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Review S18 EP32: Rotom's Wish!

re: S18 EP32 "Rotom's Wish!"

Is it just me, or is Mantle voiced by Quinton Flynn? Regardless of the VA, his performance reminded me of Derek Stephen Prince's performance as the Digimon Emperor, though it wasn't quite as good as that. Anyway, this was an interesting episode.
re: S18 EP32 "Rotom's Wish!"

So Rotom can turn an elevator into a TARDIS? That sure came out of nowhere, didn't it? (Maybe the bellhop/owner is secretly a Time Lord.)

It's pretty rare to see trainers using their Pokémon as betting chips for battles, and no surprise that Ash would get pissed over it. (This, BTW, is one reason why it's too bad Charizard isn't around. The Big C could clear out the whole place in about five minutes.)

Clemont got to shine, and he didn't even have to try inventing something that would just blow up. Actually using Rotom's established ability, and to such an extent as here...well, it might've bent a few rules, but the situation probably justified it.

So Ash & co. changed the past, and therefore the present. And nobody remembers him? Pretty odd, especially since his picture is now hanging there in the lobby. It's worth noting, though, that he never told anyone in the past when he was from. (And notice I didn't say "where he was from." Don't you love temporal grammar?) Too bad there'll never be a Pokémon/Star Trek crossover, because I can think of a few guys who'd love to have a word with Ash on this latest adventure--Braxton, Dulmer, Lucsly, Daniels, etc.
re: S18 EP32 "Rotom's Wish!"

Considering that Pokemon is usually pretty realistic (depending on what you mean by "realistic". Of course not compared to our standards, but the Pokemon world itself usually doesn't have much paranormal activity or supernatural occurrences), this was a surprising episode. Rotom made Ash and the others travel into the past although it's not even a Psychic-type Pokemon. Plus, it did it in a way that one might think time traveling is not big deal but can just be taken for granted. So, in my eyes, the writers should have focused more on that aspect because that was more intriguing than anything else that happend in the episode if you ask me.

Anyways, apart from that strange aspect, I really liked the idea behind the episode.The owner being at the edge of losing his life work and Ash and friends stepping in to defend him with a pretty creative plan was really nice to see. Yes, call me a romantic but I kind of like happy end when the good guys win :D
re: S18 EP32 "Rotom's Wish!"

Since when was a Rotom said to be able to cause time travel? whatever I suppose.

If they could beat him them, why not now? just beat him and get it back, suppose the bad guy wouldn't have with the way he acted but eh. I just think the time travelling is stupid... especially from something that was never able to do so as we know. The previous times were fair with Celebi and such.
re: S18 EP32 "Rotom's Wish!"

If they could beat him them, why not now? just beat him and get it back, suppose the bad guy wouldn't have with the way he acted but eh.

I think the main point is that beating Mantle in the past would mean he doesn't take control and take others' Pokemon, but if Ash battled and won in the present all that would do is that the old guy may have got his Pangoro back. But I do agree that it seems odd that all of a sudden Rotom has the ability to perform time travel, oh well, just anime things.

I feel like the dub does a much better job at these filler episodes than the more important ones, which seems a little weird to say. Maybe it's because I have high expectations of episodes like last week because of the original version (although having watched that episode again during the week my opinion of that has improved from when I first saw it). Mantle's VA sounded pretty good, and the ref for the battle was mad hype. :p

Was also pretty pleased they kept the original music during Weston v Mantle.
re: S18 EP32 "Rotom's Wish!"

Also, since Ash is ten years old (as he will likely always be), the incident Rotom took them all back to happened in the year he was born. Maybe he was just born or wasn't born yet when all that went down.
I thought this was just a pretty meh episode. I liked a few moments, such as Ash saying to try to hurry to get to the Pokemon center before it started to rain only for them to still get caught up in the rain in the next scene and Bonnie's constant comments about the hotel being dirty. The plot with Rotom was interesting in concept, but executed in a rather dull way imo. TR not being there was a bonus though. Overall, like I said, meh episode. 4.5/10.
For me this was a really bad episode.

First off why would anyone agree to these bets? It made no sense, this dude turns up and says i challenge you to a battle lets make a wager, if you dont ill try and make wagers with your guests?

Why didnt everyone just say no? Does this hotel not have security either. Also even if he was forced to battle, pretty sure legally it wouldn't be valid, so they could have called the police after.

Also they mentioned type match ups ignoring the fact Pangoro has an advantage over krookodile

And yeah like many others how can Rotom now time travel wtf. The only 2 pokemon that can time travel are Celebi and Dialga (maybe arceus as it created Dialga)

And yeah even if they did go back in time, was strange no one saw how ash and co looked exactly like the people in the picture on the wall?

Finally not sure how employing someone suddenly turns them from being an arrogant crook into some friendly doorman.
Well, this sums up this episode better than I ever could...

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