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N’s Muffin Shop~☆!

Jul 15, 2023
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-I’m super excited to be able to use these forums as a space to be myself in private! Not that I’m particularly ashamed of who I am offline, its just that its nice to have my own little area to share my life outside of my friends. Sometimes my current friend circles can get a little overwhelming and hard to be honest and share how I feel and what I’m up to- so I’m hoping that this will be a safe space for me to be my complete self and throw out life updates for the sake of writing them out, that and the fact that writing helps my brain remember information much easier!
- I am prone to spelling errors if thats not managed to make itself clear, so unless its incredibly upsetting, I prefer nobody to comment unless my mistakes result in a horrendous miscommunication!

Enough Pre-Stuff-> How About I Take Your Order~!

Scuffles Around as I Write Your Order
“Ah- It’ll be a moment… How about some chitchat?”

Honestly its been a really interesting day at least. Outside of here I am an artist and creator ( I would prefer to keep that private as to not overlap my basically online diary with my artwork for my own security’s sake) and i did manage to get ome work done. It has been so difficult the past while, busy with family and projects, and just this past day, the 13th, was my 17th birthday! I did have a lot of fun celebrating with friends, however the majority of my friends right now are through online communication as even my irls dont live very close since ive moved these past few years. I ended up getting a biiiigggg headache from staring at screens and responding to everyone, though i am grateful to have had so many people to respond to. There was hardly a moment I was alone, i was rather busy playing games and giving everyone some attention actually haha, I truly am grateful to have so many amazing and supportive friends to spend my time with. Although i am grateful, I cant help the unpleasant overstimulation that’s more than difficult to communicate while everyone around you is celebrating. I have a close friend i brought this issue up to, but it wasn’t a big deal. i had stayed up much past my bedtime with him to play a drawing game with another mutual friend and I was much too willing to sacrifice my own sleep in favor of providing company. Was that sweet of me? I think it was kind of me to do at least, but I’m sure if i had made him aware of how uncomfortable i was feeling, he would have advised me to make my way to bed. he is very caring about me like that, something that i especially appreciate from him, the reason we’re so close as of lately.

As for my birthday being the 13th, I’m writing this on the 14th into the 15th of July, I’m going to a concert today! I wont say which one as i dont want to give away my location with tour dates and all… but im excited! Ive seen this band 2 times prior to this concert and this will be my 3rd time therefore! I’m so excited and im going to an amusement park the follwoing day. I’m going with a family member and she agreed that we can leave the amusement park whenever were ready the following day! I’m honestly just worried about getting overstimulated at this point as with summer being noe I haven’t gone out too often, except these past 2 weeks! Ive been so busyyyyy so of course when im all busy i have MORE stuff on top, but at least this is fun stuff, so i hope i can relax. im excited to pick out my outfit for the concert when i wake up in the morning, though i already have it planned basically haha, all thats left is to actually do my hair and makeup tomorrow, I like to curl my hair, its short like a bob and the curls add a pretty texture, and im interested in trying to wear false eyelashes perhaps! I dont have to drive these next two days, luckily, so im much less stressed about putting togetehr a cute outfit over a practical one for driving. I’m excited! Speaking of which, I need to take my melatonin and get to bed soon so i feel ready and pumped for tomorrow!
I’m gonnna try not to get too excited in the morning so i have tons of energy to sing my heart out at the concert but we’ll see!

I hope everything goes well and we have a safe drive there and back, as it is quite a long one… I’ll update how it went~!

“Ah-! How the time flies!! Here’s Your Order!
… I hope I wasn’t too rambly haha,, Come Back Soon~!”
Galarian and Gen 8 Voice Acting
Bells on the Bakery Door Jingle as You Enter
"Ah-! Welcome back! Hopefully my banter wasnt too much of a bother last time you stopped by,, What can I get for you?"


"Ooh mkay mkay... anddd.... got it! Orders coming right up!! Shouldn't be too long today!"

Pokémon Voice Acting and Regional Accents?☆

As someone who was CRAZY attached to Galar and in general super invested into all things poké around gen 8, looking at how they handled the accents and voice acting work for the European themed region (right?) was super interesting to me. Its something I looked forwards to every time a new mini or special came out featuring the characters- ESPECIALLY in the main series anime! That being said, its suprising to me just how many opportunities they had to vary and differentiate this region from others through voice acting alone, BUT how unoften they took that chance...!

