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Pokémon UNITE debuts new Holowear for Garchomp, Sylveon, Zoroark, and Clefable

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Wanderer Style: Garchomp
A selection of new Holowear has been released over this past week in Pokémon UNITE, with Garchomp, Sylveon, and Zoroark each receiving new outfits. The latest UNITE Club Membership rewards are now also available, debuting new Halloween-themed Holowear for Clefable.

Wanderer Style: Garchomp
This new Holowear for Garchomp, available at Zirco Trading for 2,199 Aeos Gems, gives Garchomp a new outfit styled after a wandering Samurai, linking in to the ongoing Pokébuki theme of Battle Pass 18. This Holowear features Audio/Visual FX for Scoring, Returning, KO and Movement, as well as unique outfits for all of its stages.

Poncho Style: Sylveon
Costume Party Style: Zoroark
Poncho Style: Sylveon and Costume Party Style: Zoroark
New Holowear outfits for both Sylveon and Zoroark have been revealed via posts on the Official Japanese @poke_unite_jp account on X (formerly Twitter). These Holowear are available for Japanese players now as potential Prize Machine rewards, and should be available to players internationally in the near future. Please note that the Prize Machine feature may not be available for all countries.

UNITE Club Membership Rewards for October
As mentioned in our previous UNITE news update, the Holowear of the Month for October's UNITE Club Membership is the new Costume Party Style: Clefable. Other rewards from October's pass include, Aeos Gems, 7-Day Trial Licenses, 7-Day Trial Holowear, Portrait Frame and Chat Speech Bubble customizations, a 10% discount on purchases and the Hoopa Set avatar item. Players who pay for this premium membership will immediately receive the new Holowear and other rewards at the beginning of next month. More information about the UNITE Membership Club can be found on Pokémon's official support pages.
UNITE Club Membership - October Rewards

Official @PokemonUnite account on X (formerly Twitter)
Posts on the Official Japanese @poke_unite_jp account on X (formerly Twitter) - Zoroark, Sylveon


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