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Unovia's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Megathread


Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Welcome to Unovia's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Megathread. In this Thread, I will have:
  • Pokemon Blue Rescue Team
  • Pokemon Explorers of Time
  • Explorers of Darkness
  • Explorers of Sky
Here is my last (incomplete) run, which also has links to my other runs throughout.

I am using this as a Megathread because I want to put all 4 games in one place.

Hope you all enjoy. These will be standard playthroughs, so no special rules here! Have never beaten any of these 4 games, so we will be exploring together. I do have my Logs planned for Blue Rescue Team, however.

Special Thanks to: @Greninjaman ,@Funnylion , @team_____grunt , @DigitalGen6, @Lot the pikachu

Let's see if I can beat these games. Please support these strongly.
Log #B1-Tiny Woods & Thunderwave Cave

Starting the Game
Answering the quiz, I got to be a Cubone. I got my partner to be Pikachu. After doing the first mission with Caterpie at Tiny Woods, I did all of the introductory stuff, then was asked to save Magnemite at Thunderwave Cave. Both of us start at Level 5, and our Team name is Team Lavender, after Lavender Town.

Eventually, we got met by Dugtrio, who wanted us to save its Diglett at Mt. Steel. First, I decided to do some grinding doing Tiny Woods and Thunderwave Cave missions. Right now, we are Level 11. We are going to be grinding for a bit. Most of the major battles, I want to at least get +3-5 over the challenge.

The Boss for Mt. Steel will be Skarmory, who is Level 10, so I want to be Level 13-Level 15 before I take it on.

In the next Log, we will go to Mt. Steel and save Diglett from Skarmory. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #B2-Mt. Steel
Before I went to Mt. Steel, I trained my Team to Level 13. During this time, I got from Normal Rank to Bronze Rank, eventually arriving at Silver Rank. Once I hit Silver Rank, I decided it was time to take on Skarmory and save Diglett at Mt. Steel.

Mt. Steel
Skarmory and Diglett were at the top of the Mountain. Skarmory was Level 10, so it didn't take too long to beat it down. When it came time to save Diglett, Magnemite showed up to fly it to safety. Magnemite wanted to join our team, but we were unable to at the time.

Pokemon Square
I met with Wigglytuff, who gave several friend areas. Magnemite (Level 6) became part of the Team. We are going to do some more grinding to get Magnemite caught up, mainly in Tiny Woods and Thunderwave Cave. While we were there, Jumpluff asked for help, and after Shiftry was pressured to help, Gengar showed up in the bushes, promising to cause issues.

Current Team
Cubone (Me)-Level 13
Pikachu (Level 13)
Magnemite (Level 6)

In the next Log, we will advance the story. Until the next time, we will see you!
You got a great team as Pikachu can spam Discharge on Monster Houses without worries.
Pikachu can't get Discharge until Generation IV.

Looking good so far. Why did you pick Pikachu as the partner? Why not a water type? If I recall, Cubone has Lightning Rod for the ability.
I was thinking about the options and wanted Pikachu. Plus, it wouldn't hurt with some of the encounters.
Log #B3-Team Meanies Appears
After we did a few Dungeons, Team Meanies showed up outside the house, along with Caterpie, who was asking Pikachu and I to help it save its friend, Metapod. Team Meanies stole all of our mail, then attempted to force Caterpie into their gang, and challenged my Team to a race. Whoever won would take credit for the rescue.

The Team isn't ready for that challenge yet, but Caterpie sits outside the home every day until we go. Caterpie will be waiting there for a while.

Team Update
We added a Poochyena (Level 4) and Rattata (Level 3), though I have no intention to train them for quite some time.

Cubone (Me)-Level 15
Pikachu (Partner)-Level 15
Magnemite-(Level 9)

I suspect that, before we go after Team Meanies, who are between Level 12 and 15, Cubone and Pikachu will be Level 21, while Magnemite will be Level 15, due to the difference in the levels currently.

In the next Log, we will go after Team Meanies. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #B4-Sinister Woods
Before we went to Sinister Woods, Cubone & Pikachu got to Level 19, while Magnemite got to Level 17. We also got to Gold Rank.

