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What are your plans for Tomorrow?

Day off tomorrow, wooooo!

I need to make a budget because I am probably going to invest some of my savings and need to know how much to hold onto. Money is icky.

Otherwise, I'll probably play a lot of Oblivion and/or Skyrim. :3
Assuming the weather forecast is correct and it's not raining tomorrow (like it's basically been doing all day today), I'm planning on going to my local comic book store.

Not necessarily to buy any comic books, need to grab some Gundam markers (read: paint pens) to fix some paint that scratched off something I got the other day (thankfully the paint that scratched off was just black and not intricate painted details that I'd need to try and fix up) and a new pair of nippers for building model kits, my current pair broke somehow.

Of course no guarantees I won't end up buying anything else while I'm there, it's a comic book and toy store, they sell lots of nerd shit. Always gotta check out what stuff they got to see if they got anything I wanna grab, both new and vintage product.
Hopefully trying to finish my work stuff. Also have to attend my math class tomorrow night. Might grab a point since there's a nice bar near the college and I take transit to the college anyways.
Wake up early, go deliver some glass lanterns to a neighbour, take our dog to his hydrotherapy session, and hopefully hear back on whether I'm needed for a temp job or not. With my parents away in Portugal for the weekend and my brother working, it'll be pretty quiet, so I might throw in some artsy stuff and kickboxing training.
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