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Pokemon: Cirrostratus [DISCUSSION + SIGNUPS OPEN]

Apr 10, 2022
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Pokemon: Cirrostratus

On a ruined world where most of humanity was wiped away by Kyogre's catastrophic flood, multiple tribes of Pokemon have tried to spread across the land, their progress mostly unhindered. The remnants of humanity there have been biding their time, trying to reclaim what they believe to be theirs.

In the wake of all this, a new tenacious race of beings have emerged; a felid species of pioneers
wielding spears and crude Pokeballs to carve out their niche in this ruined world.

This is a short RP set in the world of Pokemon: Rain Fall, the same world as my fic series. It takes place somewhere in the land of Unova, as opposed to Hoenn or Kalos.

This RP is planned to run for 2 weeks at least, and no more than one month.

Your character is a native of this world, being born and living through constant iterative cycles. Death is but a temporary - if traumatic - setback. In the distance, thunder booms, and the rain stings their skin.

  • Be polite. Characters insulting each other are fine - players insulting each other is not.
  • Discuss before you try to attack or kill each other.
  • Keep things appropriate. No NSFW stuff.
  • Be respectful of fellow roleplayers and the group nature of this game. Do not try to make everything about you or your character or direspect the flow of the game. Everyone deserves a chance to play or have a turn. Which ties loosely into the next rule...
  • Do not God mod. Everyone should be able to have the chance to be the hero or big villain. No character should be unable to lose.
  • For ease of reading, if you have an OOC comment, use the Discord or if on forum posts, use "[[ ]]"


You are allowed to bring one character. They must be of either one of these types:
  • Human
  • Slugcat
  • Pokemon
Please fill out the form below.

Species - Slugcats:

  • In this roleplay, slugcats are slimy, feline beings who evolved from wild Furret a short while after the calamity. Nimble and quick, they are quite fragile but can go many places humans may not.
  • All are invariably as smart as humans, and nearly all know their native language - one based on signs. It does take a while for humans to learn this, but a majority of slugcats would at least offer to teach others if they desire. Many of them know English as well.
  • They have their own writing system, independent of Pokespeech or footprint runes. A human can learn it, though it might take a while (think about the same time to say, learn to write Japanese or Korean)
  • Despite their ability to leap long distances and slip into spaces no human can, slugcats are relatively fragile and do not have the luxury of Moves. As their intelligence increased, their ability to wield Type Energy lessened. They cannot learn, or use, any Moves.
  • As their biology moved further and further away from Pokemon, they can no longer understand them.
  • Slugcat pelts come in many different combinations, running the gamut from white to multi-colored combinations.
  • Slugcats are on average, 3 feet tall.
  • All slugcats have a 'second stomach' that can be used to store one small item at a time. The max size limit is abut the size of 2 enlarged Pokeballs.
  • Pokeballs do not work on slugcats; they are no longer considered Pokemon.

Species - Pokemon:
- Pokemon here are more Mainline-Type Pokemon (think more tribal, not always settled types)

Species - Human:
- Humans in Rain Fall are the same as Pokeverse/Trainerverse humans, able to take at least one low-level attack from Pokemon without too much injury. They are however, not invulnerable.

- Most settlements in the world of RainFall are ruined, with the major ones being:

- Humilau City


- Lentimas Town

- Icirrus City

Other smaller outposts have been converted by either species from the ruined cities.

The settlement listed will be the one your character originates from.

--To keep this RP manageable, I will accept only 3 extra players--

Signups last until July 22th at 11:00 AM NZST, and the game will begin at July 26th at 11:00 AM NZST!
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