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Pokemon: Diamonds of the Colorful Skies (signups and discussion, closed to new signups)


If you're lucky enough to find one of the ally caravans if we need to battle a Water type foe, Ash has his faithful Pikachu (named Inazuma for RP purposes, Liko has her Sprigatito named Menta, and Dawn has a Pachirisu named Stormy).
Not surprised about the fact those characters have those Pokemon since they have them in the anime.

Of course, there is the possibility that I might have given a move to Lucario to also help. Also, forgot to ask: Are abilities a thing? Like, I currently have Lucario have Inner Focus (which prevents flinching, of course).
It goes without saying that at least one of Isabeau's offensive spells is functionally Dark-type. One of the ones I have lined up for her to learn on the way (won't start with it, needs room to grow!) is a decaying spell that hits Ground effectively (soil degradation), so that'll be covered eventually.

I imagine some of her spells would require components, but how would MP work?

A couple other details: last name is Odson, alignment is Lawful Neutral, and attunement is Darkness (obviously!) with a particular focus.
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Abilities do exist in this world, so Inner Focus still works.

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Basically, each spell has a flat MP cost, in increments of five--so to use Final Fantasy as an example, Fire is 5 MP, Fira is 10 MP, Firaga is 15 MP, Firaja is 20 MP.

Finishers/Limit Breaks are surprisingly cheap, MP wise--all four of us combining our power for a finisher adds up to 16 MP at the highest level (level 4)
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