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Closed Pip Plays Pokémon

Feb 15, 2021
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A thread to catalog the happenings of my Pocket Monster journeys (maybe even some other games if I care enough).

Currently playing:

On hiatus:
Let's Go Eevee
Brilliant Diamond

In the backlog:
Super Mystery Dungeon


I'll try to document my journies in journal form.

Other additional things:
  • This thread will contain spoilers for all of the games listed above.
  • My main playthroughs don't have any real challenge theme, though I may one day do things like Monotype Runs, Theme Challenges, etc.
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Oh wait! I have Y in French!


My dad got me a copy of Y in Paris, which is like....... super cool and epic. I named my PC Indigo (first time playing as a boy let's go), but over time I was like "wait maybe this is my Grant/Viola fankid Joseph", so now Joseph's nickname is Indigo. He's like an aspiring painter, and his teammates are all named after colors in French. There's Rouge the Flechfinder, Orange the Torchic, Jaune the Furfrou, Vert the Quilladin, and Bleu the Squirtle.

And YES I Super Trained them all before battling the first Gym I'm meticulous like that.
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Okay, so I've been playing Scarlet, and I've been really enjoying it, warts and all. I love every character I've met, and duck son's evolution does not disappoint.

Anyway, for the Titan route, I dressed my character as Sparrow (one of my DaiMikuNagi fankids), and for the Gym and Team Star routes, I dressed as Robin! Yes I'm RPing what about it.


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esthjdfsdfshjk (bonus points if you remember what that's from)

honestly to help nicely i'd need specific ones but... having a huge xuritree being commanded by a 6-year old naming it クロちゃん (kuro-chan) would be a bit of a shock maybe? things that subvert expectations!
Oh shoot I should have specified lol

She's a Nihilego girl
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