu" means "Bill has big eyes."
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Like the new Legendary. It's cute, and it appeals to me in the same way Bonsly does. Bothered by the fact that May is holding its egg. Luckily, it's just for the movie - she really has enough baby-ish Pokémon already. XD

Please, please, let at least one of those silhouettes be neither a pre-evolution or an evolution of an existing Pokémon... I like them a lot, but honestly, enough is enough. I wanna see some completely new non-Legendary Pokémon...
some people are saying that the rightmost pokemon is an evolution of farfetch'd or murkrow...

I think it's a parrot.
You're right! It does look like a parrot. I always thought they should have aone...

It doesn't really make sense that a musical pokemon would evolve from a food duck or an evil crow.
I'd be extremely surprised if the first shadow isn't a Mantine Pre-evo.

The last two seem different enough from all current Pokemon though, especially the middle one - but oh well, I thought that a year ago when Bonsly, Manene and Manyula arrived on the scene the exact same way and was proved wrong (although all were very welcomed as additions - ESPECIALLY Manyula).

And i'm sold on it's reality - there's just far too much in it to hoax. For one thing, it would have had to be done up on the compy, printed on magazine paper, stapled to other pages in the exact same way as a magazine is bound and then ripped just to get the rip authentic enough. And really, you could have ignored that all together in creating a hoax by simply saying it was extracted cleanly by removing the staples.

So as far as I'm concerned, it's all real.
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