Team Update
Rattata (2)
Zigzagoon (2)-One of which has managed to get to Level 15, and it became the third Pokemon during lower level explorations (Tiny Woods & Thunderwave Cave).

Sinister Woods
Before I headed to Sinister Woods, I made sure to take some Apples, Oran Berries, Reviver Seeds, and Sleep Seeds. Just never knew what I would need. After all, Sinister Woods is 13 Levels, with Level 13 being the confrontation with Team Meanies.

Battle With Team Meanies
Team Meanies is a Team of Medicham (Level 15), Ekans (Level 12), and is led by Gengar (Level 15). To start the fight, I had Gengar put to sleep with a Sleep Seed, intending to take Ekans out first. Instead, Medicham came to the defense of Gengar, forcing me to take Medicham out first. We defeated Medicham while continuing to put Gengar to sleep and Magnemite confused Gengar. We finished Ekans, then used Sleep Seeds and confusion to allow us to mostly take out Gengar before it could attack. Team Meanies was easily defeated. We saved Metapod.
The Next Morning
Following our victory over Team Meanies, we were asked by Jumpluff to save the other Jumpluff. Jumpluff will be found at Silent Chasm. We have a few missions we can take on before we do this. Once we finish our missions, we will take on Silent Chasm. In the next Log, we will find and save Jumpluff. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #B5-Silent Chasm
I completed a few missions, then decided to take on the Silent Chasm. By the time I was ready, both Pikachu and I were Level 20.

Team Update


Silent Chasm
I loaded up with much the same strategy that I used for Sinister Woods. It didn't take me too long to get to Jumpluff. Shiftry was fainted, and Zapdos showed its rage. Shiftry had disturbed Zapdos to save Jumpluff. Zapdos flew off, leaving us to bring Jumpluff home.
Team A. C. T.
Team A. C. T. consists of Alakazam, Charizard, & Tyranitar. They are a high ranked team, and wanted to have a slice of the action to go against Zapdos. They doubted our ability to fight the Legendary. Pikachu and I know that we can take Zapdos on, but only when we are ready.
Zapdos will be found and battled at Mt. Thunder. Zapdos will be Level 25. We won't go after Zapdos until we are Level 33. The next story dungeon after Zapdos will be Great Canyon. After this, we will become a fugitive. We will have to go through:

Lapis Cave
Rock Path
Mt. Blaze
Snow Path
Frosty Forest
Mt. Freeze

All before we will be able to come back to Pokemon Square. Before we go on the Run, I want to get myself and Pikachu to Level 40.

For now, we will be working on the build up to Level 33 before we go after Zapdos. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #B6-Makuhita Dojo
So, sorry! I am still training to get to my Level goals. Even at Level 23, I was having a hard time going through some of the "C Rank" Dungeons (mainly, I would get to the end of the Dungeon, almost rescue a client, then the client would wander off and get killed). Yes, sometimes that happens.

I was also having a slow grind, and was tired of it, so I went to the Makuhita Dojo.

Makuhita Dojo
The Makuhita Dojo features training dungeons, where volunteers of different types take on exploration parties. It is here where I have decided to finish my Training there, since you get much more experience than the standard Dungeon. Here is my current Level:

Cubone (Me)-Level 26
Pikachu-Level 26
Magnemite-Level 20

If I can bring my Level 15 Zigzagoon to the Dojo, I will train it too, since it would be good to have a 4th potential member. I think I can have 4 members, since some of the boss fights have four members.

In the next Log, we will take on Zapdos. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #B7-Mt. Thunder
Before we took on Mt. Thunder (sooner than I thought I would), we added Farfetch'd, Teddiursa, and Gligar to our friends.

Cubone & Pikachu are Level 29, while Magnemite is Level 23. I read online that, to take on Zapdos, I should be at least Level 16, and if I failed, I could always try again at another point.

Here we go!

