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Pokemon: Diamonds of the Colorful Skies (signups and discussion, closed to new signups)

Nov 8, 2005
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The basic premise:

It is a story long told in Cielore...long ago, Cielore was oppressed by an evil wizard, who had a dragon familiar to hold the people under his iron fist. Heartbroken by the misery and despair she saw across the land, the Diamond Princess Diancie searched across the land for a hero that could defeat the wizard and his dragon, and lead the land into a new age of peace and plenty. She found the hero in a small village, and granted him a magical sword that would protect him from the wizard's evil magic. After a very long journey, he confronted the wizard and his dragon not far from the royal capital of Illumis, and defeated both wizard and dragon with his magical blade, and Diancie's sacred diamonds, which he had gathered on his journey.

Many years have passed since then, and Cielore is in a new age of peace. While the tale of the hero, the wizard, and the dragon is now just a bedtime story, or a minstrel's tale, there is one reminder of the hero's journey that we undertake today--the Gathering of the Diamonds. Once a year, many different caravans follow the hero's long journey, stopping to gather diamonds where they can--either hard won from ruins, or as thanks for a deed of valor. While many set out to gather the sacred diamonds that appear in the land each year, only a rare few make it all the way to Illumis. Those that do make it there are welcomed as heroes, and receive medallions of valor from Her Majesty Queen Diantha.

No one knows for sure how millions of colorful diamonds suddenly appear in the land each year in the spring, but it is agreed that when they do appear, it is time for the caravans to embark on the Gathering of Diamonds. Many see it as a coming of age journey, so every person in the land is encouraged to make the journey at least once in their lives.

It is not just those of us that live in Cielore that make the journey--many come from far and wide to learn about the Gathering of the Diamonds, see all that our home has to offer, and follow the hero's route in their own way--either through a caravan of their own, riding with a caravan, a single Ponyta or Rapidash, or on foot.

This year marks my turn to follow the hero's long road to Illumis in a caravan--but I get to do this alongside some of my best friends.

What follows is our journey along the hero's road for ourselves. Little did we know, we would encounter and defeat an evil wizard of our own along the way, and arrive in Illumis as heroes...

Sign up here with the following info:

Character's name (try to have it be French or at least French sounding in origin, since Cielore is a fantasy Kalos)
Character's origin (if your character is not originally from Cielore, where are they from?)
Character's age (anywhere from age 13-16 will do)
Character's physical appearance (what does your character basically look like?)
Character's backstory/known history (what is your character like, and what spurred them to join Serena's caravan?)
Character's class (any standard fantasy RPG class will do)
Character's current inventory (what your character is currently carrying--money wise, Serena's father Lucien has given you a thousand gold pieces for expenses and supplies. You can earn more on the long journey, or find more in the wild)
Character's Pokémon, if any (you can have up to three non-Legendary Pokémon of any of the known Pokémon.)
I shall bite. This looks interesting. First several questions:
1) Can a character have multiple classes? The character I have in mind is a Warrior and an apothecary
2) Is Mega Evolution a thing?
3) Are Poke Balls a thing or is it charms like in the old Role-play that we did?
Ok. I think I am ready to give you my sign-up sheet:
Name: Alexandre (though he does use Alex as a nickname)
Origin: Shalour City (or whatever the fantasy equivalent is)
Age: 16
Physical appearance: He is tall and muscular. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has his father's old bandana wrapped around his head. He has a leather tunic and pants, as well as iron gauntlets.
Class: Knight/Warrior; Apothecary (In the medicinal sense, not chemistry sense [knows what each berry does])

While he is a serious person, Alexandre is kind and friendly. He has a strong sense of justice and cares about his friends. Thanks to his mother, he is talented in playing the Ocarina. He has a dislike for mages due to almost getting abducted by one once, though he will be respectful if the person makes their intentions clear. It's more, he isn't quick to trust a mage if their intentions are not obvious. If the mage is clearly a good guy, then he is cool with them.

Swordplay (from his father and teachers at the school)
Ocarina playing (from his mother)
Knowledge of different berries (from his Grandmother). Specifically, the first ten in the list on Bulbapedia (though I don't know what to do with Persim Berries)

Alexandre's father went on the journey when he was a child. While on the journey, the caravan is ambushed by thieves. While the group stopped the thieves from taking the Diamonds, Alexandre's father lost his life in the ambush. His sword was brought back to the family home, as well as Lucario and his Heart Charm. Alexandre decides to take the journey to do what his father could not: Complete the Gathering of the Diamonds Journey. He takes his father's old sword and Lucario with him.
The only reason Alexandre and his mother could not go was because his mother was not well enough to handle such long journeys, and Alexandre was too young at the time.

Current Inventory
Family Iron Sword (belonged to his father)
Lucario's Heart Charm (belonged to his father)
Ocarina (belonged to his mother)
5 Oran Berries
0 Leppa Berries
0 Sitrus Berries
0 Lum Berries
3 Pecha Berries
3 Cheri Berries
3 Chesto Berries
3 Rawst Berries
3 Aspear Berries
Sharpening Stone (for sharpening his sword)
Berry Sack
1,300 Gold (he had the 300 before he joined)

Lucario (once belonged to his father and now loyally follows Alexandre in order to help him achieve his goal [even once protected him from a bandit mage who tried to abduct him])
If I need to make any changes, just let me know. Also, I am sticking with just one Pokemon this time, unlike the last roleplay.
By the way, how many people do you want to sign up?
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XY Counterparts To Major RP Locations

Vaniville Town=Croquis (you start here)
Aquacorde Town=Quarellis
Santalune City=Nouvarie
Camphrier Town=Fort Vanitas
Cyllage City=Relifac
Ambrette Town=Oranroche
Geosenge Town-Cromlach
Shalour City=Yantre
Coumarine City=Port Temperes
Laverre City=Romant
Dendemille Town=Frescale
Anistar City=Flusselles
Couriway Town=Mozheim
Snowbelle City=Floconeige
Lumiose City-Illumis (your goal)

Be warned, this fantasy Kalos will include a LOT more of real France in the map.

There is magic in this fantasy Kalos--Serena has light magic, with some fire and thunder ability thanks to her bonds with Ash and her Braixen Krystal. The classic Trio does have their own caravan--and you will find them (and the rest of the Elite Eight) multiple times on your long journey.
i am not used to playing RPGs, and I don't know many french sounding names, so I had to use a random name generator, but I have tried:

Character's name: Olivier
Character's origin: been in clierore their whole life, in a small town
Character's age: 13
Character's physical appearance: a boy with blue eyes and dark brown hair.
Character's backstory/known history: an average pheasant(I was going to say ordinary boy, but this sounds more medieval) who has a reputation for tinkering with strange contraptions which are considered high-tech by medieval standards. He wants to leave his hometown and see some of the rest of the world
Character's class: alchemist (because that is basically the medieval equivalent of inventor)
Character's current inventory: a few contraptions he has built.
Character's Pokémon, if any: a rotom

What kinds of contraptions has he built? Keep in mind that what would be accomplished by tech in the modern world would be accomplished by magic in this world.

I am not sure. but you asking me that has given me the idea that some of it might be designed to resemble magic because he isn't very good at magic.
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