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GO Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!


oh my
Apr 5, 2013
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Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!​

Thought it might be nice to have a place where we could all explicitly state what we've been doing recently in the game, as well as noting any recent captures we've gotten, new finds, or fun/interesting stories that have happened while playing!

Please feel free to share at your own convenience. :~)
Checked 3 Pokestops, got 1.4/2 km of progress on my Egg, got another Egg. Gotta hit Level 6 for that extra 3-shot incubator although I guess I'll be done with the 600m by then.
Got Meowth registered in the Pokedex; caught some Rattata, Pidgey and Zubat; transferred the Rattata to get as many candies as possible to power-up my strongest Pokemon so far (Raticate).
Torn about Pidgey; I may want to evolve several of them for the XP or save to evolve my Pidgeotto.
Zubat Candies are close to the amount needed for evolution, will probably do it tomorrow.
We had to take care of a litter of puppies last week and my sister found a Mankey in with them. The best part was that Mankey and the puppies share the same color of coat.

When my friend started up the game his first night he got a notification that he was right on top of a Magmar. He turns around and finds it climbing in through his bedroom window!
Was about to go home from school one night when I noticed there were two Pokestops with lures activated very close to where my car was parked, so I decided to head over there. There were like 8-10 people hanging around there, catching Pokemon. Within a minute of me sitting down, all of them had buggered off, even though the lures were still active. I guess scary goth girl trumps Pokemon lolcat. ^^;; (needless to say, I have yet to experience this "increase in social behaviour" thing other people have talked about. Not that I really care, I just find it hilarious)

In other news, on Tuesday I had a calc exam and also had a cold that day so I was feeling doubly crummy and I don't expect that I did terribly well on the exam in that condition, so I was on maximum crank heading back to my car. Then, passing by the construction being done on the building right by the parking lot my car was in, I found a Vulpix! (I guess all the Geodude and Machamp had the day off from working at the construction site? ^^;; ) My mood immediately got better. I love Vulpix~
My family lives kind of in the middle of nowhere as far as stops and gyms go, but my brother and I set up a lure at the closest stop nearby and waited for Pokémon to show up. What we attracted instead was over a dozen other players, who all crowded around the spot, just chatting about Pokémon.
Lots of sessions today while I was going between places in Athens.

Visited lots of Pokestops; I already have 9/9 Eggs :(

Evolved my strongest Zubat to Golbat and powered it up almost to the end... I need some more Stardust while I have enough Zubat Candies. And I need to power-up Raticate as well afterwards...
Placed Golbat in a (Valor) Gym which had a vacant spot... but Mystic beat everything and took over the Gym already :(

Evolved another Pidgey (I have 3 Pidgeotto now) in order to get enough XP to hit Level 6 (I needed that 3x Incubator ASAP!)

Hatched 2 2km eggs; Geodude (new Pokemon, cool!) and Pidgey (meh -_-). At least they give a fair share of XP on hatch.
I now have another 2km egg on the inf. incubator and a 5km that's about halfway done on the 3x incubator.

New species I caught; Growlithe and Sandshrew! Really like the latter as it had a CP of 111 which seems to be quite high, guess I was the first person to find it, lucky catch :)

Only met a single other person playing GO, we didn't talk much as he was wearing earphones so he could play with music.
Some people dropped lures on 2/3 of the PokeStops outside the science building on campus, so I'm glad I like to get to campus like an hour early. Managed to catch a bunch of Pokemon (used an incense too), including a Horsea, which I'd hadn't acquired yet. A Staryu buggered off on me as I was walking back to my car, but to balance that out I was driving home and stopped at a red light. As mentioned in the Eggs thread, I keep Pokemon Go on when I drive to hatch eggs but I always have my music blaring so I can't even hear the alert to Pokemon (besides, I have the phone on silent so it just buzzes anyway). Well like I said I stopped at a red light, and suddenly my phone buzzed super-hard somehow and I looked down and JIGGLYPUFF. Cue mad dash to catch it before the light turned green (please note that if the light turned green and I hadn't caught it I was just gonna leave it be. Nothing is worth it to me to do at the same time as I am actually driving, cept maybe singing poorly to loud music). Success! Crankiness over lost Staryu eliminated! Green light says go! Onwards, to victory! Or home, really. And air conditioning. ^^;;
I've gotten 31 different Pokemon so far, and seen 32 (the one I missed was a Staryu). I just visited two Pokestops and I got my first egg! My strongest Pokemon so far are a Pidgeot who's over 400 CP now, a Jolteon over 300, and a Ponyta that I recently got that's over 200. I was so glad to find that Ponyta too, cause Rapidash is my favorite gen 1 Pokemon. :D

