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[Spoilers] What is your favorite character so far in Scarlet/Violet?

Arven for sure, for all the reasons already given. He's probably now one of my favorite rivals/accompanying story characters in a Pokemon game. I actually liked all the rivals this generation and they're definitely my favorite rival squad. I'm still playing through the main story though so I can't comment on how it ends but so far all are solidly up there.

I liked most of Team Star too. I didn't actually expect to like any of them nor did I expect the Team Star storyline to go any deeper than "mean kids" but when it comes to the characters they reminded me a lot of kids I knew growing up who were bullied or outcasted and it hit close to home as from someone who was bullied. Eri I'd say is my favorite of Team Star.

The teachers were also all likable, but none stood out to me. I liked most of the gym leaders too and my favorite is probably Ryme and Kofu is in second.
...the AI. I know they're on screen as themselves for like...four minutes before they get possessed by their underlying programming and potentially their dead creator, but I thought they were absolutely amazing and I wanted to save them. I wish there was some option to. They deserved better. They gave up everything and consigned themselves to living out the dream of a creator they had come to oppose, and for a thinking, sentient, sapient being, that's a terrible fate.

(please let them be ok please don't have them be too damaged to keep going please let me think they're happy)
Almost every named character was amazing. The Elite Four was full of personality. Even though Larry had no personality, you could tell it was intentional. The Elite Four is cooler than the champion.

I might also say that Nemona is the best friendly rival ever.

The friend group in this game (Arven, Penny, Nemona, and Player Character) was better executed than the one in X&Y. [I think that’s obvious though]
The Elite Four hands down. Their interactions are great and funny (even Larry's lifeless ones), but if I had to narrow it down, I'd say its a tie between Rika and Poppy. They remind me of sisters or a mother and daughter, they're so fun and cute together <3
The friend group in this game (Arven, Penny, Nemona, and Player Character) was better executed than the one in X&Y. [I think that’s obvious though]
There's a big difference between the XY friend group and the SV friend group. In XY, you're just thrown into this friend group off the bat and they expect us to believe they're our friends. In SV, we gradually learn about each of the three and it isn't until after we've bonded with Nemona, Arven, and Penny that we bring them together for Area Zero. We see their experiences through Area Zero and by the end, its forged a friendship between everyone that felt more believable by the end.
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have very amusing characters that are quite rich in personalities. However, as with most Pokemon games, most of them don't have as much screen time and development.

Thus, it is not uncommon for us to become more attached to main characters, whose story unfolds before us as the game progresses. And among these characters, the one that most caught my attention and earned my considerations is Arven.

It is ironic and, at the same time, intriguing that the first interaction between him and the protagonist has a rather bitter vibe of rivalry, in addition to the character acting somewhat cynically when asking the player for help with the Herba Mysticas and appears to be quite sour with Nemona.

But, as we get involved in his quest, he completely peels back all his layers before us and we begin to better understand his bitterness, motivations and true personality. In addition, the character's story is quite sentimental and somewhat dramatic, as well as related to the main plot of the game, which certainly favors the construction of the character and the consideration that, in the end, we have for him.

That said, despite liking the character, I find him, at times, a bit invasive and annoying. I understand his emotional need to consider that he and the player character are best buds, but the way he constantly pulls it is a bit tiresome.


At the same time, one of the characters that I am most indifferent to in the game is Nemona. I kind of like her personality, but I don't think she's an interesting character.

As always, she gives herself completely to what she does and, in the first few minutes, we already have an almost complete understanding of the character, which does not add much to the story and journey, except for the simple pleasure of the battles.

I have nothing against the character, but perhaps she is, for me, the "weakest rival".

The friend group in this game (Arven, Penny, Nemona, and Player Character) was better executed than the one in X&Y. [I think that’s obvious though]

I agree that Scarlet/Violet's characters and the group itself are better executed. I just don't know if it's appropriate to call them a "friend group."

The proposals in each game are somewhat different, if not inverted, because in S/V the group is made up of your friends, while in X/Y they are friends with each other, with the protagonist being the new addition.