I am a huge sucker for gacha games, probably part of why shiny hunting has been so appealing to me over the years, but MORE IMPORTANTLY Pokémon MastersEX! I've been an off and on player since it came out, normally having to delete my progress when school came around due to limited phone storage; however, this past year i did upgrade my phone with my family and with that, I've been able to indulge in MastersEX to its full extent! I'd like to throw in as someone who frequently makes fanart, this game also just STEALS all of my attention with the alt and sygna outfits! My absolute favorite part of the game! (I literally just got done doing my dailies on it before writing this,, can you tell I have a problem? TwT

PRAISE FOR THE MOBILE GAME ASIDE- Something I've noticed about galarian sync pairs that I appreciate to the moon and back is the use of british voice acting! (I BELIEVE.. correct me if I'm wrong, I apologize for being so culturally dense as an american TwT This is something that I've looked for over and over when new series had come out.. like Twilight Wings and Pokémon Journeys! All of those lacked the voice acting I thought would make them stand out easier among the other generations! I believe there may have been one other mini series on youtube and PokéTV which used british voice acting, but I'm not certain I remember correctly...

On any note, the VAs in MastersEX have been FANTASTIC and all I have is praise for them, especially Alister's! I've never been too excited for that character, although he IS cute, but the voice acting alone in MastersEX has changed my mind! In game he's one of my favorites purely for his haunting little battle cries and such... I do hope they bring back his Halloween outfit this coming October!!

DING DING!!!! !! !
"Oh! Orders up it seems! Gahh... didn't mean to talk your ear off again but perhaps this was more interesting?"
"I take great pleasure in observing the world around me and sharing with others... hopefully you do too! Its much more fun this way!"

"Anyway... have a great day, and stop back soon if you're feeling peckish!"
The Jangle of Shop Door Bells Fills the Air
"Alriiighhhtttt.... apron tied, hair pulled back, treats in the oven and open sign is flipped! Ready to start my day!"
The scent of sweet treats being baked in the oven fills the shop... chocolate chip, banana bread, apple stroodle, and of cource some yummy vanilla coffee, coating everything in the vicinity with a yummy scent.

"What a peaceful morning, I could get lost in my head just enjoying myself like this-!'

Updates and Upgrades! ☆

Where to start, where to start....

(Ignore my long break from here becauseee) I got my first ever computer! Yes,,, Last time I was very active, I was trying to use the site on mobile which isn't impossible, clearly, but it led to SOOOO many formatting errors and confusion! Now that I can view everything in desktop format it's so much nicer and I would love to try to make my posts more aesthetic which, yes, as long as my brain keeps chugging along full of silly and dumb ideas, I plan on throwing them out on the internet for any silly dorks to see :3
I mostly got the laptop for school purposes, which has been a big help as I do my classes (I'm a highschool student but I take advanced college courses! I plan on going into entomology if that's interesting ^_^) and also as someone who likes to draw in their free time, it gives me a nicer way to keep references and such! Mostly what I'm drawing right now is a mix of Identity V fanart and Professor Layton, I'm hoping that my Pokemon fixation will click back into my brain cause I have so many ideas, but no motivation to draw Pokemon at the moment,, I did work my tail off to afford the laptop, doing LOTS of pet babysitting, but honestly? I do really love babysitting and working with animals! I think its the perfect job for me! Actually, while I'm typing this up I'm babysitting! But all that moneys going towards college next year haha//eekkkk
I've just been doing a lot of drawing and writing some fanfiction skits for myself and close friends lately, trying to take it easy while i adjust to a lot of new stuff! I think that everyone should make an effort to work in some time to sit back and relax everyday- or even just a nap! It's been super good for my mental health and hopefully, it will be for any of you guys too!
Ah,, there's much more I could go on about but surely I'm forgetting something... hmm.... Oh, MY HISTORY HOMEWORK,, GAH, yeah, gotta go, cya guys!<3

The Faint Scent of Overcooked Goods Fills the Kitchen of the Bakery
"G-GAH-!! I GOT TOO LOST IN MY OWN HEAD-! O-okay let's get these out of the oven!"


"Hopefully these are still good enough for the pidove to enjoy...! I better pay closer attention,, "
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