EDIT: Oh, and this egg requires 5 km! I see others have mentioned having eggs that only required 2, so does this mean I'll get something that's not extremely common? Cause I definitely don't want a Pidgey or Rattata...
Haven't been getting out too too much, but sat by a PokéStop for a half hour the other day and found a Tentacool, Psyduck, and collected some Pidgey and Venonat candy. Also got some more Pokèballs which was nice since I was actually all out of them when I went. ;w;
EDIT: Oh, and this egg requires 5 km! I see others have mentioned having eggs that only required 2, so does this mean I'll get something that's not extremely common? Cause I definitely don't want a Pidgey or Rattata...

According to this page, 5 km eggs can hatch into the following: Ekans, Sandshrew, Nidoran (both genders), Vulpix, Oddish, Paras, Venonat, Diglett, Meowth, Psyduk, Mankey, Growlithe, Poliwag, Abra, Machop, Bellsprout, Tentacool, Ponyta, Slowpoke, Magnemite, Farfetch'd, Doduo, Seel, Grimer, Shellder, Gastly, Drowzee, Krabby, Voltorb, Exeggcute, Cubone, Lickitung, Koffing, Rhyhorn, Tangela, Kangaskhan, Horsea, Goldeen, Staryu, Tauros and Porygon.

Pidgey and Rattata can only hatch from 2 km eggs, so no need to worry! :D
@Bird Mom PikiPearl; Ah, awesome, I actually don't have a lot of those and I do really want more Ponyta candies for the Ponyta I already caught!

I just picked up a 2 km egg while out with my parents earlier. Hope it's not Pidgey or Rattata... >_<
I'm playing GO while I'm at college for the summer; there's a really popular place on campus where you usually see like 20-30 people all hanging out playing the game. If that wasn't pretty cool, one time someone was there playing classic Pokemon tunes on a saxophone while people were playing. It was really something :)
I haven't been playing too much because I've been busy but when I do, all I was able to catch is garbage. The only awesome thing I found and caught was Scyther.

When playing at home, it's funny that I found Oddish (weeds), a slew of Bug-types like Venonat (it's cute and hardly trash, but it is a fly, one of the most annoying insects), and Ratatta and Raticate (somebody call an exterminator). What is this game trying to tell me? That my house is a dump and this is what I am bound to find if Pokemon were real? XD I keep my home very neat but thanks, game, for making me feel self-conscious.

Also, there is a gym in my hometown where you actually have to pay to get in to get access to it. It isn't expensive but what a place for a gym. D=
I was finally able to evolve a Venonat and Caterpie, as well as an Eevee into Flareon! I also caught Jigglypuff and Psyduck. Today was just my lucky day, I guess.^^ I'm lv. 9 now.
I caught a Tauros today at my local Red Robin, conquered the Gym there, and hatched a Meowth. Not bad for one trip after work.
After several days of GO not loading properly on my phone for who knows what reason, I finally managed to play a bit yesterday night. It was on a seaside place I'd expect to have a sizable Pokemon population, with maybe some Water-types... but nope. No PokeStops and only 1 Pidgey and 2 Rattata nearby.

I only managed to catch the Pidgey and walk around a bit to help my Eggs hatch. Still better than nothing though :(
Yesterday one of the random high school kids in my calc class decided to attack the Valor gym on campus, so I decided to defend it until he had to go home ww. Then my friend needed a ride home so I told her she should be my Poke-GO co-pilot. She kinda wants the game but knows it will eat her life so I figured it would be a good way for her to get to play a little without getting it herself. She managed to catch me a male Nidoran and a Sandshrew (neither of which I had) on the way to her house, and a Weedle and Pidgey.

Also hatched an egg today as I parked my car, which ended up being a Rhyhorn, which I also didn't have yet~ Caught a few Pidgeottos, a Staryu, and some random other stuff waiting for class to start, and another Eevee on the way back to my car. Kinda hoping my friend needs another ride home today ww. ^^;;
Went to a place close to water in which there were several high CP Psyduck around. No wonder all the Gyms around have overpowered Golduck :)
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