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Official BMGF Picture Thread Vol. 5


At your service~
Feb 3, 2016
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We have agreed that it's finally time for Vol. 5 of the picture thread, so feel free to post pictures of yourself here!


- Don't insult, mock, shame, or criticize someone's appearance. That's gross, dog and you'll be whooped by an infraction.

- No double Posts

- Use spoilers for the images. It is not hard.
I found an old webcam inside of the closet of wonders at work. Since it's absolutely essential that I document the condition of all of our assets, my impeccable work ethic demanded that I play with it. My official report: despite the picture quality leaving a little to be desired, it can still admirably perform both it's primary and secondary functions of destroying any preexisting semblance of office productivity, and taking photos, respectively.

Whooped w/ an Infraction. I love it.
N here's me w/ a picture that found on my phone that I didn't even know i had . Like Magic! Hoo-Ahh!

normally i never smile in photos but there you go
some other ones:

i was high as shit when i took those. lmao why do i look so edgy
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