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Paradox Rift Battle Pass launches next week in Pokémon Trading Card Game Live - Log-in any time once it goes live to receive free Roaring Moon ex deck

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Roaring Moon ex and Gholdengo ex
The Scarlet & Violet - Paradox Rift Battle Pass will be launching worldwide in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live next week. Players logging into the game starting from the beginning of this Battle Pass will receive a free deck based around Roaring Moon ex, as well as a selection of Scarlet & Violet - Paradox Rift booster packs, and tokens that can be used to purchase individual cards in game. By purchasing the Premium Pass, players can also unlock a Gholdengo ex deck, together with additional tokens, card sleeves, and coins that can be used to purchase other cosmetic items for player's decks and avatar.

Progressing through the various tiers of the free Battle Pass will unlock a variety of booster packs and cards for players decks, including multiple copies of Darkrai V and the Crown Zenith print of Darkrai VSTAR, a Squawkabilly ex, a Mew ex, and an additional copy of Roaring Moon ex. Highlights of rewards Players who've purchased the Premium Pass can also unlock include an additional Gholdengo ex, rare prints of several Trainer cards such as Tulip and Superior Energy Retrieval, and at level 50, copies of the Special illustration rare print of Gholdengo ex and an illustration rare print of Gimmighoul.

Roaring Moon ex
The Roaring Moon ex deck contains the following cards:

Gholdengo ex
The Gholdengo ex deck meanwhile contains the following cards:
Pokémon Trading Card Game Live is a free-to-play app that serves as a replacement to the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, which was sunset earlier this year. The game allows players to enjoy the Pokémon Trading Card Game in an updated digital format, including all the basic activities like building and customizing decks and player avatars, as well as gameplay modes and daily quests for all types of players, regardless of their skill level. The app currently features cards from the Sun & Moon series through to the latest English expansion, with plans to extend back to the XY and Black & White Series in the future. Players around the world can access the Pokémon TCG Live on mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play, or download it for PC and Mac.

Players of the old Pokémon TCG Online app are able to migrate their account and game data to the new Pokémon TCG Live app, using their Pokémon Trainer Club accounts. More information on what is transferred to Pokémon TCG Live can be found in the official FAQ here.


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