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[SPOILERS] Which are your favorite Pokemon from Gen IX's full roster?

Easily Skeledirge, Lokix, Armarouge, Ceruledge, Clodsire, Roaring Moon, and Iron Valiant through designs alone. I really love sleek or intimidating Pokemon. Clodsire deserves a spot because the one I used in Scarlet took hits like nobody's business.
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Tinkaton is literally such a little guy and Ceruledge is cool as hell (and the fact that I can't get it without trading and how underwhelming its shiny is both make me rather sad). Alsyo Cetoddle is GODDAMN ADORABLE and has one of the cutest cries of any mon in the whole franchise honestly.
ogerpon tinkaton and clodsire my beloveds <33
dachsbun and ceruledge are really cute/cool too imo (i like charcadet and armarouge too but ceruledge just sweeps fr fr. i really don't care for fidough but dachsbun might be in my top thirty mon. such an improvement.)
i HAAAAAAAAATED fuecoco for a long time but i think the little guy is growing on me... perhaps...
i might prefer it to quaxly now but i dunno if it quite beats sprigatito for me yet?
i think ix has some of the weaker designs in the series tbh but the good ones are S+++ tier
It's been nearly a year since I posted my favorites in this thread, and my opinions are relatively the same, but a couple things have changed a bit so here's a bit of an update.

Espathra has risen from a top 10 of this gen from my initial posting, to a top 5 of all time period now and easily my favorite Pokemon of this generation. I love it so much. A great design and bold presence. From my initial post, I would've said Maushold was my favorite, but now, it's definitely Espathra.

My initial post listed Meowscarada, but tbh I think my favorite of the line now is Floragato. Probably my favorite of all starter middle evos. Love its little yo yo thing and I'm kinda bummed Meowscarada drops it. Still a notable fan of the entire line, but Floragato is easily the highlight.

In terms of brand new stuff, Ogerpon from the DLC is a major highlight. I didn't expect to like her that much, but dang it, the story really got me to appreciate her. She's just like me fr.
I like many of the pokémon introduced this generation:
  • Sprigatito/Floragato/Meowscarada
  • Fuecoco/Crocalor/Skeledirge
  • Lokix
  • Maushold
  • Smoliv/Dolliv/Arboliva
  • Nacli/Naclstack/Garganacl
  • Wattrel/Kilowattrel
  • Toedscool/Toedscruel
  • Tinkaton
  • Revavroom
  • Glimmet/Glimmora
  • Greavard/Houndstone
  • Cetoddle/Cetitan
  • Annihilape
  • Clodsire
  • Farigiraf
  • Dudunsparce
  • Great Tusk
  • Scream Tail
  • Brute Bonnet
  • Flutter Mane
  • Slither Wing
  • Sandy Shocks
  • Iron Treads
  • Iron Moth
  • Frigibax/Arctibax/Baxcalibur
  • Roaring Moon
  • Koraidon
  • Walking Wake: I'm rather indifferent to the original Legendary Beasts, but i like the revealed Paradox versions because their designs silly and amusing, but at the same time majestic and intimidating. Bipedal Suicune has a really cool design and it's also excellent in battle.
  • Ogerpon:
  • Dipplin:
  • Raging Bolt: Giraffe Raikou is hilarious yet awesome. (Yes, i know it's actually sauropod Raikou, but it still reminds me of a giraffe)
EDIT 1: Added Ogerpon
EDIT 2: Addend Dipplin and Raging Bolt
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Tinkaton is literally such a little guy and Ceruledge is cool as hell (and the fact that I can't get it without trading and how underwhelming its shiny is both make me rather sad). Alsyo Cetoddle is GODDAMN ADORABLE and has one of the cutest cries of any mon in the whole franchise honestly.
Adding onto this to say that the two best Paradox mons by far are Slither Wing and Iron Valiant and the fact they're locked to different games is a sin I think. And Ogerpon is the silliest critter ever and I love her SYO MUCH. PRAYING that Terapagos ends up being just as sillycoded
ah, my favorite from this gen tends to change a lot. I enjoy Kingambit, Tinkaton, Sprigatito, Skeledirge and Miraidon at the moment. But if i have to choose a favorite it'll have to be Ceruledge. Mostly because of the anime.
not a big fan of a lot of the pokemon this generation, but i have warmed up to a lot.

  • skeledirge. this pokemon is so weird to me i love it so much. it looked so ugly to me when i first saw it, i was rlly disappointed that fuecoco evolved into it, but each time i looked at it after that i started to like it more and more, and after learning that it was inspired by ancient aztec myths, it became my favorite starter this generation.
  • tinkaton. finally a three stage fairy type that didn't evolve into something weirdly humanoid. i'm so glad that it stayed looking like a cute strange looking goblin. i also love how they're actual menaces, actively trying to kill corviknights. that's hilarious.
  • glimmora. i like how otherworldly it is, fitting since it's from the crater. also the official art it has really does it a disservice, it looks beautiful when unfurled.
  • greavard and houndstone. greavard is so cute!!! and houndstone is so freaky.
  • cetoddle and cetitan. these were the original paldean pokemon that really caught my eye. they look so goofy, and i love cetitan's fucked up teeth. might be some of my favorites from this gen.
  • clodsire. any wooper evolution is good wooper evolution.
  • dudunsparce. i'm done hating on it, it's hilarious how everyone in the fandom was so excited for dunsparce to turn into a magnificent dragon, but they just get. another segment of a dunsparce. that's the greatest troll i've ever seen in a video game.
  • the past paradox pokemon. i especially like walking wake and sliter wing.
  • poltchageist and sinistcha. the story that these were born out of the resentment and regret of a tea master is so cool, and they look adorable. better than their galarian counterparts.
  • ogerpon. i haven't seen the story with it yet, but she's so cute!!!
Gen 9 may be one of my favorite set of new mons despite some of my feelings on the game itself. Koraidon is definitely my favorite and probably my favorite box mascot now. Love all of the dog mons introduced too. The Mabostiff line, Dachbun, and the Houndstone line are all favorites. This gen's just been a win for dog lovers.

