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Event Summer 2020 Oneshot Competition Discussion

I got a rough outline down on paper today! I'm pretty satisfied with the idea I have, I just need to start writing it out. I'm probably going to wrap up the next chapter of What Changes Us since I've already started that and got the first draft of it done today, and then once that's posted, I'll work on my story for this. I just hope I can execute it the way I'm imagining it.
True to form I was planning on doing most of this at the last minute, but if we move the exact timing of that last minute I don’t have a preference haha.
I have a very strange question.

After the contest is over (so it could not influence the voting or anything) would it be okay to add a "director's cut" version of the entry? I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to cut a subplot I think is quite good that I'd hate to go to waste to get under the word limit.
Edit: Never mind, I think I can get it in after all.
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you can do what you please after the comp but it would be sporting to leave the version you entered with in a spoiler box for posterity.
you can do what you please after the comp but it would be sporting to leave the version you entered with in a spoiler box for posterity.
That was the plan (actually I should probably spoiler box the director's cut and leave the contest entry as the main part).
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I think I'm going to drop out of this competition, unfortunately. I've been feeling motivated to write, but the ideas I've been coming up with for this just haven't felt right to me and I guess I'm just not vibing with the theme overall like I originally thought I was. Best of luck to all the other entrants! ♥
Had a bad couple of day's writing thanks to being bloody exhausted. I'm debating writing in my breaks at work this week to avoid falling behind - the story I had planned isn't the kind that can be easily truncated without missing the point. Besides, I had to rush Hear That Which I Desire last year; I won't want to repeat that
After I do my writing for today, I should be in the ballpark of 2500-3000 words. I may end up with a bit more--depends on how these last scenes come together.

UPDATE--I have just barely cracked 2000 words--just have to write one more scene, and I'll be done!

UPDATE #2--I am DONE!!! I may do some minor revisions and tweaks until we can post our work.
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Well, I've finished my entry for the most part. It's about 9300 words and I don't think there's much more I want to add. This was my first time ever writing any sort of fan fiction, but I definitely had fun with it. I hope my dry sense of humor and love for irony aren't too overdone though...
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