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Which are your favorite pokemon attacks?


How could I forget Spinda??!!
Dec 15, 2022
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I tend to love gimmicky moves even if they aren’t very useful or are too niche and complicated to use effectively.

Some of my favorites are

• Effect Wise

Mirror Coat, Tri Attack, Counter, Trump Card, Last Resort, Conversion, Fake Out, Sketch, Pay Day and Perish Song.

• Animation wise

1. Present (most gens)
2. Milk Drink (most gens)
3. Mirror Coat (most gens)
4. Meteor Mash (gen 3)
5. Sketch (gen 3 & 4)
6. Cosmic Power (most gens)
7. Icy Wind (gen 3)
8. Ice Beam (gen 3)
9. Shadow Ball (most gens)
10. Dream Eater (most gens)
11. Origin Pulse (gen 8)
12. Substitute
13. All the shadow attacks from Pokemon XD.
Extreme Evoboost - I play Gen 7 Pure Hackmons on Showdown. Love being able to face x2 omniboosted Pokémon like they're totems and even meme on teams with my own sometimes. It is very manageable with Haze but still funny.
Extreme Speed - Fun move that makes great metagames better when it's centralized around it.
Entrainment - Solely because it can pass Wonder Guard in Doubles formats.

Seismic Toss [Pokémon Battle Revolution / Pokémon SM, Pokémon USUM] - Literally perfect. The other games don't do it nearly as well.
Giving a nod to Darkest Lariat, because in SWSH it looks absurd in the best way. Snorlax + Darkest Lariat is the best. Seismic Toss in Battle Revolution does have a great animation too.

Aside from that, Electroweb was a cool trick to give lots of bugs a thematic coverage move, and it's associated with my favorite species.

Fly used to be a move you had to use unless you wanted to bike back to previous towns, but that just made it an iconic move.

Nuzzle gave cute Electric types a new purpose as early game catchers, and competitively as a method of paralyzing that bypasses Taunt. Great design all around.

Draco Meteor is the self stat lowering move to end all self stat lowering moves, since it's the coolest of the bunch. You get to drop asteroids on your opponent! There just isn't anything more impressive than that, at least until legendary Pokemon get involved.
the 95 bp elemental attacks have been my favourite for quite some time - i'm talking about thunderbolt, ice beam, flamethrower, leaf blade (is leaf blade 95 or 90? i guess it doesn't matter), attacks like those. they're powerful, but also consistently reliable. there's an exception in the case of flamethrower in which fire blast would be more preferable without TOO much sacrifice in terms of accuracy, so fire blast is also up there with my favourite moves, as well.

shoutout to dragon claw too, because even though outrage outclasses it in power, i remember using it a lot, still. does plenty of damage with a dd/swords dance boost depending on the pokemon for what i would need it for.
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