Mt. Thunder

Mt. Thunder has 13 Levels, with the last 3 being the peak. I made sure I had enough Apples and some Reviver Seeds for this fight, just in case. The battle with Zapdos was VERY EASY, especially considering Zapdos was Level 25. Zapdos literally didn't do anything against me at all. Zapdos surrendered Shiftry, but challenged us to battle one day.
As we got Shiftry saved, Team ACT showed up. They were stunned we beat Zapdos, and after some discussion, they mentioned they knew I (Cubone) was human. They encouraged us to go to Hill of the Ancients to talk to Xatu. This area is at the end of Great Canyon, which will be the next place we head into.

I don't honestly feel comfortable going there yet, so I will be completing my Training to Level 33 before I make that decision.

I am leaning to get somewhere between Level 33 & Level 40 before I progress, though Level 40 might be overkill, especially since I was able to beat Zapdos at a +4 on the Levels. If I do that for Articuno & Moltres, who are both Level 33, that would mean that at minimum, I will want to get to Level 37. Since Magnemite is 6 Levels lower than Pikachu & I, I want to lean higher than might be expected. If I am Level 40, that should put Magnemite near Level 33 or so.

Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #B8-Platinum Rank
Hey Folks!
We are still doing missions in preparation for our goals (Levels 33-40) but I wanted to mention that the exploration Team is at Platinum Rank (at least 3,000 Pts.) so I will likely be close to or at Diamond Rank (at least 7,500) by the time I am ready to go onward on the story.

Hopefully, the next Log will be one of two things (or perhaps both):
Diamond Rank
Level 33-40

Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #B9-Wiggytuff's Friend Areas
Still doing training Folks!

Pokemon Square
At this point, I had $100,000 Poke, so I decided to spend some (about $20,000 Poke) to buy out Wigglytuff's Friend Areas. This allowed me to get more friends, such as Houndour. I will now be able to have an expanded Friend Area collection.

That's it! We will see you soon, just wanted to post an update.
Log #B10-Being a Fugitive
Ok, so I know it has been something like 3 weeks or so since the last post, but we can FINALLY continue! Thank you all so much for the support!

My Party:
Cubone: Level 36
Pikachu: Level 36
Magnemite: Level 32

I am currently Platinum Rank.

Great Canyon (Hill of the Ancients)
Pikachu, Magnemite, and I easily cleared Great Canyon, eventually getting to Xatu. It took a bit to get Xatu to pay attention, but once he did, he discussed the Ninetales Legend. It was thought that I was the human that was turned into a Pokemon due to doing evil things. Gengar of Team Meanies was there, spreading rumors in Pokemon Square. Whiscash told the legend, and due to Gengar, Pikachu and I were kicked out of town. I really wanted to be able to bring Magnemite, but it was impossible, so Pikachu and I were on the run.
We took on Lapis Cave, Rock Path, & Mt. Blaze. At the top of Mt. Blaze, we took on Moltres.
Moltres was Level 32, and was easy to defeat, especially due to False Swipe and a few levels above it. Having beaten Moltres, we had to take on Articuno shortly after.
As we were still on the run, we took on Snow Path and Frosty Forest. At the end of Frosty Forest, we acquired a Absol as a partner before we took on Articuno.

The battle was close, but in the end, we managed to defeat Articuno. This allowed us to chase down Ninetales to discover the truth.
Mt. Freeze
At the top of Mt. Freeze, we found Ninetales. Team A. C. T. battled us in a cutscene, then Ninetales announced we were not the troublesome Pokemon, the one that started the crisis. Having been saved from being on the run, we were able to come back to Pokemon Square. Team A. C. T., meanwhile, decided to face Groudon due to the earthquakes. We will be facing Groudon soon.
Makuhita Dojo
The Normal, Fire, Ice, Ground, Psychic, and Dragon Mazes were added. The only one that was super challenging was the Psychic one, though the Fire one had the possibility of us being burned. It was nice to train again.
One day after we had returned to Pokemon Square, a Wynaut & Wobbefett asked us to help them. Three Mankey were causing problems in Uproar Forest.

Uproar Forest
We got through the cave, and after wiping the floor with the Mankey, we started collecting unpeeled Chestnuts. The Mankeys agreed to upgrade our Team Base if we paid them in unpeeled chestnuts.

