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Review S15 EP40: The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo!


Jun 6, 2008
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BW88 - The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo!http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/BW088

Official Pokémon Site said:
In the midst of training for the Pokémon World Tournament, Cynthia’s young neighbor Chris stops by to explain that his Cubchoo got out of its Pokémon house overnight, and now it’s lost! One person steps up to the task of finding the missing Pokémon—Connoisseur Detective Cilan! Perhaps a Beartic they run into can provide some clues. Then again, perhaps not...
Larvitar sounded a bit off in this episode - though I suppose it hasn't appeared since Johto so it's probably to be expected.

Otherwise, an enjoyable episode.
Cilan,Your no Sherlock go home
Let real investigators do the thing and why are you doing this anyway
Cilan hit Dawn! Are you gettin' this, camera guy?!

We open to another filler episode, because Team Rocket needs more time to get their latest project done. Ash and Dawn have a straight up Pokémon battle and it ends in a draw. Did Dawn get super good or something? Not only was she at a type disadvantage, but she was up against Ash at the time. Or maybe it's because Pignite is only at 2nd stage, and Mamoswine is at 3rd stage. Anyway after that, Chris, a kid living in the neighborhood of Cynthia's Unova summer home (Neighborhood? Aren't fancy summer mansions on private property? What realtor would build a neighborhood of McMansions with their own gardens and stuff?) shows up languishing of his missing Cubchoo. The gang decides to put right this wrong, including the fightin' buddies Piplup and Oshawott.

Notice how Meloetta shows up in front of them whenever they're together? Using her sexy wiles to remind the boys what they're fighting for? Another side note, Dawn's Pokédexer-whatever-it's-called-this-gen said that Cubchoo gets its power from its cold. That's been a little bit of a hangup for me, wouldn't it be relevant if Cubchoo was also part Poison-type?

Anyway, they're on the case. Particularly, Cilan is on the case. And Iris takes the opportunity to hit up Dawn with some more "Ooh girlfriend, get ready for this other crazy thing Cilan does that I meant to tell you about". Tight friends are they. Probably the tightest cross-gen girl traveling companion friendship in the history of the show so far. Dawn compares Cilan's mania to Brock. But for some reason this is like the first time Iris has ever heard of Brock. Didn't they just get done talking about Brock in the last episode? Was that episode out of sequence or something? They just told you about Brock only last week. Also, how is Brock being a horndog the same as Cilan pretending to be a detective and a fisherman and a train conductor and a film buff and all that other stuff? Is she saying that they're both zany guys with wackiness triggers? Or are those two implying something about Cilan?

At first, Cilan just names methods of kidnapping the Cubchoo-napper might've used. That does not solve a mystery. What would Cilan have done if the kidnapper just walked in and took Cubchoo? Fortunately, that's not what happened. They find clues that suggest a specific means of kidnapping that only a Pokémon could commit, thus painting a picture of the criminal and giving them someone to look for. And look! Really beeg-a foot-a-prints! All they have to do is follow them now!

The conga line of butt staring before they came to the tunnel was kinda off putting. Cilan's butt is already a primary focus, I didn't need Ash falling under its spell, and then Chris following Ash similarly.

On the trail of the footprints, Piplup and Oshawott break out into another fight because a Joltik showed up and invoked Piplup's ire, and that made Oshawott mad too, so like two drunken legacies they get to scrapping for reasons they don't fully understand themselves. So Meloetta sings again, giving Chris a look at her powers. But notice how it took a little longer to sink in this time for Piplup and Oshawott. Maybe they switch to the stronger stuff next time they fight. A stronger song. But look! The footprints lead to this big Beartic eating Pokémon Snap food! Cilan decides to interrogate the Beartic. And Dawn is flabbergasted. Is he really gonna try and talk to that Beartic? :eek:

Dawn is like Larry King trying to figure out if cats with blogs really have blogs. Besides, she's spoken to her Pokémon, why is she acting so surprised?

Cilan then notices that the Beartic has a runny nose! Like a Cubchoo! Like maybe Chris's Cubchoo! And that Chris's Cubchoo wandered out into the night, got attacked, and Desperation Move'd into a Beartic like off Final Fantasy, or what most Pokémon do when it's really REALLY important that they evolve. So Dawn cuts through the bullcrap and says that if that's really Chris's Cubchoo/Beartic, the Pokéball should work on it. Chris readies the ball, and tries to return Cubchoo/Beartic. It doesn't work. Cilan is crestfallen. He can't believe that he's wrong about something! But then gasp! A Cubchoo shows up playing with a Larvitar! Could that be Chris's Cubchoo? Ash says that if that's Chris's Cubchoo, where'd the Larvitar come from? Answer him THAT! Haha!

