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Pokémon Café ReMix celebrates its ReMix 2nd Anniversary with Koraidon, Latios and Latias!

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Pokémon Café ReMix - 2nd ReMix Anniversary
It’s now been two years since Pokémon Café Mix received its major update and title change to become Pokémon Café ReMix. Players can join the celebration of this milestone in-game starting this week with special log-in stamps, new Delivery outfits, and a new event model called Slow Cooking, featuring Koraidon! Additionally, the game has also been updated to version 4.30.0, with important changes to Main Orders and One-minute Cooking.

Pokémon Café ReMix - Koraidon
Koraidon's Three Supreme Dishes

This event, which will continue through to November 9th, at 9:59pm (PST), introduces the new Slow Cooking event mode, where players will have to get the highest score they can with a limited number of moves. Players will attempt three stages in a row to complete the three ordered menu items, selecting three Pokémon (one per stage) to fit the menu item's needs. Occasionally a + icon may appear in-game, and by clearing a chain next to it players can increase their number of possible moves for that stage. This model of event is still under development for future updates, so the exact features of this mode may change before future Slow Cooking events.

Additionally, new orders have been added in the form of additional main orders recently, but from now on, players will play them through the Slow Cooking event so all players may experience new puzzles at the same time. With this change, there will only be 2400 Main Orders, whereas the Master Café mode will continue to be available.
Players can progress through orders to earn points, which reward the player with Legendary Coins that can be exchanged for various rewards at the Swap Shop, such as:
  • Koraidon (x10,000)
  • Koraidon's Cookie (x500 each)
  • Sidekick Candy (x800 each)
  • Milestone Cookie (x500 each)
  • Latias Express Delivery Ticket (x500 each)
  • Max Level Ticket (Lv. 5) (x60 each)
  • Max Level Ticket (Lv. 10) (x280 each)
  • Max Level Ticket (Lv. 15) (x480 each)
  • Skip Ticket (x30 each)
  • Heaping Helping Ticket (x600 each)
  • Stamina Shard (x50 each)
  • Golden Acorns (x50 each)
  • Tarts (L) (x300 each)
  • Rare Tart M (x3,000 each)
Players who have purchased the Premium Pass will receive a +10% bonus of score for every event order completed.

Koraidon specializes in Entrées, with a maximum puzzle score of 404. Its Specialty Gimmicks are Mayo, Jelly and Butter. Its skill takes 80 points to spawn, and once used it clears surrounding Pokémon icons and gimmicks and replaces a few Pokémon icons on either side with megaphones, setting them off. Raising its Outfit Grades give it a +3% bonus for Puzzle score, getting a Score + bonus for Jelly in Outfit Grade 4. It also features a Sidekick Bonus, where the cost to make a skill appear for the same category Pokémon will be lowered by 1.

Festival Bingo
Two new bingo cards are now available alongside this event, with a third bingo card to be added on November 2nd, at 9:59pm (PST), which players will only be able to access by first completing card no. 2. These bingo cards will remain available until November 9th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Missions for these bingo cards include going to the main page (Koraidon's Three Supreme Dishes), making the last number of your score a certain number (Koraidon's Three Supreme Dishes), clearing lines at the bingo cards, playing the Daily Training, playing Koraidon's Three Supreme Dishes, clearing certain gimmicks (Koraidon's Three Supreme Dishes), using skills, reaching ranks (Koraidon's Three Supreme Dishes), clearing icons, receiving Daily Stamps, using megaphones, achieving certain scores (Koraidon's Three Supreme Dishes), achieving certain scores (Daily Training), adding certain Pokémon to your lineup (Koraidon's Three Supreme Dishes), sending Pelipper on Delivery, clearing icons of the leader Pokémon, raising Koraidon's level, completing bingo cards, sending Stamina Shards to team members and obtaining stars.

Rewards for clearing bingo lines meanwhile include Tarts, Golden Acorns, Skip Tickets, Milestone Cookies, Max Level Tickets (Lv. 5), Latias Express Delivery Tickets, Max Level Tickets (Lv. 10), Latios Express Delivery Tickets and Max Level Tickets (Lvl. 15).
7,000 Golden Acords
Special Log-in Stamps now on!

By logging in daily, players can earn up to 7,000 Golden Acorns over 10 days, along with other rewards such as Hearty Tarts (M and L) and a Latias Express Delivery Ticket! These log-in stamps will be available until November 12th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Celebrate the 2nd ReMix Anniversary with Pokémon in Celebratory outfits appearing in Pelipper Delivery!
For players who wish to obtain or raise Festive: Altaria's Outfit Grade, this Pokémon has returned to Pelipper Delivery, and will be available until November 9th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Players can now also try recruiting Celebration: Latias to their staff through Pelipper Delivery. Celebration: Latias specializes in Entrées, with a maximum puzzle score of 448. It does not differ much from regular Latias, but by raising its Outfit Grade to level 4 you can get Score ++ in Nuts instead of Pickles.

Two further Pelipper Deliveries of Pokémon in Celebration outfits will be available from November. Celebration: Latios will be available to recruit to player's staff from November 2rd, at 10:00pm (PST), while Celebration: Fidough will be available from November 9th, at 10:00pm (PST). All three of these Special Deliveries to Pokémon in Celebration outfits will be available until November 20th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Version 4.30.0 brings changes to Main Orders and One-minute cooking
The latest patch for Pokémon Café ReMix makes several important changes to gameplay.
  • Recently, new orders have been added in the form of additional main orders. Following this 4.30.0 update, players will instead play these new orders through Slow Cooking events, allowing all players to experience new puzzles at the same time. With this change, there will only be 2400 Main Orders total. The Master Café mode will continue to be available following this change.
  • One-minute Cooking points have also been revised. Following this update, points earned for exceeding the One-minute Cooking limit will now carry to future events, raising the player's rank immediately. This will make it easier for players to increase their Ranks and reach their goals.
  • Changes in Requesting Stamina from team members have also been applied as announced in the previous update, where the timer for asking for more Stamina Shards will no longer reset 24 hours after the request, resetting now at at 9:59pm (PST) every day, regardless of the time of the previous request.

Pokémon Café ReMix Giveaway Campaign Vol. 1
The official japanese Pokémon Café ReMix X account (formerly Twitter) is hosting a giveaway of 100 Café ReMix-themed stickers. In order to participate, players must:
  1. Follow the official "Pokémon Café ReMix" account (@pokemaze_JP) on X.
  2. Repost the giveaway post on your X account during the campaign period.
  3. Post an in-game screenshot tagging @pokemaze_JP with the hashtag "#ポケまぜフェスでシールGET" to increase your chances of winning.
The full terms and conditions for this contest are available (in Japanese) at the Pokémon Café ReMix News Portal. Entry is limited to Japanese residents only.
Official japanese Pokémon Café ReMix X account (formerly Twitter)
Pokémon Café ReMix in-game News and Events tab


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