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Pokémon Adventures anime ideas


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Jun 17, 2023
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Hey there! I’m going to pitch my ideas for an anime based on Pokémon Adventures here!
As far back as years ago, people have been wanting an anime based on Pokémon Adventures. So, here’s my ideas!
Seasons and Names
Okay, so… Here’s my ideas:
The show has four seasons!
  • Pokémon: Kanto Journeys (2021-2022) (24 episodes)
  • Pokémon: Johto Stories (2022-2023) (30 episodes)
  • Pokémon: Johto Stories Heart and Soul (2023-2024) (28 episodes + Kanto arc, 20 episodes)
  • Pokémon: Kanto Journeys GO (OVA series, 2024)
Here are my ideas for characters (mostly based on Pokémon Adventures.
Serious and normally quiet, but doesn’t shy away from conversation. Loyal to people and Pokémon alike. A great advice giver. His starter is Bulbasaur.
Blue Oak/Ōkido Green
Self absorbed, rude, snarky, competitive, and often insults Red. Doesn’t take losing too well. Secretly thinks of Red as a friend, calling him “pal” on many occasions. In S2-S3, he takes losing well and is more mature and kind. Likes to battle, and is passionate and respectful. His starter is Charmander.
Leaf Green/Aoki Blue
Cheerful, friendly, determined and energetic. Wants to be a Pokémon master and does anything to achieve that. She’s powerful and respectful to her opponents. In the OVA, she wants to catch Mewtwo. She does not appear in S2; rather, she starts her Hoenn journey and wears May’s outfit in Emerald. Starting in her debut, it’s revealed she likes to trick people, such as when she tricked Red into believing the Viridian Gym was next when it was Cerulean that was next, and when she tricks Giovanni into believing he had the real Mew when she did. Her starter is Squirtle.
Yellow Claise/Kureisu Yellow
Childlike and naive. A Pokémon healer. She hates when Pokémon are injured, and if people, places, or Pokemon are threatened, she can be serious. Because of her short appearance for her age, she is often mistaken for a little girl, which she doesn’t like. Her starter is Pikachu.
Taylor Gold/Gorudo Tetsuo
Has a short temper but won’t let anything bother him. He is two years older than his cousin. Brash, reckless, adventurous, and likes trying new things. His starter is Cyndaquil.
Silver Soul/Sōru Silver
Intensely snobbish, cruel, grouchy, rude. Has a short temper towards some people, but learns his mistakes in S3. Giovanni (leader of Team Rocket) is his father. His starter is Totodile.
Kris Crystal/Crystal Kurisu
Bright and optimistic. Likes cute Pokémon and nicknames and is girly and tomboyish at the same time (likes fashion a lot and is outdoorsy). Likes exercising and training her team. Her starter is Chikorita.
Ethan Gold/Gorudo Hibiki
Reliable, nature loving. Wants to explore the world and is reckless like Taylor, his older cousin. His starter is Cyndaquil.
Lyra Heart/Kokoro Kotone
Happy, sweet, a little clumsy. Likes cute things and fashion and is similar to Kris in that sense. Energetic and eccentric. Reckless like Taylor. Her starter is Chikorita.
Chase Claise/Kureisu Kakeru
Energetic, determined. Has an indescribable sense of adventure, and is confident in battle. Wants to be the best Trainer and a Pokémon researcher, and catch all the Pokémon. Yellow’s cousin. His starter is Pikachu.
Elaine Claise/Kureisu Ayumi
Cheerful, friendly. Has an indescribable sense of adventure, and is confident in battle. Likes cute things and is girly and tomboyish. Likes nicknaming Pokémon. Her starter is Eevee.
Cowardly but good natured. His starter is Eevee.
Other Ideas
I’m still thinking up ideas, but there’s a few things:
  • Sabrina, Koga, and Blaine will still be in Team Rocket.
  • Like I said, Leaf will be in Hoenn in S2, which is why we don’t see her in the season (and also, her journey is based on Emerald).
Teams will be listed soon. I’ll be writing episodes for it soon. Thanks for reading!
(And sorry if I was lazy while writing, I’m tired.)
For teams, I was thinking:

Leaf (current team): Blastoise (Blasty), Clefable (Cleffy), Gengar, Victreebel, Ninetales (Pixy), Kangaskhan (Kanga)

Other Pokémon she has are Jigglypuff (Jiggly), Jolteon (Visa), and Nidoqueen (Nido).

Her Hoenn team is: Blaziken (Blaze), Breloom (Loomy), Medicham (Cham), Plusle (Plusey), and Latias (Lati):

Yellow: Pikachu (Chuchu), Butterfree (Kitty), Parasect (Parasee), Dodrio (Dody), Ninetales, and Kingdra

Chase: Pikachu (Pika, named after Red’s), Charizard (Char, named after Blue’s Charizard), Vileplume (Plume), Lapras (Lapp), Kabutops (Kabu), and Articuno

Elaine: Eevee (Veevee), Venusaur (Saur, named after Red’s Venusaur), Omastar (Oma), Rapidash (Pony), Aerodactyl (Aero), and Mewtwo

*Mewtwo from Pokémon Evolutions even though Elaine has Eevee
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