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Unovia's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Megathread

Log #EoT17-Quicksand Cave Retry & Hyper Rank
At Level 40, after a failed mission with one of the Outlaws, I decided to try to take on Quicksand Cave again. This time, I remembered to bring some Reviver Seeds, just in case. I managed to get to Mespirit (Level 42), and right before then, I got to Level 41.

Battling Mespirit was not too hard of a fight, surprisingly. I just kept firing off my newly learned Flamethrower. Combined with Mudkip, Starly, and Machop, we managed to defeat it, getting access to the next time gear.

Grovyle managed to just sweep us aside and take it from Mespirit, giving his total to 4. I also ended up having a vision of Grovyle attacking Azelf at Crystal Cave/Crystal Crossing. I want to do a few more levels until I go there, especially since we will be going to the future soon afterwards, so now is the time to grind.

I want to get between Levels 55 & 60 before I move on, since it's going to be a quick slide from here to Temporal Tower.
My Rank is now Hyper Rank! Just one more Rank to go, and it requires a massive total to achieve.

In the next Log, we will talk about the plan for the rest of the Playthrough, so please stay tuned. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #EoT18-The Future of the Playthrough
So, the purpose of this post is to discuss the next few Dungeons in the game and set up, since it won't be too long before we end up in the future and fighting Primal Dialga. That's right, we are close to the end game of the Main Story.

1. Crystal Cave/Crystal Crossing/Crystal Lake
Boss: Grovyle (Level 44)

2. Chasm Cave
3. Dark Hill
4. Sealed Ruin
Boss: Spititomb (Level 37)

5. Dusk Forest/Deep Dusk Forest
6. Treeshroud Forest
7. Brine Cave
Boss: Kabutops & Omastar (Level 42-Kabutops, Level 35-Omastar)

8. Hidden Land
Boss: Dusknoir (Level 45)

9. Temporal Tower
Boss: Primal Dialga (Level 48)

End of Main Story
Log #EoT19-Marowak Dojo Completed
At Level 44, I decided to finish the last Marowak Dojo challenge, the Ghost Maze. This one was the most difficult one, because the only Pokemon you could attack was Misdreavus. You had to draw the ghost out away from the wall to be able to attack them. Eventually, I got to the end, completing the dojos.

Right now, I am still training to Level 55. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #EoT20-Crystal Cave
Crystal Cave
At Level 45, I wanted to try Crystal Cave. I tried to do this cave minimalist, because I didn't want to lose too many items and I wanted to see if I could get to the battle with Grovyle easily. However, on Level 8 of 11 of the dungeon, I fell to a Golem. It made me a bit frustrated, but losing couldn't be helped.
Between Levels 46 & 47, I decided to try again. I made sure to have quite a few revive seeds and items to keep myself alive. Eventually, I reached Grovyle, and though it was a hard fight, we defeated him. In desperation, he beat us with a finishing move. Dusknoir went to battle Grovyle, and defeated him, forcing him to escape once again.

In the long cutscene that followed, we found out that Grovyle and Dusknoir were both from the future, a future where the Time Gears were all stolen and time was frozen.

It was crazy to me that the entire Guild managed to get through Crystal Cave. I don't know how. Yes, I understand Plot Armor, but considering I am level 47 at this point, what Level would the Guild have to be to make the trip?

Now, we are going to go back to doing more regular jobs. My goal is still Level 55, so I will be working to get there before the next Log. In the next Log, we will take on Chasm Cave, Dark Hill & Sealed Ruin, off to take on Spiritomb. Until the next time, we will see you!

Thanks to the viewership for 2,000 Views. Let's keep the ball rolling.
Log #EoT21-In The Future
Well, we took on another mission, then the game decided to push the story forward. After a bit of cutscene where Dusknoir captured Grovyle, and before we knew it, we were in the Future. Luckily for us, we were able to access and store away goods. Having no real choice, Mudkip and I traveled through Chasm Cave, Dark Hill, and Sealed Ruin with Grovyle, taking on Spiritomb in the process. It wasn't that hard of a fight, considering we were Level 49, and it was Level 37.
In Dusk Forest/Deep Dark Forest, we met and traveled with Celebi. Celebi is also on the run from Primal Dialga and Dusknoir. Celebi worked to get us back to our own time at great personal risk to itself. Thank you Celebi!
Once we got back, back to the past, it turned out that Grovyle and I were partners in the future. Mudkip helped us move into Shapedo Bluff, where it lived before it met me.

Grovyle, Mudkip, and I decided to hunt down the Time Gears, since once the Time Gears went to Temporal Tower, all stopped time would resume. Grovyle wasn't bad after all.

