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GO Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!

I hatched a hundo Sandile today from a 12 km egg. It’s my first Sandile too so it’s quite lucky that it got the hundo. Also caught a hundo Eevee from field research quite recently.

I’ve been hatching and saving egg space for 12 km eggs so I can get Varoom. (Bonus storage is full)
Ugh, I failed at beating Dialga in a raid and I guess I'm stuck with the Special Research being unfinished forever... BUT!! I did catch a 3 star Uxie today AND got a perfect Blastoise from a trade! So it's still a win in my book.

Another cool thing is a few weeks back I got a perfect Venasaur in a trade... now I just need Charizard
Just got my first Go shiny. I play extremely sporadically. It's a vulpix!

I caught a Purugly today and made her my Buddy. I fed her some Berries and she immediately became “Good Buddies” with me. I’ve never had the “Good Buddies” status with any of my Pokémon before, so it feels good.
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