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PMD: Liberandum Academy

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Veran walked over to where the others were waiting. "So we just have to get to the end of this place?" He said, trying to imagine how long this place went on for.
"Guess so" Flynn said in response to Veran's comment. He then flew along with the other two pokemon as they made their way through the tunnel. After they had been walking/flying, he added, "maybe we're looking for something specific"
"considering that we were thrown in here without any instructions, it seems likely that we are meant to find our way out. Be prepared for some obstacles; this is supposed to be a test, after all." Hunter walked down the tunnel with his allies, ready for anything they might encounter.
OOC: Sorry guys, i've been packing for a trip im going on. So basically its a three floor dungeon and all you have to do is find the end. Ill give you leniency and let you make your way through it, though, I will be throwing some surprises at you as you go along.

@Derier44 - Devon Allen (Treecko)
@TobiasMoon - Alexander Hunter Pari (Sandshrew)
@Terra Solidum - Flynn (Vibrava)
@Cartmanland - Sandi (Sandile)
@Malice Calvin - Camari (Emolga)
@Slendermodio - Captain (Oshowatt)
@Oblivion - Falchion (Pawnard)
@CyberVoltage - Veran (Cyndaquil)
@Kagamine Len - Alice (Eevee)
@Chocolate Bones - Royal (Yamask)
@Volcarona - Grace (Kirlia)
Falchion continued wandering across the countless tunnels and passageways that made up the dungeon, obviously not having much of a clue as to where he was going. But, then again, it was nigh-impossible to know this place, due to him never having been here. And there was no chance of him asking Camari for advice on getting through this place. Not only would his pride prevent him from doing so under most circumstances anyways, he made a rather noticeable effort into completely ignoring the Emolga. The less time he had to deal with her, the better.

He then stumbled into a rather large room, though he got the sinking feeling that he had already been here before. Looking up, he realized that this was the exact same room that they had entered this place from. They had gone in one big circle.

Sighing in frustration, Falchion stopped and thought for a moment, mentally retracing his path and trying to remember if there were any pathways that they hadn't taken, or anything else he had failed to notice. Sure, standing still in the middle of a dungeon with hostile Pokemon lurking within probably wouldn't be the best of ideas, but as per usual, the Pawniard was still on the lookout for a fight. He always was.
"DUDEEEEEE!" screamed a group of three Geodudes, popping out of the ground right in front of Falchion. They then all procedded to use Rock Tomb on them, making rocks fall all around Falchion trapping him.

OOC: Ill control all of them.
Camari was startled by the sudden attacks, but managed to stay out of range. She knew Falchion was in danger, but there wasn't much that she, an electric-type, could do against ground-types. She knew that there was one thing she could do, and decided that she should do it. She did a loop in midair, and at the apex, she dove at the nearest one, using Quick Attack.
Falchion, however, was more than prepared. Having the rocks surrounding him proved to be little of an issue as his claws began glowing with a harsh light, followed by a circular spinning motion with a Metal Claw attack, quickly reducing the boulders into rubble. He clanged his claws together twice, before readying himself for a follow-up.

"You've picked a bad time for an ambush."

With that, he rushed for one of the Geodudes as fast as his legs would carry him, claws still gleaming even without any real source of light as he leaped into the air and brought down both of his claws upon his target, aiming to be rid of him in one fell swoop.
Hunter felt that his group was making fairly good progress, and he had made sure to mark every passageway that they took so that none of them would get lost. He did, however, wonder how long this was going to take and which pokemon they might me facing during this test. Was there perhaps going to be some sort of boss at the end?
"Umm...you know, you would think with this being a test and all ummm...there would be something to test us with." Veran stated, annoyed at the lack of challenge. He wasn't asking for a fight or anything, but if they were going to test him the least they could do is actually give them something to do.
"Considering the environs, there are likely a fair amount of rock or ground types this dungeon, which puts you at a type disadvantage. Be careful what you wish for."
Flynn meanwhile had been floating near the ceiling of the cave, whishing that his two partners could walk as fast as he could fly. He listened to their conversation then added, "I think Hunter is right my Umming-friend, I doubt the teachers at this academy would send us down here and then just let us work our way out without actually fighting anything, doesn't make much sense, does it?"
"Ummm....but they should be throwing tons of battles our way though, after all, we have one more guy than the rest of the teams." stated Veran.
"That just means that so far have been lucky. Anything could happen, so don't let your guard down. Lesson one: always be prepared."
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