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Subforum Info and Guidelines - Welcome to The Ratings Check Board!!

Jul 16, 2021
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Welcome to The Ratings Check Board!!

In this subforum, you can get advice regarding content warnings and ratings of your written works before you post them in the Writers' Workshop!

This subforum is private, meaning the threads you post there are not visible to anyone else but you and the moderators!!

So, what exactly is this place for? You can reach out to us through a thread posted here whenever you:

...are not sure about what rating tag fits your work.​
...are not sure what content warnings your work needs.​
...are unsure if your work is all right to share on Bulbgarden Forums; if you are not sure whether the "mature themes" in your work are "too much".​
...have any questions for the mods of Writers' Workshop!​

How does it work? If you want to get in touch with the mods via this subforum, create a thread here. We then reply to your thread and give you the best answers we can for your questions!!

When getting content warnings and ratings checked, please include the best content warnings you can think of, what rating you think your work needs and why (look at our Ratings Guide for more info!!), and most importantly, include relevant parts of your work.

We then reply to the thread you created and give you the best answers we can for your questions!!

Examples of this can be found here!

If you have questions for the Workshop mods about something else than content warnings, ratings, and the like, you can use this subforum as well - it's basically an alternative to private conversation messages! But feel free to contact a Writers' Workshop mod via their PM's, if that's what you prefer over starting a thread here!! The current mods here are LightningTopaz, guzmania, lisianthus, and I - Hydrogenium!

And that would be it! So, if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask!!
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