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GO Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!

I evolved a Magikarp into Gyarados on the literal last few seconds of the community day, after remembering "Oh crap, I forgot it needs to evolve during the event to have Aqua Tail". The Gyarados instantly became one of my best Pokémon but I'm a little bummed that they haven't given it access to Hurricane. I'd take that for a second Charged Attack in a heartbeat.

I heard something about Mega Evolution coming to GO, so I also made sure Bite was the Fast Attack just in case.
Alright. A few days ago, I got back into Pokémon GO after what seemed like almost a year. I've been keeping up with the updates and news fairly well, I found, but it turned out I forgot to turn on Adventure Sync. Welp. Anyway, the first thing I did after making sure Adventure Sync was on was connect my GO account to my Pokémon HOME account and receive everything that comes with that. Then, I transferred some of my spare Pokémon to receive that nice Mystery Box. I opened the Mystery Box and began catching Meltan as fast as I could, only to run out of Pokémon storage space halfway through, so I stopped to transfer two of my Meltan to Pokémon HOME along with some of my other duplicate Pokémon. (Transferring Meltan to Pokémon HOME sounds like a(n extremely?) bad idea, but I did what I did, so...) When the Mystery Box ran out, I had earned 54 Meltan Candy without using more than one Pinap Berry. I think I could have done better, honestly, considering I stopped to eat partway through. Overall, though, I'm satisfied with what I accomplished. I finally have a way to obtain Pokémon exclusive to the Expansion Pass, so that's neat.
Bumped into my friends family including her went out today phone was dead soooo no pokemon still trying to evolve Ralts I want a Gardivor sent some gifts why is the living room always full of pokemon
Caught my first shiny today! Well, my first shinies, as I found four more whilst looking for other Fletchling to get enough candy for a Talonflame. Out of the five I evolved the best one. Not sure what to do with the rest...

Can I complain about an aspect of this game for a bit? Is that ok?

So, I played a lot when it first came out. Then I fell off, and played on and off sparingly during school.

Lately, I've wanted to be more active so I got back into the game while I take walks. It's been great with all the new Pokemon and stuff added in!
However, the gyms is what has me frustrated. There are only 4 gyms within walking distance of me, and they're all in a local cemetery. So I like to walk around the paths there and spin gyms and pokestops. However, there's a guy there that owns all the gyms for his team. And if I dare take one down, my pokemon will have been knocked out before I make it home. Also, this man has 2 accounts, which is further frustrating because that is technically cheating. I just hate that I can never upgrade my storage or bag because I can never get coins because this lazy f*** that cheats can't let me hold a gym for more than 5 minutes.

...rant over.
June 8: Caught the hundo Weedle which is now my Level 50 Beedrill (Level 3 Mega)
June 22 : Caught another hundo Rhyhorn (I have 7), which is one of the six I did evolve later on its CD for Rock Wrecker and got it up to Level 40
June 26 : Got another Rhyhorn from a trade, this time Lucky. Also evolved on CD and since I only had enough XL for one Level 50 and this was cheaper on dust I took it all the way up
June 28: My pride and joy, from a Lucky trade, Shiny Kyogre hundo! This is now 4273 CP (slightly into XL) and on the process of getting its Primal level up.
July 9: Shiny Togepi Lucky trade, 96 15 attack, eventually maxxed to 50 for Master Premier. Although CD will make it obsolete soon unless I use an Elite Charged TM on it.
August 2: Shiny Rayquaza 98% 15 attack from raid, level 40
September 14 : registered Carnivine as a Lucky trade from a local friend who did attend some GO Fest/Safari Zone in US/Canada, do not really remember right now
September 19 : hundo Psystrike Mewtwo from raid, level 40
September 22 : another one (yeah I did raid a lot back then and was lucky)
September 27 : oh yes a third one, this time from a special trade that just happened to be Lucky (I was not really using Lucky trades on Mewtwo anymore since I had two hundos but they just kept coming)
November 2 : Lucky Trade hundo Litwick, eventually Level 50 Chandelure. Before CD. It still does not have Poltergeist, it just does not really need it when Shadow Ball is available, so did not feel like wasting an Elite Charged TM here.
November 20 : another hundo Rhyhorn turned level 40 Rhyperior on CD
December 5 : one more such Rhyhorn
December 14 : hundo Bagon on December CD. This was a big one, almost everyone in town showed up when the spawn was reported. Now Level 50 Outrage Salamence on the process of getting its Mega Level up.

