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RP Everyone Pokemon Legends: Shaymin (IC thread)

Kyo pulls out the map again.

"We really are not far from Mine 20, where the Bloom is supposed to be located. We are here at Mine 8. If we go south, we will come to Mine 15. There is a passage that leads to Mine 18." Kyo said.
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Kai exhales, not trying to sound upset. “Well if Miss Jade says so, then I have no problems with the original plan.”
(Also you don't know that mine 20 is the goal, that was OoC knowledge)

Tsumugi, meanwhile, had safely escorted Touya out of the mines. She sees him back home, no doubt meeting with some very concerned parents there, if not in town. Anything of note happen during the meeting before she excuses herself back to the mine?
Meanwhile, Tsumugi reenters the mine. "All right!" she says, when noticing she's alone. "May as well try to cover more ground." She brings out her Ivysaur and starts heading south. Remembering the map properly, she figures she can cover mines 9, 11, 13, and 17 this way. Confident in her own abilities, she starts moving.
During the walk through the passage, Kai has been trying yet again to use his Earth ki powers to scope out the mine. This time, however, he did feel something. Alarmed, he suddenly says, “Erm, I just felt something happen in Mine 20. I have no idea what, but it is there.”

(I’m leaving this open-ended because I mainly just wanted to revive this thread again lol)
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