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Review S06 EP40: Seeing is Believing!

Trainer Lisa

LOVED IchibanCon
Mar 13, 2003
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Well, since no one's started this thread yet, I thought I should do it.

Anyway, I thought this episode was really good! And I liked how Jessie still thought her Cascoon was a Silcoon. That was funny! She just wouldn't listen to James and Meowth. Oh, and I liked how Max was saying that Pokemon should be all around them (or something like that), and then all of a sudden, that Seedot fell on top of him. That was funny too! And I thought it was really cool how Max cheered up that one Seedot with the leaf! ^_^ Oh, and when they were battling Jessie and her Cascoon (or 'Silcoon', as she called it), it was funny what Professor Birch said: "But it's a Cascoon!". LOL. Of course, I liked it when May's Silcoon evolved into a Beautifly. That was cool! And later, when Jessie was battling again with her Cascoon to get it to evolve, I really liked the music that played then. I think that was the R/S wild Pokemon battle remix! :-D Oh yeah, and after Jessie's Cascoon started to evolve, it was so funny what Meowth did! XD And Ash and everyone's faces were really funny too! Oh, and it was funny when Jessie asked Meowth what he was doing. He was like, "I'm a Beautifly, I don't know no Meowth". LOL. And James' line was funny too, "It was all Meowth's idea"! And when she finally pulled that cover off Dustox and realized that was really what it was (and not a Beautifly), the lines after that were also funny. Jessie: "But it looks almost like...." Max: "Almost like a Dustox?". Oh, and when James and Meowth thought Jessie was going to blow, I loved what they said then (but I don't remember what it was). But, instead, Jessie actually loved her Dustox! That was funny! Oh, and again, Ash and everyone's faces were really funny! And also, I loved the battle that Jessie had with her newly evolved Dustox. It was cool! And it was interesting how they played a song that they hadn't used in a long time, which was the gym leader theme from R/B/Y. I love that song! Oh, and I liked how Treecko jumped in front of the Psybeam and Pin Missle attacks to stop them from hitting Beautifly. That was so cool! But, then Ash had to return it. Oh well. At least May's Beautifly was able to defeat Jessie's Dustox with its Tackle attack. Heh, it's funny how they make that attack look so strong in the show, but in the games, it doesn't do hardly anything. LOL. Oh yeah, and I liked the part when Ash told Corphish to use Bubblebeam. It was really strong! And when Team Rocket was blasting off, it was funny how Jessie said that she hadn't noticed. LOL. Oh, and I liked how, at the end, the Seedot finally found a place to live. That was cool! And I also liked it when Ash said he wished they could've gotten in some training today, cause I wanted that to happen too. But, anyway, this was still a great episode overall! :)

Rating: 9 out of 10
OK, given that I haven't played the games yet, my only experience with Dustox and Beautifly was on the cards, where Dustox is the *far* prettier of the two.

On the show, they're both hideous! I mean...ick ick ick!

and bah! Why didn't someone tell me there was a Cracked Out Boss Fantasy in this episode?! (by god, you think a man of his wealth could afford better pyjamas than that. Unless those, too, are but a figment of Meowth's imagination)

Birch needs a life. Seriously now.

And speaking of Birch--two against one is unfair? But May could have easily called out Torchic and everything could have been fair. Isn't two against two the standard for Houen battles?

And seriously, what's the big deal about having a Cascoon? When Jesse was trying to get it to evolve, it was nearly unbeatable in fights! And Meowth is pretty strong, too.

Speaking of Meowth--his claws must retract all the way up to his shoulders! It's like Wolverine in there!

Originally posted by Blackjack Gabbiani
and bah! Why didn't someone tell me there was a Cracked Out Boss Fantasy in this episode?!

Oops....sorry, I guess I forgot to mention that when I wrote my review when this episode first aired.

And then, when it came on TV again today (Friday), it got to that part and I was like "Oh shoot! I forgot to tell BJ that there was a Team Rocket Fantasy in this episode"!

Anyway, I thought I was forgetting something in that review....
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