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Review S06 EP22: You Said a Mouthful ・ EP23: A Bite to Remember


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Jun 19, 2003
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Did anyone living in the UK see this on Sunday? Pretty good episode IMO. :)

I must admit initially I was as flummoxed as Ash, when Pelliper (sp?) was using Vine Whip and stuff I thought `HUH?!`


As soon as Anthony stumbled over his words, you know the games up. :-D

In his way, Anthony is initially as bad as TR (winning matches by cheating), but by the end of the episode he realises his mistake.

Worlds` Most Powerful Pokemon.. pfff.

The bit when Pelliper was stuffed full of Pokeballs (+ Meowth) was pretty funny :-D


7/10 IMO - is it me - or are TR getting smarter?
I believe this belongs in the Anime Spoilers forum. :)
Nope. It's aired in the States, and several threads about the preceding episodes have already been posted here. I'm not the mod of this forum, but I do know there's nothing wrong with this thread.
um... no it hads't. the last episode that aired in the states was tree's a crowd, AG 7. this episode is AG 10 isn't it?
Is the UK ahead of the States then?
Besides I thought the Spoilers Forum was for talking about episodes that hadn`t aired outside of JAPAN yet, which this obviously has :)
Wow, it's great to be back from the land of endless German homework!!

Basically, I don't see any problem with the thread staying here, especially since nothing spoilery has been said in any of the five posts before mine. When SkyOne had a bunch of new episodes in October (that week when they ran the last batch of Jouto episodes and the English-language premiere of the first five or so Pokémon Advanced episodes) I had tried to create a review thread so that SkyOne viewers could talk about the new episodes, but no one showed up. For the entire week's worth of episodes, there were maybe all of five posts, and four of those had to do with scheduling. The same thing's happening here--if anybody on this board has seen the episode on SkyOne, they're not speaking up, and so therefore nothing spoilery is being said.

If spoilers start popping up, though, then off to the Anime Spoilers forum this'll go.
Hey, Anthony kept his JP name. Wowzers.

I should get up on a Sunday and watch these. </sarcasm> I remember doing that for when Sky used to put Orange Island new eps on on Sundays only at 8PM and it killed me. Especially since they were _Orange Island_ eps.

But alas, I've seen my first and only dubbed ep of AG unless the rumoured Sonano episode is true. I'll watch that dubbed, too.
After this weekend, Kids' WB! will go back to the one new episode a week schedule:

Japanese Episode 010: "The Greatest Pellipper Show in History!"
American Episode 010: "You Said a Mouthful"


There's a Pelipper out there with the ability to use fire, water, grass, thunder, and a variety of other attacks? How can such a thing be? And why does the Rocket-Dan think those big-ass ties look good??

And then later today...

Japanese Episode 011: "Mightyena and Poochyena! The Mystery of Evolution!"
American Episode 011: "A Bite to Remember"


In another Masato-centered episode, the young navigator gets to find out about the evolution of Pochiena. You'll also get to see where my avatar came from and laugh as Nyasu goes all Final Fantasy X-2 on us with its various outfits.

Post your thoughts about the episodes here. Also, please avoid posting spoilers for events that happen in future episodes since this isn't the Anime Spoilers forum.
Do you get the feeling that they have to keep saying 'water conducts electricity' to satisfy the FCC's regulations that kids shows have to be educational?

Wow, I had pegged exactly what Anthony's secret was from the get-go. It reminded me of Melvin the Magician's magic box all the way back from the first season.

I'm surprised Pellipper could still do Water Gun with all those Pokeballs in its beak.

And the voices in this ep were amusing. It's interesting to hear a Pokemon with the 'little old lady' voice (cv--Sheila from the Pryce eps, the Rocket talent scout with the Delibird, etc). And Anthony always sounded overly macho, which I think was perfect. But what was with that kid we see running away in tears near the beginning? When we said we wanted to hear new VAs, we didn't mean start pulling people off the street!
He sounded like a little kid. Maybe 4Kids steals kids from Pokemon Center NY, and bribes them to work, as part of an effort to keep costs low. And people say it's hard to get into the voice acting business. :p
And now the pooch.

My favorite thing about this episode--which seemed to basically be a rehash of the Paras ep with Cassandra--was Brock's making like Oak and stopping just short of a haiku...

...although, in the original, did he do one? Because we hear that little "poink" sound we hear that accompanies Oak's stamp at the end of a haiku...If Brock did one, what was it?

WHY was Max so set on making Poocheyena evolve? It really didn't make sense to me. Why that one, out of all the Pokémon he's seen?

And why can't the writers seem to remember that Meowth hates Persians? First he says that being one wouldn't be so bad (in the Sneasel ep), and now he dresses as one without complaining!

And it seems the dubbers can't remember anything either, with James saying he can finally move out of his mom's house. *cough* Remember, people? Character history? Character development? I know it's not something they're used to, so you'd think they'd remember it on the rare occasions it happens.

