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Pokémon Special: November update


Probably horribly out of context, but hey.
1. Sapphire tells Ruby she likes him.
2. Ruby is stunned.
3. Caption (not included in attached picture): Ruby's betrayal..!?

And... Yellow's back!
*begins to wish [wp]RTFA[/wp] was an established staple at BMGf*

Memo to self: prefix Bulbanews article links with "Bulbanews article:"
Anyway. Yes. I've managed to acquire the November and December issues of Shō5. I will write up the story later, since I'm presently distracted by Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter's The Light of Other Days.

Needless to say, that last picture with its "backstabbing" caption is highly misleading. This month's [December] chapter ties up some details from this past April's Shō6, which you may remember, revealed a little something from Ruby & Sapphire's common past. Now, I was pretty sure, even if I only had a summary to go on, that the two of them knew that it was the other they had met all those years ago. But this chapter suggests otherwise. (But then again, most readers of Shō5 wouldn't have been privy to the details revealed in Shō6)

Aaanyway. Yes, later.
Well of course they have to reintroduce him. He's the whole point of this arc.
Has Special changed artists? It looks more shoujo than when MATO was doing it.
Well, yes. Yamamoto Satoshi took over from volume 10 onwards.

Update: PokéSpe vol. 21 is expected to go on sale December 24, ISBN 4091400965.
Well, they're published for primary school kids, grades 3 - 5. Furigana for everything. [Except numbers] So I don't think it's that bad.
Archaic said:
A pity that other Australians probably aren't interested. Shipping the whole series here would kill me, I think.

When I sent all my 40lbs. of manga from Japan to the U.S. (which included about 38 volumes of One Piece, 19 or so volumes of Special, all of Golden Boys, all of Dengeki Pikachu, all but one volume of PiPiPi Adventures, Satoshi and Pikachu 1-4, several 4-koma books, Card Masters, the Jirachi movie adaptation, and others that I've probably forgotten), it cost me like US $100.00, and that was WITH the book rate. Ouch.
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