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Roast the user above's favorite Pokemon character!


You don't need a reason to help someone.
Aug 2, 2023
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  1. He/Him
Like "Roast the user above's favorite Pokemon," but with their favorite Pokemon character instead!

This is all in jest, please don't take anything someone says too personally and please don't purposefully be genuinely hurtful in your roast. This is all for fun!

I'll start us off with my personal favorite character: Silver
Silver is that one guy you know who will permanently "borrow" something from your house and then NEVER give it back. Nobody likes that guy. Don't be like Silver.

...Gary c:
Nerd....even worse, a sad nerd. Enough said. (Sorry!)

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really, another kid champion? that's so dumb. i mean, the protagonist gets to replace them at the end of the game anyway, why do they all have to be in the same age range? also sorry

Dude... you need a hobby other than rocks. I'm sorry Steven but nobody wants to hear you talk about feldspar for 3 hours straight at a party. You're not even a Rock-type specialist. You're just weird. :tentacruel:

(You ain’t wrong, and he’s literally going against the type he specializes in and does whatever.)

Oh my god Sabrina you’re creepy…
Oh I have to pay you $10 mil because I was late to a thing you invited me to? Well I am going to throw a fit and leave Sinnoh and I can live my life with Calem and others as my rivals.

(Haha lack of BW knowledge coming in)
(I guess I’ll have to educate you a little later then)
talk about a real baby, why was she even in the anime to begin with? She provides no part in the plot at all. She bonds with Zygarde by the end of the XYZ anime? Psh, nothing. You people are nothing but Bonnie apologists d:

Bro only started his journey to save his sister's cat. Motivations are supposed to have a real impact to form, you know. smh

Bro's a steel type specialist and he gushes about rocks? Loredump about some ferritic stainless steel instead of the same damn igneous rock my dude.

Gonna fine me for being late huh? Some nerve you have not paying me more for kicking your sorry butt each time we see each other. also daddy issues or something go cry about it :/

and the award for most forgettable gen 3 elite four member goes too...
not nice enough to be nemona, not rude enough to be blue. worst of both worlds.

his gym was so odd.. isn't he supposed to be dragon type, not dragon type + ground type?

Imagine needing to borrow a Pokemon just to catch a stupid zigzagoon. I could do that with my eyes closed, get a better hobby.

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