Oh yes, why did they have to ask what a Murkrow was? James, one made off with your bottlecaps and tried to swipe your belt!
A Bite to Remember:

-Brock's play on Prof. Oak was awesome... right down to the haiku

-And Team Rocket called Max a "Mini Twerp" :-D
I was kinda busy so I missed both the episodes. I plan to catch them and tape them commercial-free on Thursday and Saturday. I did see a small part of the Pellipa epi, and that guy's mouth and lower face shape looked really weird. Intentional, of course, but strange.
Originally posted by Blackjack Gabbiani
...although, in the original, did he do one? Because we hear that little "poink" sound we hear that accompanies Oak's stamp at the end of a haiku...If Brock did one, what was it?
Kandou da
Shinka no shunkan
Minogasu na
"You Said a Mouthful"
As I saidback at SPPF this episode wasn't that good. That episode was pretty boring. Sigh, I wish this episode was much more interesting. Plus Anthony's voice was annoying. There is one part I like, and that is when the truth about Anthony's Pelliper was revealed to Ash-tachi.

rating: 5/10

"A Bite to Remember"
Compare to the episode "You Said a Mouthful I really liked this episode. Poocheyena was pretty cute. May actually thought Combusken was cool. They also once again played the instrumental version of Advance Adventure once again. I sure hope they eventually play the version with the lyrics. It sounds really good. I did notice what I thought was a blooper though. When Torchic hits Max with Ember I think the screen froze for a few seconds. I bet there was a scene cutted out.

rating: 10/10
(...) as Nyasu goes all Final Fantasy X-2 on us with its various outfits.

XD;; Ow, mental image I did not need.

Pelipper ep::

I didn't get the pun in the title until about an hour ago (9pm EST).

If they had said water conducts electricity one. more. time. I would have turned the TV back to whatever movie I'd been watching 'til then. No -duh- water conducts electricity. That's only a tactic Pikachu's been using since the Pewter City episode way back in Kanto. I think we get it by now.

Uh. Yeah.

Poochyena ep::

aslkdncrnomfg. The Poochyena was so. so. adorable. Its expression after getting scolded for Tackling Brock, and how utterly bored it looked when Max was all "hey, evolve! :D" ... I melt. ;x;

Alas, I had my head in the branches of an artifical Christmas tree for most of this episode, so past the mass-cuteness on Poochyena's part, I don't remember anything at all about it :D;
"You Said A Mouthful" - It was an okay episode. And I also thought that Ash's battle with Anthony was weird. I mean, I have to say that since I didn't really know anything about this episode, I was really confused about the whole "world's strongest Pokemon" thing, and how it was able to use those attacks. Now, that reminded me of the Sudowoodo episode back in Season 4, "Type Casting" in which the Sudowoodo was using Mimic. But, I knew that couldn't be it. Anyway, yeah, it was really funny when Meowth and all those Pokemon fell out of Pelipper's mouth, and then Anthony and Max came over and everything was exposed. But, that was pretty much the only thing to this episode. Oh, yeah, and about the "water conducts electricity" thing....that was kind of unnecessary. Overall, this episode was a little on the dull side, so I'm gonna have to give it a 7 out of 10.

"A Bite To Remember" - I thought this episode was much better than the first one. It had some really good parts in it, too. And, I loved the part when Ash was telling Max what Pokemon need to evolve and then Brock did his little Professor Oak-style evolution talk along with the Haiku. LOL. That was hilarious! :-D And I agree with BJ, why did Max want that Poochyena to evolve so bad? Oh well....I guess he just wanted it to evolve so it would get stronger or something. Anyway, I loved the part when Team Rocket appeared with that machine thing, and Meowth dressed up as all those different Pokemon. That was funny! ^_^ And I loved how they played the instrumental version of Advanced Adventure in this episode! I really didn't expect them to play it anymore. I mean, I thought they just did that to be nice. But, I guess they decided they're gonna leave it in whenever it's being played again. That's so cool! Oh yeah, and I loved the ending of this episode when Poochyena evolved into a Mightyena and then Ash said something like, "I betcha that Poochyena really understood how ya felt Max", and the lady saying something else after that (forgot what it was). Overall, this episode gets a 9 out of 10! :-D
You Said a Mouth Full: AAAAAAH!!! Attack of the horrible dub voices!! First there was that kid then Anthony, who sounded way too old and macho (they should have swictched his voice with that zigzagoon trainer) and then the pelipper who sounded like an old granny. -_-. Isn;t it called pelipper in the japanese version too, why did they change its voice then??? The episodes plot was interesting and much better than last weeks shroomish filler. The battles were good. I thought it was annoying that TR did that whole "catch a more powerful pokemon" joke again. Its getting old. overall: 3 stars

A Bite to Remember: Super cool! Poochyena was uber cute!! I loved it. It had a really expressive face. Brock's come-ons were really funny and I liked how all the pokemon kept attacking him to protect the girl. His proffessor Oak routine was also really cool. I liked TR's little machine and how they tricked Ash by making him look up while they grabbed Pikachu. Sato-baka ^^. Max is finaly starting to "evolve" (^^) into an interesting character in this episode. I'm sure some will disagree but I thought this episode was plot, due to Max's role. overall: 3 1/2 stars
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