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SPOILERS: Masters Eight Discussion/Speculation Thread

So knowing JN118 is gonna see Ash using the Z-Move and its possible they'll use 1 gimmick per round, is it possible Lucario is gonna Mega Evolve for Ash's battle with Champion Cynthia then he'll use Gigantamax Gengar OR Pikachu against Leon?
I'd say it practically confirms Ash will use all three gimmicks against Leon. The only curveball would be Pikachu Gigantamaxing again, but I doubt they'd shaft Gengar like that.
No way Gengar ate so much soup just to dance a Z move.. ;) it is better to makehim special-Ash-Gengar and use Super-giga-Shadowball without the need to mega evolve or something..
Interesting thing so far is that for the Masters Eight, they chose the in-game (Or latter additions for Lance. since he has a Hydreigon on his PWT team) teams for the Champions and the only oddball as well is Kommo-o for Cynthia.

So for Leon, that would mean he would use his Rillaboom team (So Dragapult, Haxorus, Rhyperior, Aegislash, Rillaboom and Charizard). I personally don't think they will go with this for Leon. I think they will have Charizard as the only non-Galar rep on his team. The rest of his team will be filled with Mr. Rime, Sandaconda, Perserrker and Boltund. This also means he shares types with Ash (Showing the similarity between them even more). Perserrker shares type with Lucario, while Boltund does so with Pikachu. Charizard shares type with Dragonite and Dragapult with Gengar, Dragonite and Dracovish. Mr. Rime will be a similarity to Ash once again (Galarian Form Evolution for Mr. Mime, which Ash also owns) and Boltund will be an addition due to Sonia.

Another interesting thing about this, is that he can use G-Max Sandaconda against Diantha, letting her Zard defeat Mega Gardevoir (Establishing it as even more of a threat if it defeats a Champions Mega in base form, since Alain was just a league winner and as such below Diantha in power level).

Considering Diantha used Gourgeist and Aurorus alongside Gardevoir vs Lance, i think she is gonna use Tyrantrum and Goodra alongside Gardevoir this time against Sandaconda, Charizard and Dragapult.

Cynthia will probably use Kommo-o and Roserade alongside Garchomp in the semi's.

I hope they're just putting Pikachu's outline behind Ash because that's his ace, rather than Pikachu is being used again in the next match.

I would've thought they would put Mega Lucario behind Ash, as a mirror to Mega Garchomp behind Cynthia.
That looks like regular Chomp (no giga chad jawline), so it's probably just the aces.

Ideally, Ash should use the other three Pokemon he didn't use against Steven.
I don't know if this has been discussed in this thread yet, but there's a song on the soundtrack for the upcoming season of the anime called "Weakness" which is supposedly about "Ash's feelings that he can't even reach the top of the championship". Are we to take this as proof that Leon will defeat Ash?
Well, overanalyzing is kind of what we do here, after all. I do think it would be kind of weird for them to include a reference to Ash not reaching the top of a championship if he doesn't, in fact, lose the championship. But on the other hand, why would they spoil such an important detail in a tweet?
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Donno, I thought Pika Z move was saved to the end. Now I think it could be a good thing if Pikachu was just spaming Z move every matchup realy.. so I wont mind if he will use Pikachu over Sirfetchd or Dragonite

(Plus, as we saw in the first round Ash didnt use Gengar against Metagross - not the way Paul's training went.. so maybe Dragonite is not a must have against Cynthia plot wise.. he is going to lose again anyway......)
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