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PMD: Liberandum Academy

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Jun 13, 2010
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"All aboard, to Liberandum Academy!" yelled the conductor from the side of the train. A couple hundred students who were waiting to get on the train then picked up their luggage and into the train. Each of their tickets had a certain box number in which they would be riding...
Devon heard the conductor and quickly picked up his one small bag and hopped onto the train. "Cabin C-2" he muttered to himself, and then made his way down the train to his cabin. When he arrived at the cabin he noticed it could comfortably fit about 12 pokemon. "Awesome!" he said and took a seat on the couch in the back of it. There was two couches, a few tables, a flat screen television with cable, and a few beds. He was also the first one there.

OOC: Okay guys, just start with your pokemon getting on the train and going to Cabin C-2!

@Derier44 - Devon Allen (Treecko)
@TobiasMoon - Alexander Hunter Pari (Sandshrew)
@Terra Solidum - Flynn (Vibrava)
@Cartmanland - Sandi (Sandile)
@Malice Calvin - Camari (Emolga)
@Slendermodio - Captain (Oshowatt)
@Oblivion - Falchion (Pawnard)
@CyberVoltage - Veran (Cyndaquil)
@Kagamine Len - Alice (Eevee)
@Chocolate Bones - Royal (Yamask)
@Volcarona - Grace (Kirlia)
@Knight of Day- Will update.
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"Cabin C-2......." Veran muttered to himself as he scanned the train. "There it is!" he said as he picked up his bag with an audible grunt of effort.
Camari hopped on the train with her bag, and walked clumsily to Cabin C-2. She'd always flown everywhere, so she was inexperienced with walking, especially holding something. When she got there, she sat down with her bag, hoping she would go unnoticed by the ones already there.
Checking the ticket to make sure that he had the correct cabin, Hunter opened the door and walked over to one of the benches next to a window and placed his suitcase on the rack overhead, making sure not to bump into the Emolga as he made his way past her. Settleing onto his seat, he stared out the window, waiting for the train to depart.
Grace dragged the heavy bag onto the train. She couldn't exactly remember why it was so heavy, but she just kept dragging it along. Grace took a glimpse at the train ticket "Cabin C-3". Grace walked over to cabin C-3 and found that no pokemon were there, she checked the ticket again, "Cabin C-2". She slapped her head and ran towards Cabin C-2, although it was more like a jog due to the heavy luggage. She opened the door and found the other pokemon, she then sat quietly on the train waiting for others to arrive.
Flynn had found a way to attach his bag containing his possesions, though not numerous, to his back, as he hovered onto the train, remembering his ticket had told him C-2. He moved the door open to find that 5 Pokemon were already in the cabin, a Treecko, Cyndaquil, Emolga, Kirlia and a Sandshrew. As he entered, he hovered up to the luggage rack and placed his small bag above where he would be sitting. Flynn figured he would sit next to the Pokemon he had the most in common too, a fellow ground-type, the sandshrew.
"Sand, sand, sand!" Sandi murmured to herself as the train came to a halt. Sandi reached over and grabbed her knapsack (full of sand) with her jaws and crawled off of the bus.
Sandi took the ticket out of her teeth (Which had been placed there for safekeeping) and looked at it.

"Cabin C-2!" Sandi exclaimed to herself, slowly crawling toward the cabin.

After several minutes of slow crawling, Sandi reached the cabin. Carefully placing her luggage onto the luggage rack with her jaws, Sandi turned and looked around at all the others.
Noticing a Vibrava take a seat next to him, Hunter took the oportunity to greet him with a nod, before going back to staring out the window.

A minute later he watched as a Sandile draged her knapsack into the cabin and hoped that not all of the ground types would be sitting near him, considering that he could see some sand leaking out of her pack's zipper.
Camari became highly conscious of the others in the cabin. She counted five others besides her, which was five too many for her. She became anxious, and looked out the window, quivering slightly.
Veran had taken a seat on one the beds as soon as he came in, claiming it for himself. He had immediatly got a book out of his bag and began reading it to avoid conversations with the other Pokemon that were sure to come, fortunately he was the second to arrive and did not have to talk to the Treecko who was already there.
Recognizing the Cindaquil's idea of passing the time reading as a good one, Hunter took out the pamphlet for the school that had arrived in the mail and began reveiwing the information that it gave.
A rather small Pokemon walked through the cabin, absent-mindedly sharpening the dagger-like appendages on the ends of his arms as he walked, his steel-like skin gleaming slightly against the dim lighting as he looked around in search for the cabin where he was assigned. He probably didn't look like the most amiable of individuals because of his mannerisms, what with his weapons and his almost predatory way of searching, but he was also on the lookout for any potential quarrels. After all, he didn't know a single person here, so he would have to be wary.

Cabin C-4, Cabin C-3...oh, Arceus.

