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Pokémon Masters EX updates to Version 2.39 - Dev update previews new Neo Champion Nate & Haxorus sync pair, who debuts in-game November 29th

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Pokémon Masters EX Update
A new version of Pokémon Masters EX, version 2.39.0, is now available to download. Together with this update, the monthly message from the producers of Pokémon Masters EX has teased several upcoming events and changes in-game over the coming month, including further Mysterious Stones Chapter story content, the return of an Alola Chapter Villain Event, and new battles coming to Challenge the Strong. The next letter from the producers is slated to be released in late-December.

Update Summary
The full changelog from the Version 2.39.0 update can be read here. Below, we've summarised the more notable changes with this update.

Trista's Guide Update
An entry for Mysterious Stone has been added to the Pokémon Masters EX Encyclopedia as of this update.

Jasmine & Steelix
Trainer Lodge Updates

From November 30th, at 10:00pm (PST), a new trainer will make his mark and enter the Trainer Lodge: Jasmine Players will be able to invite Jasmine as a guest to the lodge if they've been able to team up with Jasmine & Steelix from a Sync Pair scout.

Passive Skill Name revisions
Two Passive Skills have received new names in this update.
  • Harmless Change: P-Move DR & S-Move DR ➔ No Negative Status Change: P-Move DR & S-Move DR
  • No Demerit: Defense ×3 & Sp. Def ×3 ➔ No Negative Status Change: Defense ×3 & Sp. Def ×3
Professor Bellis and a Mysterious Stone
More Mysterious Stones content arrives November 30th

A brand new story area for the Mysterious Stones Chapter will launch on November 30th. To access this area, players will need to have acquired a minimum of 100 Mysterious Stones from Daily Region Rotation battles, and from Trainer Lodge expeditions.

Mysterious Stones that are exchanged in Monthly Exchanges will still count for unlocking this and other areas for the Mysterious Stones Chapter, as these unlocks are based on stones aquired rather than stones on hand.

Nate & Haxorus
A New Neo Champion Is Born!

A new Neo Champion Sync Pair, Nate (Champion) & Haxorus, is being added to the game later this week in a new Master Scout, which will run alongside a brand new Story Event, Neo Champions: A Pure and Touching Heart. Players will be able to acquire a rare Ever Pin item from the Item Exchange from this event.

A Special Battle Event and an Extreme Battle Event, allowing players to challenge this new sync pair, will also be running.

Nate (Champion) & Haxorus are a Dragon-type Strike Sync Pair with an EX Field Role. This pair comes with a move that applies a brand new Field Effect, Unova Circle (Physical). This effect powers up the physical attack and sync moves of the player's team by 10%, as well as reducing the physical attack and sync move damage received by their team by 5%. These values are boosted when the team includes additional Sync Pairs with the Unova Theme skill, up to a maximum of 40% power-up and 14% damage reduction. These bonuses can stack with those offered by Master Passive Skill, including Nate's own, allowing them to dramatically boost the power of an all-Unova team. In addition to these buffs to the party, Nate & Haxorus can also boost their own Attack by a full six stat ranks through their own passive skills, as well as making their attack become critical hits.

Nate (Champion) & Haxorus's Master Fair Scout will begin from November 29th, at 10:00pm (PST), and continue through to January 10th, 2024, at 9:59pm (PST).

Race to Victory Key Art, featuring Nate and Bianca
Other upcoming Updates and Events

Returning Events in December
Starting December 3rd, an Alola Chapter Villain Event and a Time Trial Event will both be returning to the game. It's likely that the Villain Event will be Investigate the Foundation. Given the timing of the event with the release of Nate's new Neo Champion Sync Pair, the Time Trial Event may be a new version of 2020's Race to Victory, which Nate & Braviary originally debuted alongside.

Updates for Challenge the Strong
During December, players can expect new battles to be added to Challenge the Strong. As of writing, it's not clear how many new battles might be added, or who players would be battling against.

New Legendary Gauntlet
A new Legendary Gauntlet will be run sometime during December. The specific Pokémon players will battle against for this Gauntlet has not yet been announced.

New Seasonal Story Event
Pokémon Masters EX will once again be debuting a new Seasonal Story Event for the holiday season. Though no further details have been given at this time, players can safely assume that new Seasonal Sync Pairs should launch alongside this event, together with scouts allowing for players to acquire past Holiday season themed Seasonal Sync Pairs.

New Battle Content in Development
Hot on the heels of the introduction of the Ultimate difficulty battles under Challenge the Strong, the game's developers are continuing to work on new challenging battle content. This development letter previews new repeatable content that seems to function as a kind of gauntlet, with players playing a series of battles, gaining points with every win which can be used to power-up their sync pairs for the rest of the gauntlet. Players who successfully defeat the gauntlet will receive rewards based on the number of points they have remaining, so players will need to balance their point usage with their desire for rewards.


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