In S/V you have three main quests, in each one you interact with one of your colleagues, only in the final arc does the group of friends actually form and, only after that, each one becomes friends with the other. In XY everyone is involved, from the beginning, in the same plot and journey, with mutual interactions.

Regardless, the Great Crater of Paldea arc is amazing, and one of the best, if not the best, character interactions in the entire franchise.
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welp here’s my favorite character so far, with that being Atticus, the poison team star boss! He’s so cool and tbh one of my favorite characters of all time.
I'm an Atticus fan too, and he's probably up there for fave character in the entire series. I love his ninja outfit and speech mannerisms. If I could get away with it in a professional setting I'd probably talk more like that on the regular, but for now I'm content with peppering it in.

The rest of my top five consists of...
2. Iono
3. Clavell
4. Geeta
5. Arven
oh my god, are there any sv characters i dislike?! i love the rivals. i love nemona for her energetic and friendly nature (and neurodivergent swag), i love arven for his story and humor and attitude, i love penny for... also her story and snarky personality and eevee team and great design.
i love the teachers. i love clavell because he's so unintentionally funny and for being a true ally to the player. i love raifort for her manner of speech and unabashed love for history and the sacred treasures. i love miriam and tyme for their kindness, and salvatore for his flamboyant nature. i love jacq for his breezy, chill, and generally very pleasant demeanor and saguaro for subverting expectations for masculine-looking men and being portrayed in an awesome way at that. i love dendra for her excitability and hyper personality and attachment to pretty women and love of fighting types. i love hassel for being so expressive and loving (and for professor gible as well).
i love team star (if you couldn't guess). i love giacomo for his awesome music and grimsley-meets-guzma design. i love ortega for his snark and lovable brattiness. i love mela for her attitude and amazing fashion sense. i love atticus for his pure UNIQUENESS and how unafraid he is to be himself. and of course, i love eri because i look up to her. my experiences with being bullied were similar to hers, but despite what she went through, she's a complete angel who's incredibly kind and sweet to everyone. the world needs more eris. so i love her.
i love the gym leaders. i love katy and how she wants to be able to put up a fiercer fight in her gym, it's very neat to see that addressed (also her design is s-tier). i love brassius and his art and how it helped him get through his depression. i love iono for her spunky nature and adorable design. i love kofu for his individuality. i love larry for how damn relatable he is. i love ryme for her raps and bold personality and ALSO design (what can i say, gf went ham on this game). i love tulip because she reminds me of manon legrand (or maybe manon reminds me of tulip. she's tulip's and lili de rochefort's lovechild). i love grusha for his background and design and cold-cool personality with a true down-to-earth side.
i love rika. she's incredibly cool and has such a lovably interesting aura about her. (also like. the prettiest woman in pokemon.) and i love poppy, she's precious. the protagonists aren't the only prodigal trainers and she reminds you of that.
her fight wasn't good, but geeta still deserves some appreciation for how incredibly unique her design is. there's really nobody else in the series who gives me the same vibes from appearance alone, i think.
i love sada and turo, and how they almost made me cry in area zero.
i love the sv cast.
i think if i had to go with one, now that i've laid it all out on the table, i'll pick penny. but it's hard. this was easily one of the most memorable crews in series history.
Kieran and the entire ‘evil team’. There’s parts in the SV story where they are just too relatable to how I feel, so I love it when I can relate to my favorites!
updating w the dlc cast because i love them too
i had a whole writeup on carmine in another thread, i'm too lazy to rewrite the whole thing so:
i was SO sure she was gonna be the "ice queen with a hot-blooded streak" antithesis to kieran... who i had totally pegged as that shy kid with a dark side, and i can't lie, i'm a bit proud of myself for getting that right even if the trailer heavily alluded to his mental state at the end... but i ended up being completely wrong on his big sis. well. mostly. i had really thought she was gonna be more stoic, at least generally, than her hot-blooded little self, but i had totally figured she was gonna be nasty to the player, and i nailed it. what i did NOT anticipate was her slowly coming around, albeit certainly retaining her somewhat egocentric personality - i would've been willing to swear that she would remain a bit of a bully up until the very end of indigo disk, though possibly slowly learning her lesson a la blue. wrong wrong wrong. she's a seriously flawed person, and at least i would say her previous experiences don't excuse her xenophobia toward the player - but i think neither the game nor carmine TRY to excuse her behavior, actually. she offers it as an explanation but openly admits her attitude was wrong, and obviously her attitude toward "outsiders" is something the narrative doesn't endorse. actually, not only does she admit her attitude was wrong - she turns it completely on its head, and expresses genuine enthusiasm for having met the exchange students! she was educated and willing to learn and became a HAPPIER PERSON after realizing her old, racist mindset was flawed and worked to fix it. i find that pretty powerful. and no, carmine is no angel, i'm not saying that - she was still pretty horrible to MC at the beginning and she directly contributed to kieran's mental state falling apart and she needs to put in work to help him and make up for those mistakes - but the story demonstrates that despite first impressions, she is willing to learn from those around her and do better. and i really look forward to seeing her grow in the second half, too.
this was from late november, a couple of weeks before indigo disk. unfortunately she wasn't a huge presence this time around, but damn, i did love the moments she had; the way she talks about drayton is just hilarious.
kieran is freakin'... oh my god. actually a pretty good portrayal of what happens when the bullied becomes the bully. it felt great seeing him come around and start owning up to his mistakes.
i also liked briar and the e4 (especially lacey and drayton), and cyrano is super cool.
Ooookay, I just finished the Indigo Disk story, and I think I can safely say Clavell and Drayton are tied as my favorite Scarlet and Violet characters.