In the next Log, we will take on Treeshroud Forest & Brine Cave. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #EoT22-Catching Up
Treeshroud Forest
On this Dungeon, we traveled with Grovyle. I made sure to have Reviver Seeds, since Grovyle is significantly lower level. It took a bit to get through, but we managed to do so. Grovyle suggested that we go try to find The Hidden Land where Dialga is. It was suggested that we go see Torkoal for more information.
Waterfall Cave Hot Spring
We met with Torkoal who we interrogated about the Hidden Land. Torkoal couldn't tell much, even after it came to the Guild. Afterward, we did some missions, then we went through a whole thing between Chatot and Wigglytuff, talking about the past. They had encountered a Kabutops and Omastar gang with hurt Chatot. Wigglytuff left to handle an issue, while Chatot would lead the guild to Brine Cave.
Wigglytuff went to talk to Lapras about the Hidden Land and asking for help. Lapras would help later. We can use Lapras to travel there whenever we are ready.
Brine Cave
It took us a bit to get there, since we had to protect Chatot, but eventually, we got to the boss fight, which was 2 Omastar (Level 35) and a Kabutops (Level 42). This fight was Very Tough! It was easy to dispatch the Omastar, but Kabutops was hard to beat, and a few lucky missing hits allowed us to beat them. Mukip's Relic Fragment was a message from Dialga. The one who is meant to find the fragment could go to the Hidden Land. Lapras will ferry us back and forth as needed.
Primal Dialga
We will not take on Temporal Tower until we are Level 60. Right now, we are Level 51, so it will take a while to get to the next Log.

In the next Log, we will take on Primal Dialga and finish the story. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #EoT23-Endgame
Issues With A Kecleon
As I was going through one of the Dungeons, I ran into an item I wanted. Because I thought I could drop an item at the shop and then could back out of a false buy, I tried, and Kecleon killed me, and I lost a bunch of items, including specific items for Chimchar and Mudkip, leaving me stunned. At this point, I decided to just work to finish the game.

Lesson learned how the shops work.
I filled my bag with many Reviver Seeds, Big Apples, Oran Berries, and Sleep Seeds. It took me a bit to get through the Hidden Land. I was at Level 55 at this point when we had the fight. I eventually got to Dusknoir and his Sableye (Level 48), but the two of us managed to beat them. Grovyle too Dusknoir back to the future, leaving us open to take on Primal Dialga.
Primal Dialga (Level 48)
In Temporal Tower, it took a bit to get there, but we did. It was cool to be able to use the Sleep Seeds to beat down Dialga. Eventually we beat it, allowing us to beat the game. Woohoo!

In the last Log, we are going to put the list of the Bosses and compare it with our team. I want the list so in the next game, we will have a reference point. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #EoD1-Starting the Game

Starting the Game
Now, we are playing Explorers of Darkness. I am Turtwig, my Partner is Totodile, and our Team is Team Malachite. Malachite is a shade of Blue-Green. We played through to the point where we were tasked with hunting down Drowzee. This Team is going to be tough to work with. Turtwig is slow and right now easily beatable, while Totodile is not actually helpful right now, mostly staying behind and not helping to attack. This means that probably I will have to do even some more grinding this time then the last game probably.
Hunting Down Drowzee
When I was forced to take on Drowzee, I was only able to get up to Floor 5, whereas the last time I was able to get up to Floor 8 before I fell the first time. Right Now, I am Level 8. My plan is to get to At Least Level 13 so I can have Razor Leaf and Totodile can have Bite. Turtwig is going to have to focus on having HP healing moves though most of the game. I think we will get to Silver or more likely Gold Rank before we take on Drowzee officially.

Current Rank: Bronze (100 Pts.)
Planned Ranks: Silver (400 Pts.) or Gold (1600 Pts.)

In the next Log, we will take on Drowzee. Until the next time, we will see you!
Why are you playing Explorers of Darkness when you already did explorers of Time?
Firstly, because I want to be able to say I have gone through them all, and secondly, it is interesting to see any differences between the games, and thirdly, the Team is different, which will allow me to compare experiences.
Log #EoD2-Drowzee, Diglett, & Building A Team
Vs. Drowzee
Before this fight, I had managed to get my duo to Level 11, but was also running out of storage space for my items, so I felt I had to take on Drowzee to get a larger item bag and more storage. My Team got to Silver Rank.

Taking on Drowzee was a bit challenging, but we managed to defeat Drowzee, saving the Marill Brothers. Following this, we were able to move on through the game.
Sentry Duty With Diglett
After beating Drowzee, we were asked to do sentry duty for Diglett. We did moderately well, and moved on. There will be more of it in the future.
Building A Team
Now that we are able to build a Team, we added a Starly (Level 8) and Lileep (Level 3). At this Point, our Team of 4 is:
Turtwig (Me)-Level 13
Totodile (Partner)-Level 13
Starly-Level 11
Lileep-Level 5

We will be taking a bit to grind. In the previous game, we got to Level 17, so we will at least get there before we move on to Waterfall Cave. Until the next time, we will see you!
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