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Sword and Shield Countdown Thread


Formerly SpinyShell
Aug 13, 2019
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Since we're less than a month away from Sword and Shield's release, why not have a countdown that I will forget to update in like a day or two?
Currently, we are 0 DAYS (PST) from November 15th.




Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Some music to get you pumped up:

Some interesting links to check out:
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I've had this on a pinned tab on my work computer's browser since I came back from paternity leave this summer. I can't believe the time is almost upon us!

Sadly Bontrousle and Megalovania are the only tracks I really know since I've not actually played the game myself. I've seen and listened to bits of songs and stuff and know the whole story though (thankees, interenets :p). I liked them best so I remember em best. xD
13 days whoooo!!!! And things are heating up!! Really hope we get some good some good Fire type lines this gen and if certain leaks are true, we certainly will!

On the second day of SwSh, Gamefreak gave to me, two majestic wolves[/HOVER
Image result for zacian and zamazenta gifs
And a Corviknight flying through the Wild Area[/I
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