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Pokémon Organized Play gets rebrand: 'Play! Pokémon' to be new OP

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Nov 13, 2005
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Pokémon Organized Play gets rebrand: 'Play! Pokémon' to be new OP

The Pokémon Company International has sent out a press release and updated their website with a rebrand for Pokémon Organized Play. The rebranding, called 'Play! Pokémon', is going to be featured at Worlds 2010.

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Why? Pokémon Organised Play was to the point, and made sense. "Play! Pokémon" just seems random.

At least the logo is better.
lol, total ripoff of Major League Baseball's logo.
Pointless Name Changes FTW!
Now instead of having a decent name like Pokemon Organized Play, we now have a confusing name called "Play! Pokemon".
And the logo looks like a ripoff of every sports league's logo.
The biggest thing hurting people playing Pokemon is hidden game mechanics and slow pace of battles. Logo looks nice.

I can already see several lawsuits coming.

The logo is pretty unoriginal too.

New Logo:
MLG doesn't play pokemon, but they play brawl.
It doesn't look that similar. Yes, it uses a silhouette of a completely different thing. The logo could do without the double border, though.
That logo would make a cool avatar. I want to change the black to blue though, and make one showing Gold instead with gold and silver colors.
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