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Starters Discussion/Speculation

Dec 30, 2008
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Discuss the starters here! Speculate on their evolutions, etc.

Grass Cat Pokemon

Fire Croc Pokemon

Duckling Pokemon
I actually like all three of them to an extent. Fuecoco is cute and Quaxly is growing on me. Spriga just outshines them both so much for me it's all I've been talking about. They're all cute though.
I don't know why, but the cat starter gives off G4 My Little Pony vibes to me. lol

I do have to say it is really cute, and I've never been big on cat Pokemon. (I'm a dog person, through and through)
Honestly, probably one of my favorite starter sets in a while. They're all so precious :bulbaLove:

I can't wait to see what the evolutions are like, I especially hope they avert the humanoid starter trend with these guys!
Oh I love them already! My friends are all excited over "pompadour duck," lol!
I'm going to choose Sprigatito, myself 8)

One thing I'm curious about with Fuecoco, the fire starter; is the evolution line going to look more like a crocodile, or a dinosaur? It looks like it could go either way, but we already had Totodile's evolution line, and a dinosaur-themed starter would be pretty dope...
I'm guessing they'll probably want to differentiate Quaxly from other duck/water bird Pokemon so it probably won't end up (or stay) as a Water/Flying type. It probably won't be a Water/Steel type either.

It could see them going doing a Water/Fighting route....or maybe Water/Rock?

My favourite from the bunch is Fuecoco, and I had been hoping to use a fire starter this time too! So, unless its evolutions really drop the ball I'll probably be going with them.
As a water starter lover, I really love the new water starter and I'm terribly scaried but also excited about its final evolution that will be something no one will ever expect, like always XD
My favs are definitely Sprigatito and Quaxly. Since I love ducks and water is my favorite type, Quaxly just might be my starter, but I'll of course need to see the evolutions.
The more I look at the starters, the more I like them. I will have to go back and look at my initial thoughts of Scorbunny, Grookey, and Sobble to see if it was similar, but I think I haven't liked a starter trio this much since Gen 7.

Unless they completely mess up on its design, I will definitely be picking Sprigatito. I am a cat person, have always been a cat person, will always be a cat person. I've also always wanted a grass cat starter. I have no idea why, I have just always thought it would be so cool. It has such a great design too. I like the color combination.

Fuecoco and Quaxly also look great. I love how goofy Fuecoco looks, and Quaxly looks like a character straight out of some cartoon. I have a feeling Quaxly will probably have the biggest presence in the anime.
This is the first time since maybe Gen 5 that I've actually felt really indecisive about which starter I want to pick. I like all of them pretty equally which is surprising to me.

Quaxly is just downright cute and I love its big faux hat. Fuecoco is goofy and endearing, it reminds me of something like a Mario enemy in design. Sprigatito is an adorable kitty and seems like an obvious choice for me... but I'm worried that it'll decide to stand up on two legs when it evolves. </3

As for their evolutions' types... I can see Water/Fighting on Quaxly, and I think Fire/Rock would be interesting for Fuecoco. In that case, maybe Grass/Flying for Sprigatito to complete the triangle? It's a little random, but I feel like it could work - it resembles a Siamese cat a little bit in appearance, and Siamese cats are excellent jumpers that love heights.
...I just hope they don't go for Water/Flying, Fire/Fighting, and Grass/Rock. That would be... the opposite of interesting.
I'm most curious what Quaxly's evo line will look like. They've already done the duckling -> swan gag with Ducklett and Swanna.
Oshawott became a sea lion samurai, Froakie a tongue-scarfed ninja, Popplio a siren, Sobble James Bond. I mean, don't try to to guess its evolution, water starters have gone crazy since gen 5.
It think maybe its hat/hair will be important. I hope we will have our water/fighting starter in the end (considering all the birds starter tend to receive the wing-cut treatment lately).

I fear Fuecoco will go Emboar and I'm really not ready for that.
Not sure what to think about the starters tbh. But at least they don't look humanoid (yet, fingers crossed for good final evolutions)

Quaxly look like a Pokémon you find in the wild and reminds me of Pelipper combined with Swanna.

I think Sprigatito is my favorite but I'm also not sure what it's supposed to be based of? Cat grass???

Fuecoco is like a fire-type Totodile!
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