Cilan finally gets it and literally sucker punches Dawn out of his camera shot so he can explain to the audience what he thinks happened. Larvitar, being Cubchoo's friend, dug a tunnel into Cubchoo's Pokémon house so they could play at night. The Beartic with a cold is just that, a random sick Beartic. But what kind of climate is that for a Beartic anyway? Tropical? I'd believe it if that was Chris's Cubchoo evolved, it's a pet brought into the environment, but how does a wild Beartic get into a tropical California forest like that? No wonder it's sick, it's probably burning up. Some DHARMA Initiative stuff is probably going on at Cynthia's property. Anyway, it turns out that it's correct that the Cubchoo is Chris's Cubchoo. They could've tried the Pokéball trick again, but nah, they're just gonna go with it. No way there's a third Beartic or Cubchoo out here in beach territory. Nope, that's Chris's Cubchoo and its friend Larvitar. By the way, how neat is it to see Larvitar again? No way is Ash gonna let a fight with a maybe-eventually-pseudo-legendary slip through his fingers. Plus this would be a good learning experience for Chris and Cubchoo. COMMENCE BATTLE!

Today's battle is Ash's Scraggy vs. wild Larvitar. It always gives me phantom pain to see Scraggy fail to connect a Hi Jump Kick. It's like he really messed up his knee or something. Most of the hits landed went to Larvitar, but as a Fighting type Scraggy had the upper hand and one final blow from each of them ended the match... in a DRAW! Wow, another draw? Draws all day today.

Chris and Cubchoo drink the battle in. Cubchoo enjoyed seeing his best broham Larvitar mix it up. Chris wants to be a battler like Ash, but he doesn't know where to begin. Ash suggests leaving his home. Look what it did for him and his friends! Chris is rich though, maybe for his journey he can hire a mature adult chaperone to watch over him and also drive him around. Sheesh, when you cut out all that walking, the badge hunt probably takes, like, a week or something. As long as your average road trip. But then again that's not the journey. It's about fostering the dynamic between the people you meet along the way, even if they're crazy like Cilan, who was busy sulking because catty jerks Iris and Dawn were cyberbullying him in person. But they said it's all coo'. Cilan's a valuable member of the team. With that, the sun sets, and they all retire to their Pokémon Center suites for the night.

...And we close, with more from Team Rocket. They've finally found... IT!!!

EDIT: What the TRio have been doing over the filler episodes, not really interesting to the eye, is it?
Is it just me or did Chris sound like Lisa Ortiz throwing a young boy's voice?

This episode disappointed me when I saw this, because I was expecting a fun-filled Cilan episode for some great laughs before what's yet to come, but instead, we just get an average episode about a boy who lost his Pokemon with a few lulz moments at the end. Oh well.
Aww man. I really wanted Cubchoo to have evolved into that Beartic.

Oh well. It was an okay episode...I guess. Let's get to the World Tournament already.
Larvitar's voice was a bit girly and high pitched, as compared to its original English voice... Back when Tara Jayne used to voice it.
Is it just me or did Chris sound like Lisa Ortiz throwing a young boy's voice?

I thought the same thing. I just looked it up and it was her. I was OK with her as Chris. It was good to hear her because she hasn't done anything in BW besides Oshawott, Flora, and a few Pokemon with rare appearances.

Anyway good episode, especially filler wise. It was great to hear a second Brock reference. Although, it was weird to hear Dawn again explain to Iris who he was when she JUST talked about him last episode. Whatever.

I like Cilan in Detective mode. It's soooo much more tolerable than "tasting time". Dawn being weird-ed out by Detective Cilan was funny but also made her look a little conceited, as much as I like her that bothered me a bit. The Piplup/Oshawott squabbles continue to be fun and entertaining. So yeah, Cilan was OK in this one. Other than that not a whole lot to comment on. Good filler episode. Ready for next week and the Junior Cup more than anything.
My favorite character was the Beartic who wouldn't stop eating. I don't know why, its nonchalance to the bizarre humans screaming and pointing at it.
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