I probably don't have to explain my liking for Clavell, but...I want to anyway. :enzap: I'm not a teacher, but a lot of people close to me are or have been teachers. And sometimes the people who get to be in charge of schools and the teachers therein are jerks. I've heard every horror story about academic administrators, ranging from "rude and unreasonable" to "ok that's definitely illegal". There's a lot of people who are only in academics for the money and/or their ego. Clavell is the antithesis of that. He takes responsibility when things go wrong, deflects praise to his staff when things go right, and goes to insane lengths to help the students under his care. The world needs more leaders like Clavell.

For Drayton...where do I start? By the time you meet him, Kieran's been running the Battle Club like a dictator and sucked all the joy out of it. It's clear that the club as it used to be meant a lot to Drayton, quite possibly moreso than any other E4 member (he's the only one of the BBE4 to wear the club uniform, and he has the club logo on his phone case). His dialogue after beating the other E4 members, and comparing it to the groups current-day interactions, gave me the sense that they WERE close, but the pressure Kieran introduced to the club is putting strain on their friendship. So, not only did Kieran ruin one of the things that mattered most to Drayton, he's also the catalyst for Drayton's friend group crumbling apart. It would be...not really RIGHT, but entirely understandable if Drayton wanted Kieran curbstomped and left in the dirt.

And yet, the first thing he asks you before pulling you into the League is whether you're Kieran's friend. He doesn't want someone who will curbstomp Kieran and leave him in the dirt. He wants someone who will pull Kieran back up from the dirt. Drayton really doesn't like Kieran, and their interactions make that abundantly clear. But he doesn't HATE Kieran. He recognizes Kieran needs help, and when the chance arises he points Kieran toward that help (or, more accurately, points the help toward Kieran). Drayton keeps his eyes on what's right and keeps a leash on his vindictive desires (save for a few verbal snipes...he's still only human). And that's why Drayton's not just one of my favorites in this game, but one of my favorite Pokémon characters ever.
Definitely penny, I found her super relatable and I loooved Starfall Street's storyline

Iono is a close second tho, Her design is adorable and her dialogue is so funny lmao
My absolute favorite S/V character is Grusha as I'm kind of addicted to ice type Pokémon trainers as a whole... and this gym leader definitely looks beautiful concerning his reserved personality and clothing style.
Carmine and Kieran are two awesome characters as well... Carmine's a strong and reliable person/friend, while Kieran - even though probably influenced by something else, other than an Ogerpon related bitterness - set for a very interesting story especially during the second part of the DLC. Also, his "wicked smile" is top notch.
Wanna give a honorable mention to Amarys too... to her robotic attitude in particular, both for walking and making decisions.
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