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Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

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In thread opening 5.15
The staff further discussed the 24 hour lock and collectively agreed on reopening early, as this is a pretty big rumor and we don't want to shut down discussion on you guys that long.

That said, we don't want to shut discussion down at all. There's no reason for us to automatically resort to attacking each other's throats when even the slightest hint of leaks/news comes out, but that's what seems to keep happening.

Carry on, have fun, and please post wisely. Please post kindly. That's not too much to ask for.
So it seems these leaks are much more plausible than the ones before it. I'm not a fan of the names yet but I do like how different they are from the previous ones. Also incorporating Go mechanics may not be a completely bad idea since we don't know how they will be implemented or in what scale. They might be minimal or might offer an optional method of game play. So I don't think it is that big an issue yet. Very curious how they approach this though. So many things different this time. A new console, a remake which is not exactly a remake, etc etc. This might be the freshest pokemon experience in quite a while.
I'm just expressing my opinion that I don't like this leak.
Neither do I and I also agree with the post you made before this quoted one.

I'm seriously disappointed. Sadly, we'll both probably still buy and play them. Because we want something different from Alola. Something new.
Pokemon GO huh? Seems as if they're not giving up on this game yet at all and we all thought it was dead. Not sure about the names for the games as it sounds odd to me. Maybe those titles will have to be localized after all as to make it more simpler for international players. I do wonder what could this possibly mean for the Anime?
Personally, I am very tired of people already acting like this is 100% happening. The rumour might be true, it might not be. There has been no undisputable evidence for either case, and certainly nothing official that confirms or denies this rumour's legitimacy. I don't feel like discussing anymore when people are taking unconfirmed 4chan posts as fact.
Looks like that eevee logo is fanmade as many of us assumed

What does it mean about the rest of the leak ??
I think we may be over reacting to the GO integration. This most likely will just be a way to link the two accounts and bring pokemon from GO into the game, or from the game into GO, like a next gen pokewalker of sorts. I dont see them making the main games more like GO like people have been speculating, since the pokemon company will want you as a consumer to actively use both these games, and makibg the mainline like GO would essentially make GO obsolete in a sense
Giving us the option of using the Joycon or touchscreen when throwing a Poke Ball would count as Go integration and wouldn't hurt anyone. Likewise for getting rid of random encounters, unless you're really attached to that system. The rumored reward system should be fine, and the new accessory might be like the Pokewalker.

They couldn't make Go obsolete even if they wanted to, since the games simply can't emulate the real-world without a cellular data connection.
IDG, why people are freaking TF out over this, LOL~ It's literally just a rumor like any other (hint: not confirmed) and we already have people on Youtube threatening to leave the fanbase because God forbid they have a mechanic similar to GO.

Anyway, looks like a side series game so I'm not about to look at it and judge it as if it's a main series game until it is confirmed as such (if it will be at all). People in this community are so quick to start frothing at the mouth over anything, FFS
Part 1/2
Now I'm not saying the leaks have been confirmed or anything (In fact I don't care for what they imply, but to me…the evidence seems a little overwhelming, but I'm still holding out for an announcement), but VegetableBird chimed in and said they're legit and then posted answers to all his riddles.
Unfortunately as Posts can seemingly manage only 5 tweets at a time, I split this post into Two parts and also connected tweets don't display their images so you may need to go onto his Twitter Feed to see the images he's referring to for every other tweet.

View: https://twitter.com/VegetableCookin/status/996413421993132033?s=20

View: https://twitter.com/VegetableCookin/status/996414522360414209?s=20

View: https://twitter.com/VegetableCookin/status/996415619665838081?s=20

View: https://twitter.com/VegetableCookin/status/996417601617121280?s=20

View: https://twitter.com/VegetableCookin/status/996420161790869504?s=20
As far as the naming goes, I really don't see why it being childish is a bad thing. Did we not all start playing these games as children? I know I did, 6 years old fire red. Most people did, maybe at oldest in their teens (talking early teens too, like 12-14) the games are fundementally made for children it's marketed as such. Of course GF acknowledge the older player base, but the games aren't made for us, we can enjoy them too if we chose, but they're made with kids in mind. Altough I don't see why gf should make the games to easy for them either, I beat fire red when I was 6 most kids didn't have a problem with kanto (only sinnoh that I'm aware of)

Kids 6-12 haven't played through kanto it's new to them same with the last remake in hoenn and soon the next remake in sinnoh. Once again we're a second thought, which is why remakes still do well nostalgia for the older players, new experience for younger players, like me with fire red. GF of course wouldn't come out and say Pokemons only for kids, and it's not, but the mind set going in is a kid friendly game. We've chosen to make peace with that, we shouldn't be demanding Pokemon: dark souls version.
I prefer Pixelpar's hints, but I guess VegetableBird isn't a troll and deserves my apology.

Fairy Type Arceus said:
but the games aren't made for us, we can enjoy them too if we chose
They're supposed to have universal appeal, but I don't see what's wrong with Pikachu or Eevee. The "Let's Go" addition is harmless and can be omitted.

I prefer these to ORAS are just a little too edgy, and USUM which are lazy.

Team Gaara said:
Anyway, looks like a side series game so I'm not about to look at it and judge it as if it's a main series game until it is confirmed as such (if it will be at all).
Do you really see a reboot of Yellow being treated as a spin-off game?
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I just hope they add new pokemon via mega evolution, cross gen evolution, new forms, pre-evos, etc. And not just a few but like 20 of each!!! If not, I will only buy one version rather than my usual 9!!!
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