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  • Well that idea is dead, I don't think my parents are gonna let me buy manga like that one.
    It's basically the only manga I read of him I keep looking for Silky whip but I can't find it.
    Ha, I remember me and my Serebii multiaccounting days from 2005-6 gone way past. Sucks that they didn't have the account merge feature available. :(

    Good to see you back, though! The manga section probably wouldn't have been the same without your presence.
    Lol, I never thought they'd let you back here that easily, as I've been on a 10-day break courtesy of a mod digging up an old post and assigning to it enough points for a ban (when most others'll probably hesitate for a yellow >_>).

    What happened to your other account?
    Yeah, it's apparent to me exactly what's going on. No, Unown Lord backed up his claims with facts and his arguments were completely different from yours. I'm not going to bother explaining it to you again, especially because the only thing you've managed to do successfully is make false accusations and take cheap shots at people. Just look at your last line there. Quite frankly, you're not worth the time.

    Oh, and if I were you, I'd edit your post. Ban evasion leads to permanent bans for all your accounts.
    Every point you brought up was countered. Don't claim the opposite unless you can provide a link and prove me wrong. And don't you accuse me of ignoring your posts, because quite frankly, the only one ignoring anybody else's comments was you. It took Unown Lord to finally bring in real evidence against the remakes, at which point you began taking shots and making false accusations against anyone who believed Ruby and Sapphire remakes would happen.

    I had no problems with you until you decided to take shots against the majority of the fanbase behind someone who actually countered points and didn't ignore them. They aren't nearly enough to warrant your placement on an ignore list, but they're irritating all the same. If you're going to post in that thread and take shots at people, don't do it in the cover of someone doing actual debating.
    Just now saw your post.

    I responded back because I respond to people who respond to me. If someone talks to me, I give them a response. It's common courtesy.

    And I was actually being rather lighthearted until you decided to just not read what I wrote and then put words in my mouth by saying I said something completely different. That's what ticked me off. Before that I didn't care as much and was putting in my two-cents simply for the sake of doing so. Just because I don't spam my messages with "xDDDD" emoticons or lolz doesn't mean I'm being harsh.
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