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Event Summer 2020 Oneshot Competition Discussion


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Feb 6, 2012
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Hello, all! The competition is now underway, and we have fifteen lovely competitors. As it happens, that's about as many as we had last time, although the faces are very slightly different. A reminder to any who need it that the rules can be found in the linked thread here, and that most key among them are the theme of "Right Character, Wrong Genre," and the posting deadline date of 23:59 GMT on September 6th (extended by two weeks due to a perceived general need).

This thread is for open discussion of the competition and your entries and writing progress. Feel free to share excerpts, but don't go overboard as it would be unsporting to unduly influence the judges ahead of time. (I'm not going to lay down strict rules, please just use your best judgment.)

Our wonderful participants are as follows:

Good luck to everyone!
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I'm presently sitting at 3,368 words (according to the site being used for the contest; my word processor strenuously disagrees).

I took a few days before starting to write to figure out a good idea for the theme. I considered reviving an abandoned story from years ago that would fit but ended up going with something new I'm much happier with.

I made good progress on the first two days (about half of the words between them) but things slowed after for various private reasons. Luckily things picked up Sunday and yesterday.
Well, I'm at 3 pages so far, and doing pretty well.

My initial idea was to just have Gary constantly bug Ash Misty, Brock, and Serena, disrupting the story campaign Brock is trying to run. But I realized it would be even funnier if Brock decided to throw out the campaign he initially planned and run a dragon slaying adventure--only to have Gary STILL want to kick down the doors and find treasure.
I haven't made much of a start yet, but I have the seed of a story and will soon allocate some time to writing an outline. I usually wing my oneshots, but this time I'd like to be a little more deliberate about it.
It feels so weird seeing my username on the lists of participants and contingency judges....

I've started mine a bit but not really that far yet. It's been a one-shot idea I've been sitting on for about a year now but never really got to writing it and what I did wrote I scrap cause I didn't like what I have and I felt like the theme of the event and the general idea of the one-shot would work better with a different character from the (non-Pokémon) series I'm working with. But otherwise I think I have a general plan of how will go and hopefully with align well with the event's theme.
I haven't made much of a start yet, but I have the seed of a story and will soon allocate some time to writing an outline. I usually wing my oneshots, but this time I'd like to be a little more deliberate about it.

Ordinarily I'd do the same, but I know damn well I'd end up running out of time if I did my usual outlines. I may well be digging my own grave, but I'd rather finish a losing story than half-finish a winning one, so to speak
Meanwhile, I'm over here not even started yet, haha. I don't even have an outline yet. Been working on another writing project outside of the Pokemon fandom, but I'm going to eventually alternate between the two stories, once I come up with an idea for this.

I think I'm starting to get the vaguest idea of what I want to write as I type this, but nothing solid quite yet. I think once I start writing things down, I'll get somewhere and reach a solid idea that I'm ready to write.
Been torn with ideas that range from overly meta to a bit out of my genre (ranging from mocking betrayal fics, which I don't know how known they are here) to writing Erika as a horror antagonist against Rocket Grunts.

..But I do have an idea that I'm going to test and see how it goes.
Don't think we've ever had a betrayal fic posted here, but I imagine most of us have heard of such things in discussion given their bizarre popularity elsewhere. Good luck either way!

I'm gonna give my outline a good go today. I tend to write all my oneshots in a desperate sprint close to the deadline anyway, ha.
I made some good progress last night--470 words and with good reason to think the pace will pick up significantly soon--but I am now 80% sure based off the current trajectory I'm going to go past the word limit and need to do some trimming. I have a good idea where to, though, so it should be okay.
Ooh this might be just the thing to tempt me out of writing retirement after nearly six years! :D If I can I shall try whip up an entry. Regardless though good luck to all :)
@Medusa Gorgon Hi, Medusa. It's great to hear you're going to get back into writing! You're in luck — the deadline for signups has already passed, but another would-be participant has just dropped out. I'll add you to the roster. Good luck, and I look forward to reading your entry!
Idea mutations and rule question: any issue if the entry would share a universe with existing work but be a separate tale in it (it's own story set in a 'verse)
@KrspaceT that's perfectly fine, but you can't request that people read other work in order to understand and appreciate your entry. It will be judged on its own merits.
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