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Review SM040: Ashimari, Osyamari, and the Anch-gry Dadarin!

I believe Kiawe, Sophocles and Lille had their cameos only in PokeProblem, not episode itself which is unacceptable and probably will be skipped in the dub version due to this section not being included. Since when did they appear in the episode in the first place even if they were absent? Can you accept that as (Poke Problem Only)? Because PokeProblem sections aren't dubbed in the International version at all which are Japanese-exclusive sections. This extra scene is going to be skipped in the dub version anyway, so this was a good episode for Lana.
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I think they had cameos during the segment with Lana and Popplio (training?) with the ending theme playing.
Poke Problem or the episode itself?
Great episode today, considering Lana's one of my favourite characters in the whole series so far she's really getting some tremendous development such as mastering her first ever Z move.

To think she's come quite far.

Next Week: Not Speed Racer... or a anime that's about little cars or something, can't remember the name of it.

And Ash runs... a lot.

How can you beat this?
Maybe through an actual evolution? I was disappointed that Popplio didn't evolve here; I really want to see a Primarina in the main cast one day. At least the image implies Popplio wants to evolve, unlike Piplup.
I spotted a Gengar near Psyduck which is not a Haunter. I mean, yeah. Popplio will sooner or later evolve into a Brionne.
What was the point of adding Mao and Amamaiko to this episode? Seriously.
Because Mallow is a good friend of Lana, if you read the character bios in Sun and Moon art concept, you will see that Mallow and Lana are good friends, they help each other and do stuff.
So Popplio didn't evolve after all. Which makes me think it probably will in fact stay a Popplio the whole series, and Primarina will instead be the signature Pokemon of whoever this season's Cameron/Sawyer ends up being.

Litten and Rowlet still haven't evolved though, so anything is possible.

Other than that, fantastic episode, glad it actually focused on Lana and not Ash like the Lurantis trial episode.
I didn't catch this episode, but when I do watch it, I look forward to seeing Brionne's anime debut.

I actually don't want Lana's Popplio to evolve. I like the mon as he/she is.
I wasn't expecting Ashimari to evolve here, it's way to early for that. Second part of the episode reminds me XY24. Also, is it me or these two CotDs looks like grown up Takeshi and Kasumi?
Because Mallow is a good friend of Lana, if you read the character bios in Sun and Moon art concept, you will see that Mallow and Lana are good friends, they help each other and do stuff.
I thought Mao and Lilie are best friends? They're always close to each other. I don't remember that Mao and Suiren talk or interact with each other that much.
Yeah, Ashimari is not a Pokemon I'd care to see evolve. Like Pochama, I think its best off as it is. Also, I really don't think a Ashirene would gel well with the cast especially since Suiren keeps it out of its ball.

Best part of this episode for me was Kiteruguma's sudden appearance, I genuinely laughed out loud at its face pressed up against the window. Also, I really want TR's new sub to appear again.
Thoughts this week courtesy of my sister (17, ex-casual fan mainly OS/AG; wouldn't leave me alone for half an hour so I made her watch it with me live):
- She laughed out loud at the first clear shot of Satoshi's face... let's assume it's from the unbidden joy of seeing him again after many years.
- "Where are Jessie and James?" during the OP. (Yes, I have raised her well.)
- "It's Misty and Brock, but with EYES!" - no but really, I'm sure it's not just us who noticed the resemblance and SURELY it's not just because of the amazing Thing which is happening in 2 weeks time?!
- She awwed out loud practically every time she saw Ashimari on screen.

Thoughts all of my own:
- Kiteruguma is such an ace and once again I was taken by surprise!
Based on the post-episode segment (and everything else besides!) I feel it's pretty clear that Ashimari is interested in evolving.
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