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Pokémon Company issues recall for Poké Ball Mobile Battery Chargers following spontaneous fires

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Pokémon has been hot stuff all throughout this COVID pandemic. For some fans however, that's been a bit more literal.

Many fans have been making heavy use of Pokémon GO in particular as they seek to shed some of the weight they've put on in lockdown. One essential item for many of these players is a portable battery charger, to help them keep playing long after their device would've normally run out of charge. One such device previously sold by The Pokémon Company in Japan, a Poké Ball shaped charger made by Anker in 2017, has now been recalled following two incidents where the device apparently spontaneously caught fire. While investigations by a third-party specialist firm were unable to identify a specific cause or indeed any flaws in the product itself, The Pokémon Company has apparently decided to play things safe, and is giving out full refunds to everyone who purchased the device.

Given that only 8653 units had been sold in the first place, it's safe to say this voluntary recall would be costing The Pokémon Company far less than any lawsuit might had they not taken action. Still, it's nice to see The Pokémon Company being this proactive in taking steps to protect their customers.


Original Statement from Pokémon Company said:

ポケモンセンター、ポケモンストア、ポケモンセンターオンラインおよびAmazon.co.jp「ポケモンストア」にて販売いたしました弊社商品「モンスターボールモバイルバッテリーAnker 10000mAh」におきまして、焼損する事案がこれまでに2件発生しております。




Translation said:
To all of our customers

We would like to extend our deep gratitude for your continuing to give us your patronage.

There have been two incidents involving our product, the "Monster Ball Mobile Battery Anker 10000mAh", sold at Pokémon Center, Pokémon Store, Pokémon Center Online and the Amazon.co.jp "Pokémon Store", where the product has caught fire.
An investigation of these two incidents by a third-party specialist organisation has not been able to identify a specific cause, and has found no flaws in the product design. Neverless, our company is taking these incidents seriously, and as a preventative measure are issuing a voluntarily recall along with providing full refunds of the purchase price.
We apologise for the inconveience to our customers, but we humbly ask that you please discontinue use of this product, and contact us either by telephone or the dedicated online form to arrange for collection.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and concern that this may cause to our customers.
We hope you will please grant us your understanding.

2 July, 2021
Pokemon Co., Ltd.


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