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Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

That is literally just the exact same image from last month but cropped and flipped. There's nothing new here.

How certain are we that this isn't fake? I know that Pokemon has had a long history regarding fake leaks.

It is an official piece of merch that was revealed last month.

It is 100% real.
Oh my goodness. Looks like theyll be settling in Paldea for a while. Paldea gym leaders, E4!?!?!?!? Hello? I did not expext this.

Liko and Roy will get Tera Orbs ans I'm assuming Sprigs evolves at the end of Terapagos's arc.

Also the Maus being on the poster. Please be captured by Liko
Wonder if they will finally actually animate the Evolution. Rather than show sprigatito glow, have the camera look away from Sprigatito, and then look back to a glowing floragato whos glow fades away.
While it is cool that Sprigatito is going to evolve, I kind of wonder how well the evolution itself will be received. It has been nearly a full year for Horizons' run, but from what I've gathered, Liko hasn't really been that battle active. I know that evolution in the anime isn't particularly concerned with having Pokemon battle enough prior to evolving, but I just wonder if it will feel satisfying to the audience beyond seeing a Grass starter evolve for the first time in ages or that we'll almost certainly going to see Meowscarada down the road.
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