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Review S18 EP34: Over the Mountain of Snow!

Better episode than I expected.

I really like how the girls got chairs to sit in on the Mamoswine. And OMG Bonnie's Delibird outfit was so damn cute! I loved when Serena took over to guide Mamoswine up the hill, showing off more of her Pokemon riding skills and how their Mamoswine helped Clemont and Bonnie get up. But I think it would have been even better if Serena was the one guiding Mamoswine from the start due to the fact that she is the more experienced rider. I loved the siblings interactions as usual. Clemont whining while Bonnie just enjoying everything and having a blast always makes my day.

Lol, at TR getting pounded by Abamasnow. And wow, Bonnie would be the only one having fun when the Mamoswine decided to charge at the rocks. I really liked that the Mamoswine also tried to reason with Abamasnow when it started attacking the group. I thought that was a nice touch. And man, that must have been a really weak Abamasnow. Ash and Serena were just standing in the middle of its attack like it was nothing. Oh, so Chespin is popping out to be useful again. Well, that's always nice to see as opposed to him messing stuff up. I did like how everyone left behind a Pokemon to help tend to Snover.

I love how Ash used Noibat to find out the right path to take in the cave and how Clemont used an intention, Bunnelby, and later Bonnie to do his share of the mission. Damn, was Snover really that hot that he made Pikachu's paw hot? Geez. And wow, Chespin failed again. Why am I not surprised? Seriously though, how hot was that Snover? His fever was melting snowballs.

Ok, I guess Chespin made up for his earlier fail in the battle against TR. But honestly, my favorite part was Bonnie hitting Inkay with a snowball to lead him to get hit by Gourgeist. An seriously, are TR deaf or just stupid (well obviously they’re stupid:p)? Ash straight up said that he was going to distract Gourgeist and they just took the bait. Whatever. Overall the teamwork in this episode was awesome.

I'd say this was an 8/10. Really nice for a plot as simple as riding through the snow and helping a Snover.
Is this the first time the dub used an instrumental version of "Be A Hero" as an action song? It works to the episode's advantage, by the way.

By the way, a bit fillerific of an episode.
Is this the first time the dub used an instrumental version of "Be A Hero" as an action song? It works to the episode's advantage, by the way.

By the way, a bit fillerific of an episode.

No, they used it earlier, during the Sky Relay episode, when Noibat was racing to the finish against Starly. But like you said, it works well here, too.
I believe they also used it back in XY062 when we had the Luxray evolution.

Fun filler episode, although I had two things that stood out/caught my interest. Firstly, surely I wasn't the only one who raised an eyebrow at what Jessie said to Gourgeist. What was it, "you know exactly how to do it", or something like that? Maybe that was just me having a dirty mind but I couldn't stop laughing. Secondly, I swear Mamoswine kept its original Japanese VA in the past, much like how I thought Garchomp had its own dub VA. I'm probably wrong.
For me, the biggest surprise of this ep was that Clemont invented something that didn't explode. And actually did its job. Can we please see more of this? (Albeit without the "I thought we'd encounter this situation so I built this ahead of time" line.)

For some reason, seeing Ash & co. choosing their Mamoswine made me think of Matt Stover's novelization of Revenge of the Sith, when Obi-Wan uses the Force on Utapau to choose which dragon-lizard to ride. (That bit wasn't in the movie, BTW. Just the book, which I highly recommend.) I wonder what criteria Our Gang used.
A little too formulaic for me. We were getting the Mamoswine episode at one point.

I think the lack of TR, like most now a days, would've helped. Or at the least not the return of them, though it's completely in character for them so eh. I wish they hadn't brought Wobbu back because there's so many "If Wobbu has used Mirror coat they'd be fine" scenarios. The blizzardbolt was fair as it was two moves in one but otherwise, they could've been saved when it Ice Beamed them.

I guess that was Hail and not Blizzard? cuz it had no effect on Pikachu or the Mamoswine other than "it's cold ugh!"

Would've preferred the invention to just be an item finder, than a 'snow flower finder'. Clemont must've bought this one cuz it's like the only one not to blow up.
Sure, it was a filler episode with many elements that we've already seen countless times before but still I'd say it was a nice one.

First, I liked the idea of renting Mamoswine to get over the mountains. Besides, those Pokemon reminded me of Dawn and her Mamoswine which was just nice because she's still my favorite female companion. I'm surprised, though, the route wasn't safer and easier to take considering that the Mamoswine must cross those mountains on a regular basis. Honestly, the guys from the Mamosiwn rental didn't exactly do a great job here.

Also, I noticed one inconsistency. At first, Abomasnow (which sounded like "Obama-snow" once again) wiped the floor with TRio with ease and then its Blizzard obviously didn't do a thing against our heroes. But that wasn't such a big deal.

Then we got the well-know "Our heroes help an ill Pokemon"-plot. That's always nice to see because I think it conveys the important message that you have to be helpful in life but still, I'm starting to wonder why the bigger Pokemon always seem to be unable to help their weaker comrades. First, Florges and Flabebe, now Abomasnow and Snorunt... I mean those Pokemon live in those areas and you would actually expect them to know all the herbs and berries much better than the humans. But maybe that's just speculation...

And last bt not least, I think it'll be funny to see how long Jessie's and Gourgeist's adoartion for each other will continue. I somehow find it quite funny :naughty:

All in all, I'd say this was a decent filler with some nice ideas
They truly have done a good job of incorporating all of the different things you do in Kalos in the anime for once.
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