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Pokemon Farm for the Wii


Jan 31, 2004
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"Nintendo has announced Pokemon Bokujou, which translates to the English Pokemon Farm. With this Wii Ware title, you can transfer your Pokemon from Pearl and Diamond to the Wii, then raise them in a farm-like environment."

From IGN. Basically, it sounds like Monster Rancher/Viva Pinata but with Pokemon, which I've wanted for years and years.
This is definately interesting, but I wouldnt buy it... $50 to see my pokemon in 3D on the TV screen doing basically the same stuff they ALREADY do in the game? Unless there isnt some form of breakthrough (besides some stupid catch like you are awarded an egg for your achievments which will hatch into a shiny magikarp), I probably wont buy this game.
It probably won't be 50 bucks since it's a WiiWare game. ANd it doesn't sound like they'll be doing stuff like they'll be doing in game . . . since there's no farm in any of the games. -__-;
Ooooh... I wanna screenshot so badly... >w<
It sounds like an amped up version of Amnity Square... I wish I had a Wii!
Serebii thinks it might be an amped-up version of Box... a theory that makes sense, now that I think anout it
IGN actually reports the same details I posted so its not a theory. Its fact
sounds kinda interesting. Hopefully it'll have potential, & won't end up like another "hey you, pikachu" type game. :/
Don't forget, it is a WiiWare game and so graphics for 493 Pokemon have to be basic...
Well think about it. Theres going to be over 550 models counting all Unowns, Burmy, Wormadam, Shellos, Gastrodon, Deoxys & Arceus. They gotta stick to basics to fit on the Wii's memory and still have space for everything else
I have posted this pic at the Serebii forums as well. . .


^^^A FFCC WiiWare game.(Yes, games can have some tight looks the WiiWare)

The reason this looks soo basic is do to that fact that the games add 100+ pokemon every gen so you could verywell have 500 pokemon in the Wii-Ware game all at once which aint going to be too good if they are all at Pokemon Rev level looks wise.

In this game you can raise your pokemon and what not. . . sounds interesting. I hope that this does GREAT so that they could expand upon it on a Disc and make the pokemon look more like a cartoonyer looking Pokemon Rev with more things to do. Im getting it. . . .only going to cost like 15 bucks or something around that price.
I didn't like Monster Rancher video games, even though I thought the show owned and I recently bought a deck of cards form the back of the shelf at some card store...

Pokémon Rancher looks really stupid if you ask me...I don't like Miis and I really don't like Pokémiis...

On the other hand, I can see great hope for the game too...
I may pick this up only to watch my large collection of pogeys walk round and round the screen, but it doesn't really look that great. I'm waiting for the hook, like the eggs from box or some kind of rare pokemon that you can transfer from the wii to the game.
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