There were already about six or seven Pokemon in the room. He looked at the sign, as if to check if he was looking at the wrong one, but surely enough, the sign read "CABIN C-2". Shaking his head slightly, he tried to enter the room in as nondescript of a fashion as he could, claws still bared just in case, and proceeded to head directly for the corner of the room. Once he had made himself at least somewhat comfortable, he resumed with sharpening his weapons, the steel producing a series of rather sharp scraping sounds.
Royal stretched lazily as he waited for the train, hovering in place in a sea of unfamiliar, excited Pokemon. Royal seemed less excited than most around him, though in reality, he was only nervous. He'd never attempted such a grand undertaking, or, at least, he didn't remember taking one. He was mostly nervous about the job that was ahead of him. Being part of a world-class Rescue Team was no small task. They were charged with making maps, exploring the unknown, and, most importantly, saving trapped and lost Pokemon. He looked around and shrunk back a bit in self-consciousness. Almost all of the Pokemon that he knew that entered the contest had planned all their lives to be part of a Rescue Team. They were familiar with the Rescue Team rules and codes, hierarchy and ranks, and even had favorite Rescue Teams and team names and matching bandanas of their own. In the minutes he spent waiting for the train, he couldn't help but wonder for the first time since entering the contest whether or not he actually had what it took to be part of a real guild, let alone one of the top Rescue Teams in the world.

Just as the conductor shouted his destination, Royal shook the thoughts away. He couldn't afford to have that sort of mindset now. He was about to embark upon the journey of a lifetime. He was going to make the best of it if it killed him, which, he chuckled to himself as he acknowledged, was unlikely, considering he was already dead. He scooped up his black duffle bag and slung it on his back before checking both watches, one after the other at first, before checking both at the same time to make sure they were in synch. Nodding, satisfied, Royal made for the train, checking his ticket as he floated through the crowd, doing his best not to bump into anyone.

"C-2," he mumbled, looking above him. There rested a glowing sign that read "A-5." Assuming his own car couldn't be too far off, he stepped onto the train and floated his way toward the back of the train, hovering in and out to keep from bumping into the other Pokemon funneling into the train. Finally, he reached a door with "C-2" glowing above it, took a deep breath, and slid it open. He was surprised to find a handful of Pokemon already inside. He let out a sigh of relief, seeing that most of them seemed to be as young as he was, a far-cry from the hulks that populated the higher cars. He smiled brightly and waved amiably at the crowd.

"'Ello, everyone!" He said, faking a foreign accent, and, admittedly, expecting a few pity chuckles. When he got nothing more than a few apathetic glances and what may have even been a glare, he smiled sheepishly and chose a seat, making sure not to sit in the section that seemed to be reserved for Ground-types.

He looked around once again and sighed, seeing that a couple of the other Pokemon were smart enough to bring something to occupy themselves with on the trip. He zipped open his duffle bag carefully and pulled out a music player with bulky headphones attached to it and stuffed the bag in the compartment above his head. He settled once more into his seat and slipped the headphones around his head, turning the volume all the way up on the player before hitting play, slowly losing himself in the music as he bobbed his head to the beat, hoping in the back of his mind that the music wasn't too loud for those around him.
Camari hissed silently upon the Pawniard's entry. His scary disposition heightened her anxiety, and the scraping sound he was making by sharpening his claws was giving her a headache. She flattened her ears against her head to block out the sound, and his behind her bag, shaking like a leaf in the wind, not even seeing the next entry.
Flynn looked around at the others to see if they had noticed the Pawniard enter, and now proceed with the rather creepy motion of sharpening his claws. "Does he really have to do that in here?" he thought, looking at the Emolga which now appeared terrified with fear. Being quite familiar with ultrasonic waves, the sound being made was quite unpleasant and Flynn continuously hoped that the Pokemon would stop.
Staring at the Yamask, Hunter noted the fact that he seemed to like joking around for future reference. He also noted that the Sandile from earlier had settled near enough to the seat that he and the Vibrava were sharing to make that section of the cabin only ground types.

Shrugging, he pulled two pairs of earplugs from his meticulously sorted backpack and pushed one set into his ears, wordlessly handing the other pair to the Vibrava and settled back, glad that he didn't have to hear the Pawniard's obnoxious blade-sharpening anymore.
Falchion couldn't help but notice that his current actions seemed to be disturbing the others. However, he still continued, obviously not caring as to how they felt about it. It was more of a compulsive action than anything else, but he always had to be ready for a fight, no matter how peaceful things might be. It had been all but hardwired into his brain at this point, and if anyone else had a problem with it, he would gladly cut off their ears so that they wouldn't have to deal with it.
Flynn said "thanks" and nodded in gratitude as he put on the two ear plugs. It helped a little, but he could still feel the virbations on his antennae, causing a mild, continuous annoyance.
Grace looked around quietly, she could tell that quite a few of them were shy.If only there were some way to get talking, it's so boring when everyone's quiet. she thought to herself. The anxious Kirlia tapped her foot rapidly thinking of something that would get everyone to be happy and social. Maybe I'll just start by asking about their names.
Royal looked around the train as he bobbed his head to the music, finally at ease and genuinely excited for the journey ahead. He was a bit off-put by the animosity between the Pawniard and the other Pokemon, and wanted to lighten the mood as best he could, something he prided himself at being able to do well. He looked across the car and noticed a Kirlia tapping her foot anxiously, wondering if she too was growing weary from the uncomfortable silence. He let his headphones rest around his neck, pulled his pack from the overhead compartment and pulled out a few bars of chocolate, clearing his throat before extending one to her.

"Ehem... do you.. Like chocolate..?"

Royal grunted to himself and rolled his eyes. Do you like chocolate? What a dumb question. Who doesn't like chocolate? He tried to make up for it by smiling sheepishly and making a joke.

"I hear it's a perfect cure for involuntary tap dancing!"

Royal bit his lip and shook his head slightly, trying not to grunt at himself again. Involuntary tap dancing?!?! Is that the best you can come up with? He smiled a large, cheesy grin and convinced himself to say nothing more.
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