We will be working to pay them for upgrades for a while. In the next Log, we will discuss the final upgrade of the base before we head to Magma Cavern.

Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #B11-Team ACT Is In Trouble
A few days after Team A. C. T. went after Groudon, there is no sign of them returning. The Pokemon of Pokemon Square are worried. To address their worries, many different strong Rescue Teams show up. Among all of the groups, three Pokemon join together to go and find them. These are:

Blastoise (Team Hydro)-Bronze Team
Octillery (Team Constrictor)-Silver Team
Golem (Team Rumblerock)-Normal Team

For the sake of this, I am going to call them Team B. O. G. Team BOG goes to help save Team ACT, leaving Pikachu and I to do normal missions.

It is my intention to get my Team to at least Level 45 before I go after Groudon. Turns out, Groudon is Level 37, and could probably OHKO us right now.

Current Goals:
1. Get enough Chestnuts to finish the base with the Mankeys.
2. Get to Level 45 at minimum before Groudon.
3. Get to Levels 55-60 before going to Sky Tower and officially finish this game.

In the next Log, we will finalize the chestnut quest and get ready to face Groudon. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #B12-Troublesome Groudon
Groudon is quickly becoming a problem. Team BOG was also defeated by the Legendary. Just as everyone was to lose hope, Pikachu made a speech saying that Team Lavender would do what the others couldn't. Defeat Groudon.

Uh, Pika, I don't think we are ready. I decided to do some more questing for right now. We will be hunting Groudon eventually, but not for a bit yet.
Our first goal involved finishing the build for the Team Base, which we did. The Mankeys were not happy losing the Chestnut reward, but we promised we would keep giving them more. Thank you to the Mankey Gang!
Howling Forest
One day, we were asked by Smeargle to rescue it in Howling Forest. This was a bit of a challenge, but we eventually saved Smeargle. In gratitude, he joined the Rescue Team, and as an artist, he will redesign the Team Base Flag.

In the next Log, we will take on Groudon. The beast has to be taken down. Until the next time (it might be a bit), we will see you!
Log #B13-Diamond Rank
A few days ago (couldn't post because I was heading home from a vacation in Florida), I achieved Diamond Rank (at least 7,500 Rank Points). One more rank and we will hit Lucario Rank. We also got access to A Level Missions. Starting at this point, when we went into areas like Uproar Forest for missions, we started to be able to run into Monster Houses, where a bunch of Pokemon all appear to attack us.

My Team at this point:
Cubone (Me)-Level 40
Pikachu Level 41
Magnemite (Level 36

In the next Log, we will take on Groudon. We will not take on Groudon until my Rank is Lucario Rank (10,500 or more Points).

Until the next time, we will see you!
Do you have other teammates?
In this game, you can only have a maximum of 3 Pokemon in the Team. I am required. Partner is required. That leaves me with one more spot. Magnemite is the strongest other Team member and one of the longest serving partners.
Log #B14-Groudon
My Team:
Cubone (Me)-Level 41
Pikachu (Partner)-Level 41
Magnemite-Level 37

I completed a few missions, then decided to try to take on Groudon. I learned Bone Rush, then decided to try going after Groudon. If I failed, I could always try again later.

Magma Cavern-Vs. Groudon
It took many levels to find Groudon, but once I did, I found Team A. C. T. still facing him down, specifically Alakazam. Groudon is Level 37. Eventually, the trio of us got to face Groudon. In one of the other missions, I had collected a Totter Seed, which, when thrown, confuses the target.

After throwing the Totter Seed, I got close and used Bone Rush. A few hits, and Groudon fell. When we were helped back to Pokemon Square by Team ACT, we were told by Xatu that the crisis was not over.
Xatu warned that a meteor was coming. This meteor would be the end of the world. The only way to stop that was to get Rayquaza to help. Xatu and Alakazam would create a orb to help us get up past the clouds.

We are not going to face Rayquaza for a bit, since it is Level 45, at the top of a Level 34 Tower. I want to get to Lucario Rank before I take on Rayquaza. Once I beat Rayquaza, I will consider the game completed.

In the next Log, we will celebrate Lucario Rank. Until then, we will see you!
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