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Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

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I seriously hope not...
It’s the fact that’s both LGPE and 2019 games are labeled ‘core’. Maybe they decided to make just LGPE more in tune with GO, but I’m a bit doubtful that GF would make the games that different, it’s easier for them to have one base to utilize in the future.
I was disappointed by graphics but holy shit I LOVE everything else!!! I even like the art style

The i nearly wet myself in excitement at the co-op part. The overworld models were nice and did anyone else notice tge riding on charizard like a bike, COOL

For me too the biggest problem is the absence of battles with pokemon, i mean how do you train them, i hope not with any shitty candys. I‘m also disappointed to see nothing new in kanto at the moment and as you could see there were only kanto pokemon around. I think the 151 rumour is true, because they probably just spared the rest for 2019 game, so they wouldn‘t have to model all of them for these games.

These game are really testing field games and weren‘t worked on all that much, it‘s pretty clear if you have watched the trailer, so i think most resources are really going in to 2019 game and probably that game is in development longer than these let‘s go games
This does not look like a remake or reimagining though. Its not a main rpg. It looks like a straight up love child of the main games and the moile game Go. Kind of my worst fears for the game. Well at least we get what I want in 2019...
It's not just Kanto Pokemon in GO anymore. Johto and Hoenn Pokemon are now available as well.
Yes but they limit the transfer of any none kanto pokemon from go to switch:
Chris Tapsell (@ChrisTapsell) Tweeted:
Pokéball Plus looks super fun, basically lets you wave a Pokéball about in real-life to do so in-game. More on that to follow. Now for some chat about Pokémon Go and how it communicates with Let's Go! You CAN bring Kanto-region Go Pokémon to Let's Go! on Switch!
View: https://twitter.com/ChrisTapsell/status/1001639583379947520?s=17
It's not just Kanto Pokemon in GO anymore. Johto and Hoenn Pokemon are now available as well.

While that’s true, there’s a new notification for GO saying that only the Kantonian Pokémon will be able to go from it to LGP/LGE. So while GO has Gens 2 and 3, LGP/LGE won’t (at least not for now).
This game is everything I thought it would be and I'm not loving anything I'm learning about this game.

I just hope they make Let's Go a sub series that keeps all these garbage mechanics away from the main series.

Please don't disappoint me in 2019.
The game and add-ons look super cute. I think I'll pick it up! I think I'll still get LGE, but I'm a bit more torn now.
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