Also love Tinkaton. Despite the stats it's also fun to use in battle.

The Pawmi line is also honestly one of my favorite Pikaclone lines, surprisingly enough.

Ogerpon has also won my heart. I love her so much more than I expected to.
Alrighty, time to list some favorites from this Gen!

Skeledirge - How can one not like this mon? It in fact almost dethroned Chandelure as my favorite fire-type of all time! Also the birb is a bonus and I fucking love birds so this is a win.
Nacli- It looks so cute! I really like the cubic design of this mon!
Garganacl- I really love this evo of Nacli, I need to draw the Rock Salt Line actually
Clodsire- Look at it, just look at it. How can one not like this thing?
Gholdengo- I just wanna hang out with this Pokemon on the beach and eat ice cream with it. It just looks so friendly and happy and I wanna just give it a high-five
Ogerpon- I wanna give this baby a hug, she's gone through enough and she needs some proper love :'C
  • Tandemaus and Maushold - they're just cute little mice ^__^
  • Fidough and Dachsbun - Bread doggos! I didn't really care for the other dog-mon this gen, but the bread dogs are all I need.
  • Armarouge and Ceruledge - Obvious reasons.
  • Wiglett - It's silly :) I just really like garden eels, so I was so happy to see a garden eel Pokémon.
  • Tatsugiri - The concept of a little sushi fish that's actually a powerful dragon is so funny to me. I like how the different forms have their own personality, too.
  • Sandy Shocks - Forget Magnezone, this is the Magneton upgrade I've been looking for.
  • Gholdengo - It just looks like a cool dude. I like how it's not all spooky even though it's still a Ghost type. The mac and cheese aesthetic is hilarious.
  • Iron Valiant - They Metal Sonic'd Mega Gardevoir and Gallade and it's so freaking awesome.
I wasn't a huge fan of most of the mon this gen, but the good ones are REALLY good.
I realized I haven't posted here yet, offhand some I liked would be:

  • Skeledirge: I like all three starters, but of the three Skeledirge wins out. I have a bias for crocodilians so it had a bit of an advantage, but even ignoring that I like that they took a bit of a risk by not making it (exclusively) bipedal, but still with enough of a good concept and execution to pull it off. I also like that despite looking aggressive, it's pretty chill, and it's fun to use in battle since it's tanky, but has good tools to make use of it.
  • Tinkaton: She's a little gremlin who builds her hammer out of the iron she collects and throws rocks at Corviknight for fun, it's a great mon.
  • Lotix: While I'm not too familiar with Kamen Rider, I have seen their designs around and I know of the influence it has had on different franchises, and Lotix did a great job taking the concept and working it into a grasshopper design well.
  • Farigiraf: I liked Girafarig, but I always felt it needed more as it's a good design, but can easily be evolved. I like how they took that idea forward as making the tail the head works surprisingly well and it's fun to use in doubles due to its ability.
  • Slither Wing: I already love Volcarona, but taking that design and making it into a big fluffy fighting bug was amazing.
  • Roaring Moon: It took Salamence and gave it a primal and cool looking design.
  • Iron Valiant: Made good use of the futuristic motif to make a fusion out of two great Pokemon that looks amazing.
  • Koraidon: Both of the bike lizards are great, but I have to give the slight edge to Koraidon. I had Scarlet so having it around as my bike and companion as the story unfolded got me attached to it, I love its little mannerisms and how it adores sandwiches, and it's role in the story is one of my favorites out of the Cover Legendaries. I also like its battle form design, it definitely fits the primal lizard warrior angle they were trying to go for.
  • Walking Wake and Raging Bolt: I like both of these for similar reasons. I like the Legendary Beasts and they're still among my favorite minor trios, but I like how they incorporated the dino elements into their designs and still make it work. Raging Bolt is definitely the more controversial of the two, but I still like how they played on the pun of Brontosaurus being the 'thunder lizard' and think making its cape into a thundercloud was pretty clever, while with Walking Wake I'm still surprised how well Suicune's design works with a theropod.
Iron Valiant is one of my top five favorite Pokémon of all time.
Clodsire and Annihilape are my other absolute favorites from this generation.

Haven’t played the DLC yet, but none of those Pokémon looked particularly good anyway, so I doubt my opinion will change even once I get around to that.
I really liked Dachsbun and Kilowattrel. Still haven't played the DLC yet, so I plan to try out more of the Gen 9 Pokemon.
I just love Tinkaton and Ogerpon. Would be more than happy to have both of them IRL if Pokémon were real. Yeah, a lot of bonking would probably ensue but I wouldn't mind as long as the two don't hurt each other or themselves.
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