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Rare Pairings

So many of my ships r rare... so many... T_T

Ive seen liek one dedicated fanartist 4 StockingShipping (Lyra/Dawn) but that's it for them.
Only liek...four or five pieces of fanart for NewReplacementShippinng (Lyra/Kris)
LightPinkShipping (Rosa/Yancy) r in the same boat as the above.
Literally Nothing for DratiniShipping (Paulo/Tina) they didnt even have a name until i posted here asking if they have one or not.
ShiroShipping and StarfallShipping (Hilda/Bianca and Juli/Penny) both have liek...some fanart but still totally overshadowed by other ships from the gen.

there's also a few liek elaine/green(girl) and lusamine/wicke where ive seen liek some fanart but not much and have zero on if they even have ship names
My OTP is a rare pair:
Lucian/Shauntal (BookshelfShipping). They are my OTP, my dearest darlings, my literary beloveds! A voracious bibliophile and an acclaimed novelist; a Psychic-type Elite and a Ghost-type Elite, complementary types; one from Sinnoh and the other from Unova so you can write long-distance ship fics if that's your speed; they've both got purple in their color schemes; Lucian even acknowledges Shauntal in Pokémon Masters (if you consider that game even slightly canon)... God I love writing for them so much; they give me an excuse to write flowery prose and flaunt my large vocabulary.

Other ships I love include Pokémon Hunter J/Pyramid King Brandon, Leaf/Lucas, and Glacia/Olympia.
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