This is it for 2019. Will update on 2020-23 soon.
today was togetic community day! i caught... over a hundred LOL. (i think?? i feel like i had only caught like, one before, but i don't know the exact number?)
only one shiny sadly, but i ended up getting my strongest pokémon yet (after using an.. ungodly amount of stardust to level it up) and over 1000 togepi candy even after evolving!




also, i had a completely random encounter today—an azelf, just in the wild!


basically i played A LOT today LOL..
So I hadn't played in years. Almost 4 years to be exact. Right about before I started working at my job full time, but due to the recent re-arrival of a boss I used to play with in the past coming back to where I work he got me loading it up again, which is fine since I do most of my playing while at work since I'm able to hit 3 Pokestops, and 2 gyms without even leaving the building. Anyways I was heading home from work tonight, and on my way out when loading up the game managed to come across this in the wild.
Got a lot of catching up to do for missed time.
Having problems with Niantic/Pokemon Go. Bought the ticket for the Diancie event, followed all the rules, it just never loaded in my game. The ticket is there, but the special research is not, yes I logged in during the correct times refreshed all that etc.

But it seems niantic / pokemon go is impossible to contact. They direct you online to this in app "live chat" which is not a chat at all, its a glorified FAQ. Once the bot deems it has answered your question, if you ask a follow up no response. Their facebook and Insta accounts dont accept messages at all, and their twitter doesnt seem to be open for DMs directly, unless you publicly ask them to, in which case they send you a link.

The only twitter account I have is my professional one which I use for work etc, and I don't really want clients to be aware I'm having problems with a Pokemon game, if that can be avoided.
Diancie quest needed ticket and correct times for the first day, yesterday.

Their Twitter account has not been particularly helpful in the past for me either :(
on a bit of a silly note, i encountered this really strange glitch?? i actually fixed it by going into the styling menu and back out, but it was quite strange LOL..



i did have a fun time doing go fest stuff though! caught a few legendaries which was nice... lately i've been taking walks and being completely honest, it's made me really want a go plus... maybe i'll end up buying one sometime?
I have not encountered this glitch before...
I have the original GO+ and it works rather well. But I am considering upgrading to GO++ because it also helps with Sleep.
on a bit of a silly note, i encountered this really strange glitch?? i actually fixed it by going into the styling menu and back out, but it was quite strange LOL..

Oof. My Pokémon go had the same thing happen to it too. The text was all weird too
Since the last update, my Go has also been glitched.


It doesn’t show like this every time I open it, but it does pretty often. My phone also vibrates randomly since the update. I didn’t know it was because of Go till I did some digging online. Hope they fix all these bugs soon… LOL…

Having problems with Niantic/Pokemon Go. Bought the ticket for the Diancie event, followed all the rules, it just never loaded in my game. The ticket is there, but the special research is not, yes I logged in during the correct times refreshed all that etc.
This also happened to me! The research didn’t load for me until AFTER Go fest… Literally what’s the deal with that. I also messaged Niantic’s support, and only after I did, did I receive the research. Kind of annoying but at least I got it in the end… No shiny diancie luck though.
I had a super shiny day today. I was in the back all day at work checking deliveries, so naturally I spent enough time on Go. First it started with a shiny Scyther this morning (more on that at the end of the post), and then around lunch time I ran into a shiny Darumaka (just a few days after running into/catching the shiny ice variant a few days prior) and then about an hour ago I'd accidentally loaded up the game at home, and decided to check what I could catch in my house. Well one of the three Pokemon was a shiny Machop. Besides a community day I never expect something like this to happen again.

Now about that Scyther, since I'd started replaying back in June I've captured five shiny Scyther. I caught all five while being at work. They won't leave me alone when I'm there.
I've been playing a lot over the past month. I recently discovered a route that conveniently follows my path to and from work, so that's a pretty decent incentive to keep playing. Got a bunch of the related quests done too. I also saved up almost 800 coins from gyms alone, then proceeded to waste them all on clothes that don't even match each other.

Additionally, I realized that I should probably have been linking my game to SV for Gimmighoul and Vivillon patterns, whoops. I've ignored postcards this whole time lol. At least I now have a new goal-dengo to aim for.

I still don't like this game's PVP all that much, but I've got a decent enough team to deal with TR bosses, so that's alright by me.

The objective or 5 Great throws in a row for the Zarude questline is also basically impossible for me to complete and I assume it will remain incomplete forever :bulbaLol:
I've been playing GO for two years now and I managed to get some really good Pokemon! I have 4 perfect Pokemon, which are: Machamp, Ivysaur (purified and lucky), Aurorus and Porygon-Z!

I also have 6 legendary Pokemon which are: Regigigas, Solgaleo, Lunala, Regice, Zygarde and Cosmog! All are level 3 except for Regice, which is level 2.

Overall, not too shabby! I have a ton of level 3 Pokemon as well. GO is awesome!
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