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Poké & Sleep, the latest album of licensed Pokémon music covers from Super Piano 64, releases for streaming via Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube Music

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Poké & Sleep album cover
The folks over at the independent video game record label GameChops are today releasing Poké & Sleep, the latest album from the Super Piano 64 duo of Nate and Canaan Evans. Covering all generations of the main series games, as well as popular spin-off titles such as Pokémon Legends: Arceus and the Mystery Dungeon series, Poké & Sleep features a total of 34 licensed piano covers of Pokémon songs originally composed by a range of Pokémon music luminaries including Junichi Masuda, Gō Ichinose, Hitomi Satō, and Shota Kageyama.

Poké & Sleep is available for streaming now via Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube Music. A compilation video of all songs in the album will also premiere for free streaming later today (Friday September 29th) on YouTube, at 4pm (UTC).

Best known for their 2021 collection of Zelda music, Zelda and Sleep, Poké & Sleep is the third album of Pokémon covers from the Evans brothers, following last year's Poké Tape 2, released under their Super Lofi 64 project, and the release of Poké & Piano in February this year.

GameChops is a record label dedicated to video game music. Founded by Dj Cutman in 2012, GameChops was one of the first record labels to license and publish video game music on platforms like iTunes and Spotify. All GameChops remix albums and singles are licensed and offered for use under Creative Commons, allowing for their use in non-profit remixes, streams, videos, podcasts, and other projects for free when accompanied with credits to the musician and links back to the GameChops website.

Poké & Sleep Tracklist
  1. Pokémon Center (Pokemon Red/Blue)
  2. Emotion (An Unwavering Heart) (Pokemon Black/White)
  3. Route 209 (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
  4. New Bark Town (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal)
  5. Accumula Town (Pokemon Black/White)
  6. Nuvema Town (Pokémon Black/White)
  7. Eterna City (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
  8. Ecruteak / Cianwood City (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal)
  9. Village Bridge (Pokemon Black/White)
  10. Soaring Illusions (Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)
  11. Jubilife Village (Pokemon Legends: Arceus)
  12. Field (Midnight) (Pokemon Legends: Arceus)
  13. South Province (Pokemon Scarlet/Violet)
  14. Lavender Town (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal)
  15. Pokémon League (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
  16. Littleroot Town (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
  17. Undella Town (Pokemon Black/White)
  18. Surf Theme (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal)
  19. Floaroma Town (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
  20. Pallet Town (Pokemon Red/Blue)
  21. Legends Arceus (Pokemon Legends: Arceus)
  22. Lillie's Theme (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
  23. Azalea Town (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal)
  24. Twinleaf Town (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
  25. National Park (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal)
  26. Route 104 (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
  27. Viridian / Pewter / Saffron City (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal)
  28. Canalave City (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
  29. Lake Verity (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
  30. Snowbelle City (Pokemon X/Y )
  31. Violet / Olivine City (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal)
  32. Verdanturf Town (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
  33. Goldenrod City (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal)
  34. Memories Returned (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness)


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