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Preview SM025: Fighting for a Crystal! Rocket-dan VS Skull-dan!!

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Oct 30, 2010
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SM025: Fighting Over a Crystal! Rocket Gang VS Skull Gang!!!
Airs: May 4

This title is tentative, so take it with a grain of salt. The summary seems to mention that Team Rocket are looking for a Z-Crystal/some Z-Crystals in order to get Pikachu and they want to master Z-Moves.
Whaaa? Sounds too good to be true! Where are you getting this?
100% for this episode, better not be fake :p
Whaaa? Sounds too good to be true! Where are you getting this?
2ch. Most of the titles are real, but since that's not always the case, it's better to be safe than sorry.
I'm mixed with the episode since I don't think that Team Rocket would be interested in the Z-cyristal since they never seen one before and they never seen a Z-move being used before as well.
Dis gon be good. I have my popcorn all ready.

It's about time Team Skull show up again, for goodness' sake.
I have been waiting for this! Pk where is the summary you mention?
Please let it end up being the Pokemon equivalent of wimpy slap fight.
It's suspicious that we are getting 4 titles in a 9-day timespan, after the tendencies we've seen in the last months.

While I don't like Team Skull they definetely need an episode for themselves in order to get more relevant.
I have been waiting for this! Pk where is the summary you mention?
Sure, we have one now.

Here is a summary of the episode, which Dephender translated.

As always, Team Rocket are after Pikachu, and this time they decide to sneak a look at a class at the Pokémon School. The Z-Moves unleashed during that class astound them, and leads to them starting to search for Z-Crystals so they can master Z-Moves themselves as well. But then Team Skull, a group that commits crimes in the Alola region, show up.
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Looks very, very interesting. Finally something to look forward to. With Tomioka writing it basically confirms he's in charge of Team Skull's anime adaption which means we're due for some really solid stuff. The work he did on Team Flare was fantastic.
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