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Random Messages 16: Annual Meeting of NPCs From Cursed, Barely Functional Video Games

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Most people know "omg", at least, and I think I've managed to pick up a vague idea of what they mean by "rizz"

I don't know what skibidi toilet is and I'm afraid to find out
"rizz" has something to do with flirting, apparently
skibidi toilet is some weird ass meme about some guy who comes out of a toilet or something. designed to be brainrot and very good at its job.
Genuinely speaking: I have no idea why people around my age get confused by skibidi toilet.

It's literally just Gmod/SFM nonsense, it's been a thing on YouTube for ages, that's all it is. Only real difference now is I guess skibidi toilet has become mainstream in a way that older types of these videos never did but even still people who are in their late 20s-early 30s are lying their ass off if say they never watched shit like this on YouTube when they were 13 years old:
What is the stigma against Ohio like bruh it’s the most average state ever
That's just it, there's nothing special about Ohio. It's boring as Hell so people pretend that it's actually some horrific wasteland.

It's why there's that old joke about why so many astronauts come from Ohio, it's because they wanna get as far the hell away from Ohio as they can.
What is the stigma against Ohio like bruh it’s the most average state ever
i dont know the details but i know it can be.. a bit controversial in the way, say, texas and florida are? though to a significantly lesser extent, and once again im not sure on anything so dont ask me

That's just it, there's nothing special about Ohio.
It has rolor coster though. spinny
i don't know. it is almost as strange(but even stranger) as the fact that people in my comic books set in new york sometimes make fun of the people who live in new jersey.
This strikes me as a state rivalry type thing, which is somewhat common-- ime Minnesota has something somewhat similar with making fun of Wisconsin.

Texas is now the only US state with parts fully separated from each other by another US state. (It is only Louisiana on the South side of Longer Florida.)
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